نمیدانم میدانی- Love for the green dish

Nazy Kaviani
by Nazy Kaviani

In response to Multiple Personality Disorder's poem about Ghormeh Sabzi.

“Love for the green dish*”


Table, I set for two

Two, plate

Two, fork

Two, spoon

I long for him

to be here soon


Everything set for two

Yogurt, khiyari

Salad, Shirazi

Vegetables, torshi

Green, ghormeh sabzi


Pretty things,

Necessary things,

Extra things,

Unnecessary things!

Missing anything from the menu?


Candles lit

Table set

Set for two

My home, aroma of Iran anew


I, smell of Iran for many a day

My skin, an Iranian bouquet

His skin too

His skin…


Oh! Do I hear the bell?

I rush to the door,

of my Iranian home


*My friend Robert once said: “I never eat any dish that is green.” “All the more for us Iranians, then,” I said.


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Nazy Kaviani

Thank you!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Boy, this blog became more popular than I had thought!

First, I will make Ghormeh Sabzi for whomever wants to come and eat with me! Just name the time and I'll be ready! Sima Jan, don't worry about the extra place settings, I was just being creative with the poetry, that's all!

Azarin Jan, there wasn't an official call to write; we just played around with the idea. I am getting ready to send out a call for writing soon.

Souri Jan, I do believe your friend made you Dookhtar-e Loos, though the recipe for that dish does not call for any kind of beans.

Another version of that meal which is vegetarian is interestingly called "Khooresh-e Joojeh Parideh" (Or the stew with the missing chicken)! It calls for fried eggplants, herbs (only mint and parsley, chopped but not fried), salt and pepper and water.

I think we should have more cooking blogs! Hey, the subject is always interesting and it beats talking about politics any day!

Thanks again for your lively and lovely feedback everyone!


Anonymouse jaan

by Mehrban on

I am running out of oods.  So I will jump in the rood and catch a mahi of dood and make sabzi polo mahi which is the next best thing to Ghormeh sabzi. You see how I too have been wooed........... by the food.


Bon Appetit !

by Souri on

ENJOY: Ashpazi Gilaki !

See "Dokhtar Loos" meal !!!!!  Maybe  that was the khoresh my Rashti  friend served me in the name of "Ghormeh Sabzi" ?



Well Souri khanom

by sima on

it looks like we just have to settle our difference in person hovering above two plates of ghormeh sabzi.

I had to go eat lunch before I could stand continuing this discussion -- since I doubt Nazy khanom would consider adding to the plates at her table!


Margarine is veggie oil & 1 stick for larger servings not 2 ppl

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Dame hameh Azarbayejani ha garm

by Souri on

Vali man Ghormeh Sabzi ro faghat ba loubia ghermez ghaboul daram, Sima khanom, bebakhshid ke man enghadrs sakht giram :0)

But you are right about the Sabzi sorkh kardeh Tehrani ha (my mom does the same) but me, I do like the Turk's style :) just one taab!

I like to see the fresh green color, even with Sabzi polo, I do the same.


در مبحث لوبیا


سوری خانم به نظر من لوبیا قرمز قدری فرنگی است. لوبیا چیتی به آن خوشگلی نیست ولی خوش مزه تر است. ولی از همه بهتر لوبیا چشم بلبلی است انهم با سبزی به سبک ترکی یعنی با سبزی تازه و فقط یک تاب در ماهیتابه -- نه مثل جنوبی ها که با سبزی خشک سریشم سبز درست میکنند یا فارس ها که انقدر سبزی را سرخ میکنند که یک وجب روی خورش روغن می ایستد.

چه کنیم ما ترک هستیم و صاف و ساده و خالص... (تازه مشروطه تان را هم ما نجات دادیم. یادتان باشد.)

bajenaghe naghi

anonymouse jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I hear that is also what Brando told Maria Schneider ;-)


Secret of Rashti Ghormeh Sabzi :0)

by Souri on

A Rashti friend of mines, has a very good "dastpokht" specially she is a champion of cooking good fishes.

One day she invited me for a Ghormeh Sabzi, I was so excited.

At my biggest frustration, she served the Ghormeh Sabzi, with some Aubergine and Tomatoes on the top and lots ot "donbeh" in ...oh, and lobia sefid !!!!

It turned me off of all kind of Ghormeh Sabzi for one whole year!


Secret of a good Ghormeh Sabzi = 1 stick of Margarine!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Redwine jan

by Souri on

All you said is still motedavel in Iran and even here in the West!

That beans was Red Beans and not Chiti. Loubia ghermez and Loubia Chiti are two different kinds.

Limoo Ammaani: Still motedavel and molazem ast!

Ghormeh Sabzi withouth limoo Amaani, is like a man without his shirt!

bajenaghe naghi

Nazy jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

That is a lovely poem. Very simple and to the point but very beautiful and meaningful. Thank you. Long live ghorme sabzi :-)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


در طایفه ما، قورمه سبزی غذای زمستانیست، سبزی آن تازه طبخ میشد و لوبیا هم بدان اضافه میکردند، از آن لوبیاهای قرمز چیتی ! به معمول با گوشت گوسفند یا بعضا بره درست میشد و پیاز فراوان بدان میکردند که ما ییلاق نشین بودیم و طبع گرم با پیاز پیدا میکردیم.

به یاد داریم که خلق الله آن را با نان سنگک میل میکردند و چلو خوری با آن بعدا مرسوم شد.

بنا بر علاقه خان بابا، لیمو عمانی هم ریخته میشد که متاسفانه در زمان حاضر دیگر مرسوم نیست !

گرم گرم بر سر سفره آورده میشد و تناول میشد... چه خوش بود آن ایامی که بر سر سفره همه مینشستند و آنجور خوش خوشانه غذا تناول میکردند... نه دوستان ؟

Azarin Sadegh

Is there a new series: writing about Ghorme Sabzi?

by Azarin Sadegh on

Have I missed the memo about writing Ghorme Sabzi, my dear Nazy?

If it is the case, then I have to do lots of research before trying to write about it...:-)



Mehraban jaan light up an "oud" & add few more oods & belog it!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


All this talk of food

by Mehrban on

All this talk of food

is this food for thought or thought of food

my heart has become pounding and rude 

it wants to devour all that is misconstrued

all this talk of food, from child woman and dude

is it where we can lay our head and brood about what has gone wrong in our interlude?

my theory is that you can eat the food but what is eating us is wanting to recite the sorood that say Ay Iran Ay marze por gohar.  

love to all that would be lewd because they simply are not in the mood.

And at the end I might be sued because they were not cooed into singing my sorood.  

Sorry if this poem is crude and not much about the food but let's not have a feud because that is just like IR's attitude.



Oh and Bademjan khoresh = Ghormeh Sabzi in my book!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


I can see how my summary on belog sekshen could be misconstrued!

by Anonymouse on

It doesn't really matter, as long as people write a funny poem it's all good!  I wish Mr. Yassari had beloged his too!

Anahid (and everyone else) if you're thinking of writing a response to the call, please don't forget it must be funny!

Hopefully this is easy enough that anyone can take a shot at it.  If someone like me who knows next to nothing about poetry can write one, so can anyone!  

Everything is sacred.



by amirkabear4u on

I thought this was a blog for food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

This is good too.

Anahid Hojjati

I love Ghormeh Sabzi but Khoresht Bademjan is my favorite

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Nazi, not that I don't like Khoresht Ghormeh sabzi, but what about Khoresht Bademjan? I also have to say that I like it when my aunt makes her Ghormeh sabzi a bit spicy.

Nazy Kaviani

Cost of ignorance!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Oops, I'm so sorry if I have messed this call up! I should have paid better attention! I got distracted with ghormeh sabzi again!

I wish to give credit to all the good and "adeeb" men and women of Iranian.com who know just how important poetry and humor is in the overall scheme of things--a lot more important than fighting over politics.

Thank you Orang Jan, Anonymouse, MPD, and above all Ms. Souri who keep all of us on our toes! Love and live and have a little helping of ghormeh sabzi everyone!


All the copy rights go to Orang

by Souri on

You all must pay a legal right to Orang!

He is the one who first gave you this idea of writing of  "Love" ;)

and yes, I'm his lawyer :)

Multiple Personality Disorder

Thank you Nazy for your beautiful poem

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


To give credit where credit is due, the original call to write poetry about ghormeh sabzi was by Anonymuose in response to one of  Orang Gholikhani's poems.  There was also a poem posted by Javad Yassari in my blog that needs to be credited.