Oh Wretched One!

Oh Wretched One!
by Latina


Oh wretched one

What is this pain?

That thou doest bringeth

Thou pierced my very soul


Was I not loyal to the end?

What more could I have done for thee?

It was not me but thee

Thou took my soul with thee


When will this wretched pain

Depart from me?

I barely breathe

I have no peace


A wounded soul I am

All thanks to thee

I hate thee

Yet love thee all the same


Thou dagger thou pushes

Further deeper into me

I see as the blood drains from me

A life less body left to mourn






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by Latina on


Il pleure dans mon coeur.........

by Latina on

The following is a poem that I had to memorize in high school for my French class. I was to recite it in front of my classmates. As I began to recite it, I felt as if I was going to cry. By the end of the poem, I was in tears. Needless to say my classmates and teacher were speechless. I have never forgotten it.

Il pleure dans mon coeur...


Il pleure dans mon coeur
Comme il pleut sur la ville;
Quelle est cette langueur
Qui pénètre mon coeur ?

O bruit doux de la pluie
Par terre et sur les toits !
Pour un coeur qui s'ennuie
O le chant de la pluie !

Il pleure sans raison
Dans ce coeur qui s'écoeure.
Quoi! nulle trahison ?...
Ce deuil est sans raison.

C'est bien la pire peine
De ne savoir pourquoi
Sans amour et sans haine
Mon coeur a tant de peine !

Paul VERLAINE, Romances sans paroles (1874)  



by Latina on

Thank you! I look forward to reading it.

solh va doosti



by Nur-i-Azal on

I'll post a blog later on entitled the Alchemy of Pain. Take a look at it and make poetic contributions as needed.

That was one powerful poem by San Juan de la Cruz too ;o)




Well Raton......

by Latina on

The thing is  when it comes to the poetry......it seems to be all I am able to write. I only write poetry when I am deeply sad. Sadness is a very great and deep emotion.

So is happiness but it hasn't moved me to write poetry.

Now my blogs do vary on the subject matter.

Who knows maybe in the future my poems will be brighter. :o)



Natalie thats what I meant by asking about d lovie dovie stuff!

by Anonymouse on

Believe me I understand what it is to have a loved one who doesn't know what to do about this lovie dovie stuff.  I have NO solution to offer! I've given up on this subject.

I'm just saying why not refocus on non-lovie dovie stuff?  That's what normal people do.  So when you're focusing on lovie-dovie stuff you're adding fuel to fire!  I thinks, not sure! 

Everything is sacred.



by Latina on

It becomes an unhealthy situation. When I obtained my divorce, I pushed myself past the pain because I knew that I had to be there for my sons.

It is the only way that I managed to get through it. They were my saving grace.

My sister doesn't have any children to help her refocus.


Natalie what if that someone gets used to this "grief" as habit?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by Latina on


Every individual is different as to how long they go through the grieving process. All one can do is remind them that we care about them.

How special they truly are.......



by Latina on


Thank you! My sisters nickname is Rosie. She is doing as best as she can.

solh va doosti


Natalie I didn't mean to be insensitive

by Anonymouse on

I don't know about your sister and hope all is well with you and your sister.  If this is a health issue or something similar let me know so I don't say something that I'll regret.

However, if this is about loosing a romantic love or a husband of BF or BFF to divorce or breakup, well sure it is painful but how long is this going to go on? Ala Titanic song ....  will go ooooonnn?!

I meant general lovie dovie themes that are more suited towards teens than grown wo/men!  It's just an observation and in good fun.  I think it is better for grown wo/men to be more realistic with a thicker skin and more experienced and less emotional.

In the end you can do and write whatever you like.  If lovie dovie is the order of the day, so be it!  Not that there is anything wrong with it! 

Everything is sacred.



by yolanda on

Hi! Natalia,

    You are a prolific blogger now! You have new stuff coming out every other day! Thank you! .....I will play your videos later. Is your sister's name Rosie? I hope everyone is OK!

Thank you for sharing!

P.S. It is great that you can write articles and poems! You are also perfectly bi-lingual! Great job!


La noche oscura

by Latina on

 Por San Juan de la Cruz

En una noche escura
con ansias en amores inflamada
¡o dichosa ventura!
salí sin ser notada
estando ya mi casa sosegada.

ascuras y segura
por la secreta escala, disfraçada,
¡o dichosa ventura!
a escuras y en celada
estando ya mi casa sosegada.

En la noche dichosa
en secreto que naide me veýa,
ni yo mirava cosa
sin otra luz y guía
sino la que en el coraçón ardía.

Aquésta me guiava
más cierto que la luz de mediodía
adonde me esperava
quien yo bien me savía
en parte donde naide parecía.

¡O noche, que guiaste!
¡O noche amable más que la alborada!
¡oh noche que juntaste
amado con amada,
amada en el amado transformada!

En mi pecho florido,
que entero para él solo se guardaba
allí quedó dormido
y yo le regalaba
y el ventalle de cedros ayre daba.

El ayre de la almena
quando yo sus cavellos esparcía
con su mano serena
en mi cuello hería
y todos mis sentidos suspendía.

Quedéme y olbidéme
el rostro recliné sobre el amado;
cessó todo, y dexéme
dexando mi cuydado
entre las açucenas olbidado.


English Translation:

The Obscure Night of the Soul

Upon an obscure night
Fevered with love in love's anxiety
(O hapless-happy plight!),
I went, none seeing me,
Forth from my house where all things be.

By night, secure from sight,
And by the secret stair, disguisedly,
(O hapless-happy plight!)
By night, and privily,
Forth from my house where all things quiet be.

Blest night of wandering,
In secret, where by none might I be spied
Nor I see anything;
Without a light or guide,
Save that which in my heart burnt in my side.

That light did lead me on,
More surely than the shining of noontide,
Where well I knew that one
Did for my coming bide;
Where He abode, might none but He abide.

O night that didst lead thus,
O night more lovely than the dawn o light,
O night that broughtest us,
Lover to lover's sight,
Lover with loved in marriage of delight!

Upon my flowery breast
Wholly for Him, and save Himself for none,
There did I give sweet rest
To my beloved one;
The fanning of the cedars breathed thereon.

When the first moving air
Blew from the tower and waved His looks aside,
His hand, with gentle care,
Did wound me in the side,
And in my body all my senses died.

All things I then forgot,
My cheek on Him who for my coming came;
All ceased, and I was not,
Leaving my cares and shame
Among the lilies, and forgetting them.




by Latina on

The sorrow I expressed in the poem is not about me. It is about the sorrow my sister is still experiencing.

I wrote the following poems about her as well:

Abyss of despair

رها یی



by Latina on

kheyli motashakkeram

Yes, I have read his writings along with many other poets from different cultures. I felt it was the best way to learn the different styles. I needed to find my own voice. :o)

Thanks again!  I am greatly honored by your comparison of my humble poem to that of San Juan de la Cruz.



Great poem

by Nur-i-Azal on

Ever read any San Juan de la Cruz (John of the Cross)? Your poem above sounds an awful like something he would write, esp. his La noche oscura del alma (Dark Night of the Soul). Great stuff!



Natalie whats all these lovie dovie stuff?!grown wo/men no love!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by Latina on



Silencio (Silence)

Aire, viento... (Air, wind)
Y en mi alma (And in my soul)
El fuego se ahoga y sólo queda el frío (The fire drowns and just the cold stays)
Sin destino y a paso muy lento (Without fate and with slowly walk)
Llevo, débil, el peso de un tormento (I carry, weak, the height of a torment)

Si tú no estás aquí, no hay manera de existir (If you're not here, there's no way to exist)
Tengo que despertar (I have to wake up)
Tengo que revivir (I have to live again)
Es un inmenso vacío... (It's an endless emptiness
Ya no hay amor aquí (There isn't love here)
Tal vez me debo rendir (Maybe I should give up)
Y sufrir en silencio... silencio... (And suffer in silence...,silence...)
Silencio..., silencio..., oh, oh, oh (Silence..., silence,,,. oh., oh, oh)

Antes el Sol era mi bendición (Before the Sun was my blessing)
Ahora sus rayos me queman sin razón (Now its rays burn me without reason)
Antes creía sin dudar en mi institnto (Before I believe without doubt in my instinct)
Ahora es tan frágil como un animal herido (Now it's fragile like a wounded animal)

Donde el Sol no duele más (Where the sun doesn't hurt)
Mi alma libre va (My soul goes freely)
Yo te esperaré y será hasta la eternidad (I will wait and it will be until eternity)
Amor mío... (My love...)

Si tú no estás aquí no hay manera de existir (If you're not here there's no way to exist)
Tengo que despertar (I have to wake up)
Tengo que revivir (I have to live again)
Es un inmenso vacío (It's an endless emptiness)
Ya no hay amor aquí (There isn't love here)
Tal vez me debo rendir (Maybe I should give up)
Y sufrir en silencio... silencio... (And suffer in silence... silence...)

Si tú no estás aquí (If you're not here)
Si tú no estás aquí (If you're not here)
Si tú no estás aquí oh, no... (If you're not here, oh, no...)