Raid on Child Foundation?!

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

I was shocked to read about FBI agents raiding the Child Foundation in Seattle.

The foundation is among the best known Iranian-American charity organizations. I have donated small amounts to them on a couple of occasions. I have seen a documentary made about their financial support of children with good grades in poor single-parent families. Several photo essays have been published here. 

I do not know what the FBI has found that would make them take such a drastic action.  The people who work for the Child Foundation are among the most respected members of the community and any ties to terrorism or criminal activity would be unthinkable.

Of all Iranian entities you take action against one that is actually doing good in this world?

I would like the Iranian-American community leaders, lawyers, organizations... to follow this case closely and seek answers to one simple question: What has the Child Foundation done wrong?

I have too much respect and admiration for what this group has done to make this a better world for under-privileged children. I need proof to be convinced otherwise.


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K Nassery one accussed them of funding Hamas ...on purpose.

by K Nassery on

I apologized for the link that was in error.  Obviously, you didn't accept my sincere apology.  That's your right.   I certainly said that they will have the opportunity to prove their case.  No one on that thread was being mean.  Reread your own thread. 

Gee...  I'm not perfect, but you shouldn't  have anger after an apology.  The other posters on that thread are not at fault.  It's my fault. 




by Juat Curious (not verified) on

Could you explain in some detail if you can what exactly transpired regarding the article that you published, and the ensuing FBI interview?

Did you mean that your article was published on this site? And how did they find out about your true identity since you are not disclosing your full name here?

Appreciate it :)

P.S. I hope I got the 'gist' of your argument - !!


Here is a video

by hazratee on


I personaly trust khayrieh,s who have actual location in Iran

by samsam1111 on

and with an Address  like "mehr Zainab" or "Fatem al nesa khayrieh" in south tehran...My sister in Iran tells me to trust only the ones who have ""vezarat keshvar"" seal of approval to avoid con men. she said the list is around 140 legitimate ones in Iran..the rest is risky..


This is BAD

by Sadaia_qesa on



This is what I am talking about ... It is the dawn of a new American Century




Do you remember Oklahoma City Tragedy (The Bombing), that day?

I knew that the dawn of a new American century has begun!

Very sad...



Niki Tehranchi

1 of the most transparent ngos out there

by Niki Tehranchi on

Here is a link to their website.  You can view their financial info including tax return, which they publish voluntarily:


This is one of the more transparent NGOs out there, with the least amount of overhead.  They sponsor the children directly and the sponsors who have donated money have seen many of the children get an education and break the cycle of poverty thanks to their efforts. I attended a couple of their functions, donated to them, and I wrote about them for this site many years ago

I am really upset at some of the commenters on the news item I posted regarding this raid  jumping the gun and calling them crooks, untruthful, accusing them of funding Hamas etc before we even have any facts as to what this raid is about.  I thought we are supposed to believe in "innocent until proven guilty"!!!

Update: The comment calling Child Foundation "crooks... as all Iranians are" has been deleted at this time.


Absolutly! My Sister helps a non profit orphan khayrieh

by samsam1111 on

in Iran which is completely on the level .they do various tasks(one of them is to house some orphans of Bam earth quake or afghani kids).They have a web site with pictures of the location and the kids & the staff and board of directors who work for free.  they have done fundraising overseas too.But this one that you mentioned doesn,t have any info about their Iran centre or operation or pictures of the khayrieh inside Iran.Are you sure they are legit?

Shiny Head

what do you expect when a moron is a president?

by Shiny Head on


I was also shocked to read that news.  What we are witnessing in USA is somewhat expected: When a moron becomes  president, what do you expect? The rank and file act like morons, and that is what we have.  Are we witnessing the crash of a great nation or just a blimp on the radar of history? Future will tell!





it's called: "operating while Iranian" (OWI)

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

this is the American's idea of putting pressure on Iran. It will start here, move to blockade and end up with thousands of kids dying of bad water ala Iraq.

Rosie T.

i don't agree mahmoud, that people should wait..

by Rosie T. on

foundations usually struggle to exist. four months can be terrible just terrible for them. and how careful do you have to be? if obama wins then like you say, it'll all be fine, no doubt. and what if he doesn't. what if the "crazies" stage something, anything, wait to publicize some video or other..they've done it before...what then, wait another four years? or eight? and isn't there something, something important, about standing up for something at the moment you believe there's an injustice...something about your own sense of integrity, which makes you stronger and your integrity grows...? i mean, these assholes are probably OUT like you say but Kucinich is leading an impeachment movement right now. why? because even though it won't work, it sends a speaks...about integrity....

if i am not for myself, who is for me? if i am only for myself, who am i? if not now, when?   --rabbi hillel , mishnah 

i know, i know. i talk too much. khaamoosh.



I have also contributed to a child foundation

by mahmoudg on

Although not to this one.  I think helping a child is a nobel cause and I agree with the support JJ is recommending.  However this is the same FBI that interviewed me in my house for writing an article chastising Boeing for renaming Persian to Arabian Gulf and posted on this very same site.  We have to be very careful how we go up against the FBI of George W. Bush's administration.  Perhaps we should wait until a Democratic President takes over before the campaign is started.