Mokhtar nameh

 Mokhtar nameh
by iraniantube

Today i want to take the time to ask you all to watch the serieMokhtar Nameh.

Its a verry beatiful and educatief serie, and its worth to watch.

here links to the serie :

and etc ....

you wil fined the rest.

its worth your time to watch.


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Mokhtar nameh 16

by iraniantube on


your thinking too far

by iraniantube on

i understand what you mean, and i agree for a big part with you.

but i stil think its a fine serie to watch, if you dont have any strong feelings about the subjects.


thx for your comment.


Promoting the most despicable anti-Iranian piece of junk

by SamSamIIII on


I dont watch Iranian channells(satelite or else) & never did but from what i have heard and seen of the few clips, this junk piece of Sh*t is the most shamefull, despicable, biggoted & racist anti-Iran/kiaan bedoine loving F***fest there is. Here the Arab occupiers are portrayed as these beautiful, kind, brave, enlightened, intelligent, cool, supermen, handsome, ethical & yes some caucasian blue eyed in comparison to Iranian(Ajam) characters who are mostly Dravidian looking serfs, low lives, coward thieves, deceitfull, stupid, fire worshiping brutes whom the superman Arabs on horse backs should bring back to civility & civilization. In some scenes the Arab master even teaches these low life Iranians how to farm or wash up since these retards did not even know how to cleanse selves or farm prior to Arab conquest. In every dialogue it is the arab who make sense against the illiterate, backward, imbecile, begger Iranian serf. In short all goodness comes from the Arabs/arabophiles and all evil comes from the dirty majoos or kniving Iranian.

Only the most Kiaan hating Arabophile would consider this masterPisss a time not totaly wasted.

ahhhh!!! abu-esghaati beam me up to planet of freakin dignity or galaxy of self-respect..none left in this arabomongooz zombieland.


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