WIDE ANGLE: 'Pilgrimage To Karbala'

WIDE ANGLE: 'Pilgrimage To Karbala'
by Haj Seyd Mammad

WIDE ANGLE travels with a busload of Shia pilgrims as they make their way from Iran to Iraq to visit Karbala, among the holiest sites in Shia Islam. Pilgrims travel to Karbala year-round to honor Hussein, the martyred grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, whose murder, in part, caused the schism between the Sunni and Shia. In the time of Saddam such observances were banned, but in wartime Iraq, marked by vicious sectarian violence, the pilgrimage is more dangerous than it has been in years. In PILGRIMAGE TO KARBALA we examine the roots of the Islamic schism, and see how an ancient murder affects the people of the Persian Gulf to this day.

There is an interview with Valsi Nasr at the end of the documentary:


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Sarzamine man

by Abarmard on

You asked "what does Hossein have to do with those brave Iranian", from the Iranian perspective, Hossain is Above man and also Iranian! He was a symbol of bravery and manhood. Most Arabs who are Sunni do not believe nor care for the "Iranian" Imams.

You have to realize that Iranian changed their faith, for whatever reason, to Islam 1400 years ago and those Iranians who want Cyrus the Great back are not living in the reality. This is Iran, go north to south, Arabs, Turk, Kurd, Fars...This is Iran...And Shia is an Iranian version of the religion (To satisfy your nationalistic hunger!)

In this time and age, it's better for the Iranians to be smarter than throw racist comments against our neighboring Arabs. We need friends and we need everyone to progress and succeed. Just thought to let you know, it's arrogant and childish to think as you have commented!


It's sad

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

to see how some of these people still believe in these shia nonsence...For some, education is the key to prevent such ideology and for some it is only tazahor like the couple we see in the clip..As Sarzamine man put it...If they love their Hossein so much, how come they havn't gone to Iraq to help their Iraqi Shia brothers against other groups...Unfortunatlly tazahor still exist within many Iranians...That old habit has been part of the Iranian culture for decades....



by Michael Hanley (not verified) on

Religion is a touchy thing. It is very much like a double-edge sword.

Just consider Christianity: During the 'Dark Ages', had it not been for the Islmaic and Persian Scholars, the whole Western Civilization and Culture would have been wiped out and forgotten. The great works of Greek Philosophers, Mathematicians, etc. were preserved and perpetuated by the Islamic Scholars, and subsequently built upon by them.

Unfortunately, Islam is going through its Dark Ages now. Just like Christianity had its 'Marin Luther', who spear-headed the 'Reformation' movement that led to the 'Renaissance', now Islam needs to do the same. Remember: Islam came about 622 years after Christianity, so it's about time for that to happen.

As they say: 'Don't throw the baby out with the bath water'. Islam has many good things. Reform it. Don't abandon it!!



by Sarzamine man (not verified) on

Unfortunately I have to say some of us still love Arabs, dost darim hamale arab bashim, to sary khoresh bashim, nokarishono konim, some Iranian would go to Imam Bagher house today if he become alive and do Nokary for him for the rest of their life, how sad it is.


First of all what does Hossein have to do with those brave Iranian ?? they fought for their country, if what you say is correct, aren't the Shia's dying in Iraq today, why Iranian do not go there to protect them for Hossein's sake, aren't they Hossein's people ?? I have not seen single Iranian casualties. Second of all, do you have any idea that those Iranian were killed by so called Hossein's people ?? out of 1,000,000 Iranian casualties, how many do you think were killed with the hand of Iraq's Shia ?? third of all, let say you are correct, we won the war because of Hossein, but my hamvatan we have lost 1400 years of our life, history and civilization, I can assure you Ghadeseyeh war bozorgtarin va nangin tarin lahzeye tarikhe ma bode ast.

At the end, I have one question and I want somebody with good knowledge of history to help me with, what did Ali, Hossein, Reza, Hassam, Omar, Eskandar, Changiz have done for Iran and Iranians other than stealing and killing, did any of them had any job or working on farm to better the agriculture of Iran or did any other good thing ?? I f there is no decent answer, I want somebody else to tell than why we name our kid Ali, Hossein and etc ?



I rather live under the Shah s 'regime!

by ali reza (not verified) on

Before the revolution the dollar was 7 Tomans compare to now that it is close to 1000 Tomans .Population was 25 million compare to 65 million.A barrel of oil was 18 dollars and people were living a comfortable life. A barrel of oil is close to 120 Dollars now and still people are living in poverty.We did not have big Known cases of drug abuse.We have millions of drug users now.Prostitution was confined to certain places. These places were supervised and controlled.We have legal prostitution everywhere in the country and people are infected with all kinds of diseases.We had no known enemies in the world except Iraq.Now too many countries are our enemies except,Hamas ,Lebennon,Syria and the countries we are trying to buy their support with money.Human trafficking was something that was not heard of during the Shah's regime.We have Girl,women,children sold into sex slavery in Persian gulf countries and even in countries like Pakistan.May god have pity on us and bring us those good time back without any violence.



by Martin G. (not verified) on

I think that you are being less than considerate and kind in describing these people.

Each nation has its own pecularities: In US we have the 'Mormons' and the way they adore 'Joseph Smith'. In South Korea they have 'Rev. Sun Myung Moon' and the Moonies who worship him as a 'Messiah'. In Israel, they have the followers of 'Rabbi Meir Kahane'. And, the list goes on!!

You either accept all of them, or throw away all of them. You can't 'Prejudice' one over the other. That's neither right or fair. Period.


Retarded people

by nema on

These people are really retarded.


Islamic Fascism exposed

by Teerdaad (not verified) on

Hezb faghat hezbollah rahbar faghat Ruhollah=Eine volk eine Fuhrer.
They would do "God's work" by shooting, hanging,stoning, ...and one day soon they will fire
nuclear warheads..get ready for Islam's



by Samaan (not verified) on


Dear yourname

by Jaffar (not verified) on

Sometimes blind faith may be better than no faith. It's people like in this documentary that rescued Iran from Saddam.

If it wasn't for the sacrifices of many people like shown in this documenatry, God knows what the condition of Iran would be after the war with Iraq.

We shouldn't dicount their sacrifices :) - Whatever they may or may not believe



by Anonymous42 (not verified) on

can we please have the url of this google video? thanks.


Consequence of blind faith!

by yourname (not verified) on

This only further illustrates that nuclear weapons in the hands of fanatic Shia muslims is a danger to the world peace. They have no respect for life and worship death and destruction in the name of their ideology/religion.


Whatever they say ...

by Hossein Agha (not verified) on

about these Mullahs, and what's going on in Iran now, I was really touched watching this documentary.

If anyone wants to know why there was an 'Enghelab' in Iran back in 1979, just watch this documentary.

This documentary shows people's devotion to their faith. Plain and simple :)