The Only 'TRUTH' Behind IRAQ WAR: 'BIG OIL'

The Only 'TRUTH' Behind IRAQ WAR: 'BIG OIL'
by Haj Seyd Mammad

In this 6-minute presentation, the well-respected journalist Bill Moyers summarizes and encapsulates the Main, and perhaps the Only Reason that U.S. invaded Iraq.

Please watch this, and judge for yourself:


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by ST (not verified) on

But I wish the majority ignorant rednecks in America who have supported these gangsters for the past 7.5 years had listened to responsible journalists like Bill Moyers.

What Bush and his henchmen have done in Iraq is the perfect reason why countries like Iran (floating over sea of oil) must become powerful economically and militarily so criminals like Cheney would not even think of invading them for oil.


good video

by Mehdi-Palang on

thanks for sharing Hajj Mammad


Bill Moyers ...

by Hans_Gilbert (not verified) on

is the Best of the Best in American Journalism. He tells things as they truly are, and not spin it with the type of garbage that this Administrtaion tries to do with journalists such as Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, etc.

Bill Moyers is a A True American. In the Best sense of the word ....


Cheezy ke ayan ast che hajat be bayan ast

by KB on

This is a shocker...

I would add that there were several other factors,


1)      Wars are always a good thing for making additional money especially if some one else foots the bill like Saudis did for the first Gulf War to the Tune of $80bn. Then, the Saudis bought around $50bn worth of Arms to protect themselves against Saddam or an equivalent. And the best part of all, companies rushing in to get Kuwaity oil back online and making tons of cash in the process etc..


2)      The pressure from the Israeli Lobby to get rid of Saddam as he was paying up to $25k to the families of the Palestinian Suicide Bombers.


3)      Settling an old score because of Daddy Bush.


4)      Finally, the morons (Christian Right)with their extreme views on Islam, the Holy Land and the return of the Jews to this land.  



It was All About Oil

by Jahnagard (not verified) on

in 1953 when Dr. Mossadeq was toppled, and it's all about oil now .. All this stuff about spreading Democracy, toppling dictators, etc., etc. is nothing but 'Nonsense'.

As far as U.S. is concerned, its 'National-Interests' are first and foremost. Whenever National Interests come into conflict with Principles such as 'Democracy' and 'Human Rights', U.S.'s National Interests always 'Trump' other issues. Period.