U.S. sleeping with the enemy

by Fred

Reuters reports from Chicago:  

“A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday backed Iran in a dispute with Americans who demand that Persian antiquities in two Chicago museums be used to pay damages for victims of a 1997 suicide bombing in Israel.”

In layman’s term, next to the highest court of the land in “Great Satan” has sided with the party which for the past thirty two years has done all it could to discredit it, labeling it as an unjust “imperialistic” superpower and has tried to inflict as much damage on it as it possibly could including through terroristic methods.

In other word, no matter what, in the Great Satan land, it is the law which rules supreme, period.

Just one rhetorical question:

Could the lovely Islamists ruling over Iran and Iranians say the same thing about their fiefdom and if the shoe were on the other foot, would they had acted the same as the “Great Satan”?




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Maryam Hojjat

It shows Law is running in US

by Maryam Hojjat on

We have having in IRan the same problem that Great Hafez e Shirazi had.  Hafez had copmplained about the akhoonds in society in 7th century over & over in his poems and today in 21th century we are still dealing with the same problem.  We should have get rid of ISLAM & Its Book & Its Akhoonds long, long time ago.


It shows profesionalism of

by comments on

It shows profesionalism of the US court on a case with no bias.  How fast they moved from slavery to here. 



by Fred on

The point raised had nothing to do with the clay tablets on loan to the University; it had to do with the lawlessness in IRR.

The clay tablets are safe where they are, their ownership and eventual return to the hopefully by then a democratic Iran is beyond any doubt.

BTW, were it not for the brave and spontaneous intervention of the locals at Marvedasht, the Islamists headed by Khalkhali who had shown up with bulldozers intending to raise the entire Persepolis to the ground would had been successful.


I don't care about the IRI Fred, but these are our national

by Onlyiran on

treasures, and they shouldn't be sold to God knows whom because of something that the IR may or may not have been involved with in Israel.  So, I am glad that the court ruled the way it did.

When this regime is gone, Israel, or whatever other nation or person who has a beef with the IR, can take their operatives to court personally and go after their personal assets.  But our national treasures should be off limits.