See you in 2030

by Fred

Seven times twenty makes it a nice round one hundred and forty.

That is the combined number of years the followers of a native peaceful Iranian religion with worldwide adherents have to endure in prisons.

Their crime is messianic IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic does not recognize their native Iranian religion and considers them as heretics.

The seven men and women who are Baha’i will be in jail till year 2030 and given number of them are in advance age that is a life sentence.

To all those who in one way or another support, condone or whitewash what Islamist Rapists are doing to Iran and Iranians, this crime too is on you all.

The victims are:Lady Fariba Kamal-abadi

Lady Mahvash Sabeth


Afif Na’imi

Saeed Rezaii

Behrooz Tavakoli

Vahid Teezfahm.


See you in the year 2030.


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i am a bahai too

Nothing can stay bound or be imprisoned

by i am a bahai too on

Long live humanity, long live Iran! If there was an ultimate Good, if you loved the Creator of this ultimate Goodness, perhaps 20 years would not be such a sacrifice, especially if your imprisonment brought millions of people together. I believe that God looks after The Yaran, that they will find freedom again and freedom from prejudice, freedom from punishment.

The Mowlana said:

A feast has been set.

Listen: the wind is pouring wine!  Love used to hide inside mere imagery:

No more!

The orchard hangs its lanterns

as the shrouded dead go stumbling by

Nothing can stay bound

or be imprisoned.

(thanks to IC friends for their expressions of sympathy )


"but am willing to die for them. "


joke of the week mahmoudg. more like "i am willing to consider them as collateral damage"






long live the Bahais

by mahmoudg on

the Jews, the zoroastrians, the christians, the agnostics, the atheisits, the sikhs, the buddhists, the sufis, etc., and oh yes even the Muslims. Above all long live me, who detest all of them, but am willing to die for them.