Iran’s loss, America’s gain


by Fred

When it comes to the brightest minds, Iran’s loss, America’s gain has been the story of Iran ever since the inception of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

And who could blame those Iranians who can’t wait to emigrate to U.S. to continue with their education to prosper emotionally, intellectually and financially, in short to be all that they can be.

It is not a boastful chest thumping to claim Iranians have a thing about knowledge, learning it, teaching it and applying it. Just a cursory look at any institution of higher education in America will prove the point.

The sad thing is this brain-power factory is ruled by Islamist Rapists bent on dragging Iran and Iranians back to over millennia old days of savagery and darkness and they are winning.

The latest step in this regards was announced by the Islamist Rapists’ Minister of Science, Research and technology.On the back of severely curbing the teaching of Human Sciences for their lack of Islamist ideology, and after thirty years of perpetual Cultural Revolution now the time has arrived to have the ideal university instructors.

And according to the Mr. Minister that would be the ones who “believe in the absolute rule of the jurisprudent” in other word bunch of Islamist retards with fake university degrees just like the Mr. Minister.

Iran’s loss, America’s gain, that's the way the cookie crumbles.    



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Farah Rusta

Patriots or Collborators?

by Farah Rusta on

Midwesty-e aziz


Unless you redefine patriotism as collaboration with the invading forces to save one's neck, I am not sure what type of patriotism you are referring to? History appears to agree: from the murder of Yazdegerd by the miller, to  betrayal of Darius III by his generals, to the case of Salman Farsi, (not to mention the popular embracing the new faith), Arabization of the language (which by the way, and before my detractors accuse me of double standards, I believe was a most needed/welcome influence) down to the cult of the European worship starting by Shah Abbas and popularized by the Qajar kings and their administrators, and many more, we betrayed and sold the symbols and icons of our cultural identity in return for domestic and foreign favors and rewards.

Sorry dear but I don't see much patriotism in all these developments.




Farah jan,

by Midwesty on

Patriotism is not something of a quantitative nature that you can measure.

By observing the history and noting the storms that Iran been through that have caused other great nations to perish beyond recognition, I can't find any other reason but patriotism that has kept the Iranian nation as a whole.

So comparatively and by observation, Iranians are one of the most patriotic people.

Farah Rusta

Midwesty Jan I beg to differ

by Farah Rusta on

Jamalzadeh, Hedayat and Shariaty  were not asylum seekers in today's sense. They all left at their own free will for different reasons and even Shariaty was allowed to leave the country. 

But as for your suggestion that Iranians rank among the most patriotic, well, with respect and borrowing your own words, sounds like an "over-exaggerated bluff"!




Correct Fred

by MRX1 on

but you know the only thing that matters in IRR or any other  islamic paradises out there is Quran and nothing else!


Nonesense Fred,

by Midwesty on

Couple of reasons why the opposition can never do a gully to IRI: You guys underestimate your audience, manipulate the facts and over-exaggerate your bluffs.

Jamalzadeh, Hedayat, and Shariaty are a few of Iranian thinkers who come immediately to mind that before IRI era fled Iran and died in exile...

The phenomenon of brain drain is not limited to Iran, the whole developing countries, such as India and China are facing the same thing.

But you forgot to mention, if Iranians have the highest rate of brain drain, they also rank the highest in patriotism!

So for how long you want to connect gooz to shagheeghe?