We will be waiting for you in New York, Mr. “President”


Fariba Amini
by Fariba Amini

We will be waiting for you on September 23rd, all of us, from all over the US. We are not just green, red and white, but a variety of colors. We are the rainbow of Iran. We are a colorful mix and represent all of Iran, young and old, women and men, from the entire political spectrum and all walks of life.

Mr. President, you took our people’s votes, you trampled on them, you ridiculed us and you disgraced the nation of Iran. But the world saw a different Iran, an anguished and injured Iran but also a courageous and absolutely resolute Iran.

Mr. President, we, Iranian Americans stand by the Iranian people in our torn country, those you put in jail, those you accuse of being spies, putting them on show trials. Those you allowed to be raped and tortured and ended up being murdered. We stand by every single one of them and we will not rest until their murderers are brought to justice.

Mr. President, we stand by the silenced voices of Neda and Sohrab and all the young people of Iran who want only one thing: to live in a free land.

Mr. President, the halo you saw around your head while you gave that first speech at the United Nations is long gone. Now your nose is bigger, the little dictator in you with a big mouth has been unmasked and the world knows what you are all about: a sham.

Mr. President, the Robin Hood in you vanished when you destroyed the last vestiges of humanity, when you unleashed your thuggish friends on the innocent.

Mr. President, the day will come when you and your cohorts will be put on trial.

Mr. President, you are not “one of the people,” as you claimed. You are a scourge on the people.

Mr. President, your eyes betray you. You are a wolf in sheep skin.

Mr. President, this was not a velvet revolution, but a homegrown uprising, against you and your henchmen.

Mr. President, we have news for you, there is always an end to all dictatorships.

Mr. President, we will be waiting for you, by the thousands, coming with caravans from all over the United States of America to say one thing to you: NO to dictatorship, YES to democracy.

Mr. President, here in NYC, we will not be faced with bullets, bayonets and chains, like our compatriots in Iran. We will have the freedom to come and say what is on our mind even if the other side disagrees with us.

Mr. President, we are united under one banner, “democracy and human rights for Iran.”

Mr. President, We are anxiously waiting for your arrival and we stand ready, all of us together to shout: “Shame on you. You are not our President.”


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Anahid Hojjati

Fariba jan, you defeated purpose of your blog

by Anahid Hojjati on

by referring so many times to AN as Mr. president. In your blog, you wrote:"

Mr. President, you took our people’s votes, you trampled on them, you ridiculed us and you disgraced the nation of Iran. But the world saw a different Iran, an anguished and injured Iran but also a courageous and absolutely resolute Iran."

so it looks like you are saying that even though AN took the votes and disgraced Iran but we still accept him as President. Your blog would be much more powerful, if you refer to him as Ahmadinejad.  It is this mentality of us Iranians to keep respecting people who don't respect us that is self defeating.

Esfand Aashena

Ms. Amini what's the story behind the 2005 photo?

by Esfand Aashena on

It's very interesting.  Was Larijani the nuke negotiator at the time? 

Everything is sacred

Fariba Amini

photo in New York 2005

by Fariba Amini on

Farah Rusta

Dear Mr Davoodi `

by Farah Rusta on

I share your sentiments and understand where you stand on this topic, which is very close to my stance. But I wrote my comment based on your initial comment in which you had objected to Presidential status of Ahmadinejad, not from an administrative point of view but from a moralistic one.This is why I brought examples of equally immoral leaders who enjoyed and continue to enjoy the much coveted title. Although you are generally correct in defining the role of the President as the chief administrative officer, there are exceptions to this rule too. The Italian and German presidents hold much less executve powers than their Prime Minister or Chancellor, respectively.




Why Not President...?

by HosseinDavoodi on

Dear Ms. Rusta, you state:"the recent past Saddam Hussien  (Iraq), Idi Amin (Uganda), Hafiz Al Asad (Syria), Pinochet (Chile), Somoza (Nicaragua), Kim Sung Il (North Korea), Ceausescu (Romania) and many more abusers of human rights particulary from the Soviet bloc as well as the south American dictatorships were honored with the accolade. Are these very different from Ahmadinejad? "

To answer your question first let me remind you of what the term "President" means. By definitioin a "President" is: The "chief officer" of a branch of government, corporation, board of trustees, university, or similar body.

Keeping that definition of "Presidency" in mind, and to answer your question of whether Ahmadinejad is different than these other dictators such as Pinoche or Saddam Hossein, etc,  in a sense YES they are different for all these other abusers of human rights and dictators they have all been the sole chief officer of their respective terror organization, hence because of their position they have been referred to as the "President". 

In case of Ahmadinejad, he is just a low life thug with no power and no control over anything. He is just a puppet of the mullahs who have put him the mouth piece of their terror organization (namely the Islamic Republic). Hence referring to Ahmadinejad as "The president" is not only NOT proper, but in fact an insault to all other low lives in your list of dictators. Ahmadinejad is just a mouth piece, and a low life executor of the dirty work that the mullahs direct him to do.

Now if you want to refer to Khamenei and the other chief thugs in the doomed Islamic Regime as "President"... that I can understand because Khamenei could be considered as the chief thug in the same class as Hitler, Saddam Hossein, Idi Amin, and these other low life animals with the self-claimed presidency title.

But and again to stress as far as Ahmadinejad, he is just a low life thug - nothing more, nothing less.


Fariba Amini

دوستان کسانی

Fariba Amini


کسانی که در 23 سپتامبر در کنار ما نخواهند بود با ما قلبا هستند

روزی که ابروی احمدی نژاد بی ابرو خواهد رفت

روزی که ایرانیان نشان خواهند داد که یکپارچه هستند و یک شعار میدهند و ان هم دموکراسی و احترام به حقوق بشر است

از شعر شما دانشجوی عزیز ممنون

Farah Rusta

Why not President?

by Farah Rusta on

What is so sacred or special about the title of President that some suggest Ahmadinejad is not entitled to? In the recent past Saddam Hussien  (Iraq), Idi Amin (Uganda), Hafiz Al Asad (Syria), Pinochet (Chile), Somoza (Nicaragua), Kim Sung Il (North Korea), Ceausescu (Romania) and many more abusers of human rights particulary from the Soviet bloc as well as the south American dictatorships were honored with the accolade. Presently, we have  Gaddafi (Libya), Kim Jong-Il (North Korea), Mugabe (Zimbabwe) and Omar-ol Bashir (Sudan). Are these very different from Ahmadinejad?




Why Do you refer to a "thug" as "President"?

by HosseinDavoodi on

My question to you Dear Ms. Amini is why you refer to Ahmadinejad as "Mr. President"?  At best you could refer to him as "Mr. Ahmadinejad" and at worst simply "Mr. thug".

He is nothing but a thug - nothing more, nothing less. He maybe the president of thugs, but by universal standards calling someone as "Mr. President" implies that person does represent the majority of people who participated in a free political election. While your entire article does stress (and implies) on the fact that this thug (i.e. Ahmadinejad) is anything but a representative of the Iranian people, yet by elevating him through addressing him as Mr. President is simply beyond me and in a way defeats the entire purpose of your article.



گرمن خس و خاشاکم در نزد تو دیوانه



 Dear Fariba: Please accept the following poem as a free translation of some parts of your article!     

 من آتش هر آهم،  خاموش نخواهم شد            انسانم و آگاهم،   خاموش نخواهم شد من ملت ایرانم،  از نسل دلیرانم             در بند  نمی مانم،   خاموش نخواهم شدقلبی که هدف کردی خونی که هدر دادی      خون دل من باشد،   خاموش نخواهم شد        گرمن خس و خاشاکم در نزد تو دیوانه        در چشم تو خواهم شد،  خاموش نخواهم شد نام تو زمن باشد، بی من تو چه می باشی؟    ای آدمک خودبین ،  خاموش نخواهم شد رایم تو بدزدیدی، عصیان تو به پا کردی        سر قافله ی دزدان،  خاموش نخواهم شد توهاله همی بینی من حال تو می بینم           ای مضحکه ی دوران،  خاموش نخواهم شدبد نام کنی خوبان،  تا خوب کنی جلوه            تزویر گر دوران،   خاموش نخواهم شد   از داد سخن گویی،  بیداد کنی بر من       ظلم تو دهم پایان،   خاموش نخواهم شدحامی تو شیطانست در کسوت انسانی         با هردو گلاویزم ،  خاموش نخواهم شد  بر دست بتت بینم هردم تو زنی بوسه          تا نشکنم آن بت را،  خاموش نخواهم شد من دشمن بیدادم  درعزم چو پولادم           تا خاک نشین گردی،  خاموش نخواهم شد

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

wish I could come there,and bringing LBS 1000 of rotten tomatoes from china town which is FREE. Maziar



by jamshid on

Well said! 


"President" yes. President no. Like Egypt's President "for life"

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Fish Here

President yes, elected not

by Fish Here on

Iranians will be waiting for Ahmadinejad in New York and showing him a good time. Nobody can censor the words said to him in New York or keep the world from knowing just what we think of him.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have become Iran's president through cheating, but let's let nobody forget:  He is not Iran's "elected" President.


JJJ suggest advertising NYC rallies on front page Timing is best

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Thank you for the clarification

by IRANdokht on



Fariba Amini

Dear Irandokht, I am not

by Fariba Amini on

Dear Irandokht,

I am not in the business of censoring my own articles or comments!! As JJ said I write articles not blogs.  The last one was A Place called Evin.



This blog has the info for next week's rallies at NYC.

by Anonymouse on


Please don't call him President

by NY GAL on

He is not president of Iran. He was appointed by khamenie and Sepah-e-pasdaran. where can I find information about the time and location of protest against this skank in NYC? 


بابا این ایرانیان دات کام که دقیقه به دقیقه زوارش در میره! این


بابا این ایرانیان دات کام که دقیقه به دقیقه زوارش در میره!  این چه وضعیه آخه؟!  

Everything is sacred

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

باید رفت و کم ابرویی که این مرد خبیث دارد را برد ! باید این مرد و حکومت اسلامی و آخوند را لعنت کرد و نفرین کرد بر کسانی‌ که از این‌ها طرفداری میکنند.

هر کسی‌ که از این آدم کش‌ها طرفداری می‌کند،الهی سرطان بگیرد و در تنهایی بمیرد !


نه چین و نه روسیه،نه اسلام و نه مذهب.نه شاه و کمونیست و نه آخوند... فقط جمهوری ایرانی‌



Proof beyond a shadow of doubt ---> Ahmadi rants = AIPAC dance!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Farah Rusta

Mr President!

by Farah Rusta on

Please forgive Ms Amini for not providing you with a Farsi translation. It is assumed that your interpreter/translator, Hooman Majd is already on the job. But wait a minute, Hooman is a relative of Khatami so he no longer is your translator!


Ms Amini, translation please. 


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Hi Irandokht

Fariba has primarily written articles, not blogs:


Dear Ms Amini

by IRANdokht on

Where are your older blogs? I recall seeing many blogs from you on this site, but none exists anymore. Why are you deleting them all along with all the discussions and comments?  I am just curious.