Iranian Election Results and the Laws of Physics


by Faramarz

Like most of you concerned Iranians, I have been following the blogs about the Iranian elections. Of all the commentaries, this particular entry by Shaahin caught my attention. If anyone doubts that Iranians are the masters of physics, chemistry and mathematics, please think again.

Here is Shaahin's entry on New York Times. Just Brilliant!

1- As is evident from the graphs published elsewhere, the rates at which the votes increased relative to other votes were perfectly linear. The R squared for the graph was 0.997 which can cause your physics professor to take some points off your lab report for reporting fake numbers. The linearity of the graph means that each candidate’s popularity was constant and uniform throughout the country which is unprecedented both globally and given the facts about Iran.

2- The graphs do not extrapolate to the zero point, meaning that there was a time until which all votes read “Ahmadinejad” which seems impossible even in the farthest village in Iran.

3- Karroubi is claimed to have received 333635 votes which is lesss than the number of invalid votes! Just in Tehran about 10 million people can vote. Taking the voter turnout to be 80 percent, about 8 million people must have voted. How many of them voted for Karroubi? If only 3 hundred thousand of them voted for him, he would have had more votes in sum than what he has.

4- How is it possible that Karroubi’s popularity in the province of Lurestan (his hometown) is almost the same as his popularity elsewhere? The same goes for Mousavi’s popularity in the province of Eastern Azerbaijan (Mousavi’s hometown) and Rezaee’s popularity in the province of Khouzestan (Rezaee’s hometown).

5- In the previous elections, the results were always announced with electoral districts specified. This time, except for the first few announcements, only the summed results were published.

6- In the previous elections, the invalid votes would be announced along with the counted votes at each step. This time, there was no invalid vote until after the final results were announced.

7- The counting results were announced in thirteen ‘waves’. Rezaee’s votes in the eleventh step (587913) were less than that of the tenth step (633048)!! This could not have been a simple mistake in the announcement because his votes in the twelfth step (about 607000), although more that the last announcement, were still less that the tenth announcement!

— Shaahin



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