Iranian-American SF Sheriff Mirkarimi Pleads Guilty

Iranian-American SF Sheriff Mirkarimi Pleads Guilty
by Faramarz

In one of those "Only in San Francisco" episodes, Iranian-American SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi who was going to go on trial for physically abusing his wife, Eliana Lopez pleaded guilty to lesser charges of misdemeanor and avoided a highly anticipated trial.

The jury selection had just got underway and there were considerations to move the trial to another venue.

Under the plea agreement, Mirkarimi will be sentenced next Monday to three years' probation, one year of weekly domestic violence classes, parenting classes, 100 hours of community service and fines nearing $600. But he will be allowed to remain sheriff - at least for now.

Among the damaging information was the tape of an incident in which he allegedly inflicted a bruise on his wife that was going to be allowed in the trial.

Also his ex-girlfriend Christina Flores, disclosed some rather embarrassing details of their romance during a pretrial hearing, much of it involving underwear!

She alleged that Ross Mirkarimi had so many pairs of panties hanging around his Webster Street apartment that "somebody else's" drawers led to a physical altercation with Flores, who told him in response to the suggestion that the panties were hers, "I know my own underwear."

She further alleged that:

Ross Mirkarimi wanted to bring Lopez to San Francisco to "keep her as a baby mama" in part because Ross "wanted to be like Willie Brown, the ex-Mayor of the City."

Ross Mirkarimi was still dating Flores when he jetted to South America for an environmental conference, after which Lopez became pregnant.



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Personal, Problem or Not

by Zorumbaa on

Isn't true that "Personal" IS and becomes "Political" ?!

When sex and the most intimate personal human relation is highly regulated and the laws and customs of dark ages violently penetrat the personal sphear, become the dominating mind-set, what else do you expect from these creatures?


Faramarz Jaan, thank you for Ms Peggy Lee song.

by fanoos on

That great number was performed in 1955. Do you remember the Iranian National Radio 10:00pm night story or dastan'e shab closing song by Vigen:




I Totally Agree Raoul

by Faramarz on



by Raoul1955 on

How about ending these bitter exchanges for good. 


Fanoos Aziz

by Faramarz on

Thanks for your clip.

Here is one of my favorites.



Faramarz Jaan, thank you for your kind words.

by fanoos on

I am a tough woman and stand up for my rights and at the same time by my man but I am not a bra burner like these wannabe bra burners. I believe men have their place in the society just like women have theirs. I hope you enjoy this classic and a reminder to all women to:




Fanoos Jaan

by Faramarz on

The more I learn about you, the more fascinated I am.

I mean, you kicked your ex in the nuts! That's my kind of a woman. Kicking ass and taking names!

You are a breath of fresh air here.

Siamak Asadian

Fact:Patriarchy is even older than Hojjati.

by Siamak Asadian on

That is a fact no one can deny.

Furthermore it's a fact you can't find in any books, but you learn that in life through everyday experiences with people.  

Framarz jan, I didn't quote anything, out any book, during all these exchanges in here.

What I'm simply pointing out to (and there seems to be a lot of resistance to accepting a very simple historical fact, as mentioned above) is that our entire Human Civilization has been built on basis of Male Supremacy, aka Patriarchy.

You could disagree with this (as you do) or agree, but please don't accuse me of quoting stuff out of books. The University of Streets, and life in general has thought me so many valuable lessons that even the most prestigious postdoctoral programs in MIT, Harvard and Oxford combined can't match it.

Every single human being on earth has an agenda. Even "not having an agenda" itself is a form of having an agneda in reverse. Cheers


Faramarz Jaan there two kinds of women in this world.

by fanoos on

The first kind of women want to be men. The second kind of women want to stay women. You need to be extremely careful and steer clear of the first kind. Unfortunately, many Iranian women immigrated to west are of the first kind.

Azadeh Azad

Soosan Khanoom : Baba Open Your eyes!!!

by Azadeh Azad on

I am extremely disappointed in you.

The boy-man by the name of Faramarz is one of the most sexist, misogynist and backward commenters you can find on this lumpenist site. He is so stupid that the only cliché idea that could come out of his bird-brain is that "Azadeh has unresolved issues with Iranian men." He is so dumb that he can not conceive of the idea of a woman fighting for women's rights without having a "personal problem" with men. He probably thinks that everyone who fights against the IRI has some "unresolved issues" with fundamentalism and fascism!!! 

This boy has made hundreds of degrading comments about women on this site, the same type of comments the Basijis and Mullahs make. He is a liability for the Iranian community anywhere.

That he is the Village Idiot and a Clown does not make him a nice person. Far from it. A Mullaesque Clown and a Typical Lumpen like Faramarz thrives on the support of the like-minded individuals. Be more insightful, SK. Do not Support Brainless Clowns like Faramarz (our Sha'ban Bi-Mokh!) 

I'm out of here to my real life's normality and beauty for a long while!


Siamak Jaan

by Faramarz on

My problem with your comment and the leftists' agenda in general, going back to the '79 Revolution is that whenever they wanted to have an argument, they would say that "it is more complicated than that", as you said above and then they would quickly point you to all the books that they have read that supported their argument.

Don't get me wrong, I have read a lot of books too, but the fact that I don't speak Swahili does not disqualify me from talking about Africa.

There was never a place for fresh exchange of ideas and the recognition of the individuality of the people and their thoughts.

That was a big turn off for me then and continues to be now.

Soosan Khanoom

Thank you Faramarz jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

and I know you have a good heart. 

don't worry ... be happy

: ) 

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz some idiot took my comment out of context under

by Oon Yaroo on

your other post. I said that the American culture seems to be wanting to go back to the 60's era of men being in charge and women staying home and taking care of the family. I neither condone nor condemn as I wouldn't confirm or deny this mentality.


Soosan Khanoom

by Faramarz on

You and I may not agree on many things, but I always regard you as a fair, smart and intelligent person, and that's the highest compliment that I could ever pay to a person.

Now, how did I get such a bad reputation about women here?

Most Iranian men or women that I know talk about their sex lives with their friends, and they are all interesting. The only difference with me is that I am honest enough to post it on this site and hoping that something good will come out of it.

Choob-e Khosh-ghalbi-mo mikhoram!

The story of my life!

Siamak Asadian

Framarz jaan, Male Chuavinism is a bit more complicated than

by Siamak Asadian on

it might seem at first (like most other thing in life).

And where did I reduce "the recovery process" to only Iranian men?

All men, all over the world, from everysingle culture, are recovering Male chuavinists, at best. It's a package deal, it comes with this system called PATRIARACHY. This is a system that has informed, shaped, formed, and deformed the cultures, values, and sensitivities of the entire human civilization since times immemorial. Unfortunately this system has been around for thousands of years, and it's not going to go away in the next few years either.

Now, if we all lived under MATRIARCHY, and the whole sysytem was geared and set up only for the benefit of women, then, most probably all Women would have been Recovering Female Chuavinists, but in real life that is not the case, on planet earth.

Women's rights became a social issue only two centuries ago.

In the past century these rights have been enhanced.

In 21st century we'll probably see a lot more progress.

But untill we have a human civilization built on gender bias against women, the big picture really wont change that much.

Sorry for the long winded reply. Your open minded-ness, not to mention your sense of humor is always a breath of frersh air for me.  

Damet garm o saret khosh bad.



Soosan Khanoom

Baba Chill out

by Soosan Khanoom on

I haven't gotten a chance to read all the comments here but I believe the only person on trail for now is the " Sheriff " who actually had been accused and pleaded guilty to something.  Why blame others for one person's crime?  I am not sure why everyone is all fired up here and ready to fight.  On this site, the most gentle and nicest guy is Faramarz. I have never seen him get angry or throw keyboard at anyone. Quite contrary I have found his sense of humor to be the life saviour on many occasions.   Ok, so what ? he likes women and wants to know what is the secret that victoria has?  Although i am not sure if there is any more secret left for him to still discover.... lol But writing comments and insulting him the way that Farnoosh did is simply rude..


Farnoosh, Thanks for Reading

by Faramarz on

I couldn't quite figure out if you agree or disagree with my comments, but take as much out of it as you can.

One thing that I forgot to mention was that let's not pass on the ill feelings of one generation to the next generation. 

The younger generation deserves a fresh start and they don't need to carry their parents' cross on their backs.

We owe them that much.

Anahid Hojjati

Faramarz, forget about Ross, let's talk about IC

by Anahid Hojjati on

In recent weeks, there is a worsening of sexist comments on IC. Example is comment by Ooan Yaroo that talked about women have to listen to men's commands. There are two possibilities:

1. IC really has super clueless commentators, insensitive sexists

2. There are few very active and energetic commentators/writers who use multiple Ids. These geniuses think that in order to generate interest in their writings, they have to write extreme sexist offensive comments under multiple Ids.

In this crtical time for Iran and with situation of Iranian women in Iran and the global issue of sexism, we don't need commentators on IC to try to become popular by offending women. This is not moral.

Frankly, I don't know which is worse, option 1 or 2. Are these people so stupid to believe in these comments or 2. they just want to write and don't care how offensive and sexist their comments are.



by Farnoosh on

The problem I have with you is that you have delved into a very serious issue and resent not being taken seriously, when all we know of you, which is until I lost total interest in whatever you say on this site, is that you and your pals were all but masturbating in posts that show female Iranian actresses, bellydancers, models, etc., discussing the women's physique. My advice to you is to stick to your talk about sex with Iranian women all those years ago while you hide behind the avatar of an animal.


ببینیم نظر ستوان کلمبو چیه!


So a popular Iranian-American man with a solid background of supporting Iranian arts, culture and social causes pleads guilty to the misdemeanor charges of physically abusing his Venezuelan wife who is 20 years younger than him. And you would think that the Iranian-American women on this site that constantly complain about Iranian men, Viagra, sexy clips and the other male stuff would be all over this one, asking for the guy's head and his effigy burned!

No, not even close!

What we get is that "they are all like that and they all should be sent to you-know-where!" And when one of them points out that the accused Iranian guy was actually a good guy and did good things for the Iranian-Americans, the guy gets off the hook but the rest of us get stuck with the leftover and the shame and the blame!

And our dear friend Siamak whom I have a lot of respect for simplifies the whole matter by saying that we are all recovering Chauvinists, so we might as well admit our guilt and check into a rehab center!

No, and not under my watch!

The worst problems facing Iranian-American women in the west are the insistence on being victims of the Iranian men, the closed-minded Iranian women who promote those thoughts and the politically-correct Iranian men who label men as the culprit.

We are not talking about the women in Iran here. Women in the western societies enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom and rights. They should take advantage of them and stop blaming the Iranian men.

Do Not Shoot Me

The Shriff's act is despicable so does any Chauvinism.

by Do Not Shoot Me on

That was not the reason of my post. I posted those because generalizing Iranian men and blaming their mothers are equally despicable. It does not matter how hard you try to bribe THE angry feminist on this site,  as long as you carry the defected " Y " chromosome , soon or later, you are going to find yourself in one of the codes below. 



Mohammad Ala

Threats and personal attacks must stop.

by Mohammad Ala on

How many men have called the police to complain about physical or verbal abuse by their spouses?  I know more than a dozen cases where women threw objects at men or broke things around the house without being reported. 

Court records are fantastic sources to judge about people.

IC thugs who use bogus names and call for members who disagree with them to be “reported,” or “deported,” have audacity to say that O.J. killed his wife.  Why not provide your evidence to the authorities?  Are you saying that you can choose the laws that you disagree with and blame some people?

Threats must stop at IC members for expressing their views or sharing their experiences.  In spirit of Nowruz, Happy New Year to ALL.


Always great day to start the day with a good laugh

by aynak on


Azadeh writes:

"You confessed to be upset by my progressive ideas."

Progressive ideas?  Name one?

There are laws in U.S against domestic violence.   The very fact that MirKarimi -a sheriff- was about to be put on trial for these violations already states, there is not just awareness, but a legal system that does not  tolerate such abuse.   Progressive, (in case like rest of the ideas you do not comprehend) means something that promotes progress.   What part of putting the blame of an individual abusing his wife, on entire male population of Iran, and then Iranian mothers,  and other nosnsense you spew out, make you progressive?

What standard/reasoning do you use to come up with Jewls like I quoted below from *your own writing*?   You should be embarssed by the crap you put out, under the guise of "progress"?   

If the sample you put out is any indication, you are one of the most reactionary individuals, I have read.   you scale of unspoorted genarlization/sterotyping competes only with the like of Bachman and Palin and Limbugh,  Look deep. 




Siamak Asadian

Exactly what part of: Men as "Recovering Male Chuavinists" is

by Siamak Asadian on

pullling Mirkarimi out of the "Shamed" line up?

All that Nazy and others were saying was that we shouldn't forget his better days either, and it would be hypocritical (to say the least)that now when he's in trouble to question even his ethnic background. What part of that is out of line?

Of course a select few of us here, never have been, nor are, neither will ever be Male Chuavivnists in their entire lives, or any moment of it.

But back on planet earth, we know that everyday life (living in patriarchial societies) is a little bit more complicated than that. Cheers

DeNile is not only a river in Eygpt!



by Raoul1955 on

Folks with high self-esteem don't get offended that easily.  :-)
You have my full approval for serious posts as well as funny and entertaining ones.  :-)


همش چوب خوش قلبی مونو میخوریم!


You know, if you ever want to understand what’s wrong with our culture, just take a look at this blog and the reaction to it.

Back in January when the news of Mirkarimi came out, the entire Bay Area contingency that is quite active on this site remained silent and hoped that the problem would go away. I wrote a little blog because I believe that violence against women is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with head on.

I also said, “At this point, in my opinion, his best option is to plea bargain and accept probation and domestic abuse counseling. That way he can salvage his family and his career” which is what ended up happening. But back then I was told that it was not my place to tell him what to do and that I already assumed that he was guilty.

So the messenger got the blame.

Now, when I wrote the update and pointed out the details about his ex-girlfriend’s testimony that he was abusive and collected panty hose among other things, Azadeh came out and put the blame not only on him but on the entire Iranian male population!

OK, fine. Azadeh has unresolved issues with Iranian men. Let’s not get into that. Then others came out and applauded her and finally Nazy came out and surgically pulled Mirkarimi out of the “Shamed” line up because of his great work for the Iranian-American community in the Bay Area and left the rest of us in there, wondering what we have done wrong this time!

Do you guys see the hypocrisy of what you are doing and saying or do you prefer to continue blaming your fathers and the rest of the Iranian male population for all the problems of the world?

But the good news is that you are not going to put the blame on me.

This cat has 9 lives!

Esfand Aashena

Festivitity is over Mirkarimi not domestic violence.

by Esfand Aashena on

Nazy jaan if Mirkarimi had pleaded guilty to domestic violence and had sought counseling I probably would've have been as sad as you.  I am sad now for this turn of events but not that much, due to the circumctances surrounding it.

To give you a background for my point of view; I liked Bill Clinton, still do, and remember during the All Monica All Day days I didn't (couldn't) believe he was guilty until the very last minute and his final confession himself.  Then came the whole Starr report and the "festive" details!  That was my first experience of confronting what I wouldn't believe and how grossly I was wrong.  By wrong I mean how could I NOT believe that something like that can happen and how wrong can someone be for trying to fool the public THAT much!  Anyway, that was my first experience good for the rest of my life and perhaps the same may be true for you.

Now as far as festivity I am a firm believer that when you are in the public eye, most importantly you are an ELECTED Official whom people have put their trust in you, you behave.  If you betray this trust then in my book you pretty much deserve what you get.  The more you are in the public eye the more backlash in case of indiscretion.  For example Tiger Woods and his multiple mistresses which was another festive day for me!

Mirkarimi is not only guilty of domestic violence he is also guilty of two-timing and dressing up AND domestic violence with his mistress!  His previous freedom fighting credentials will be credited to him but this episode is just as well.  He'll resign or get fired (rightfully so) and will get back to his life like those who have done it before him but we have a right to be festive about this issue to give it the attention it deserves.

No matter how many times people in Mirkarimi's position screw up and do these things, it amazes me why they don't learn from it.  Did Mirkarimi really think he could dress up in women underwear and be violent toward his MISTRESS and no one would EVER notice?

Oh well.  

Everything is sacred


Dear Miss Azad

by Sean-K on

I agree with a lot of what you say but I have to say that your delivery is just terrible. Nothing that you have said had to be said in such a insulting way. If you are trying to educate, then you should first learn how to educate. Your delivery does not appeal to most men or most normal women. If you don't appeal to them, they will not listen to you. If no body is listening to you, there is no point in your talking.I am sure you can do better.

Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

Speak for yourself, dude!

You confessed to be upset by my progressive ideas. However, I am not upset with your ignorant comments (a. You are not a man of ideas, and b. I'm used to read wacky comments like yours on this site!)

When I call you ignorant, I speak as a knowledgeable person. But when you call me ignorant, you are just being a narrow-minded ding-ding. It is because you have demonstrated not being knowledgeable, not capable of theoretical thinking.

Now, go communicate with people of your own level and stay away from me.




Truly embarassing

by aynak on



The followoing are all from your own 2 posts (exactly).

  Iranian men are chauvinists

  Iranian mothers are ignorant 

  Not a single conscientious Iranian man livs in SF 


When you were corrected that Ross's mom was not even Iranian, instead of at least accepting your incorrect -- presumption--, and taking back your statement,  you added:

  That Rostam's mother is Jewish-American is as bad as if he had an Iranian mother.Many Jewish mothers are famous for being domineering, controlling .....


 I encourage you to read/re-read and examine your own statements.  I called your comments --ignorant--. You called me ignorant.   I am   upset by your ideas, you are upset by me personally.  We do not know each other, but your statements represents something as bad danegours, as any idea or notion you may have about chuavanism.   

Your comments can easily be classified as sexist/Racist.    Nothing personal from my end.  (and I will re-read my comments again) :)