Iran U17 Beats Gambia in FIFA World Cup

by Faramarz

The first goal by Payam Sadeghian was kind of golaabi! The second goal by Iran's top player Kaveh Rezaie was very nice.

Iran is in Group C with Gambia, Colombia and Netherlands. Next game is on Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific time against Colombia. The games are live on ESPN360.


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هلند رو چيكارش ميكنيم، سولاخ سولاخش ميكنيم


Dear IranNostalgia,

I totally sympathise with you. We are at a point in our soccer program that we are celebrating the victory over Gambia! Those poor, mal-nourished Gambian kids were no match for us.

But, beggars can't be choosers!

Let's look forward to beating Netherlands on Saturday. Here is the viedo since it was pulled down.

آخه چقدر بدبخت شدیم

 OMG their Under 17 team has beaten some african third world country which I wouldn't  be able to locate on the map, and they are celebrating. Ha Ha ha!

Do you remember in the last worldcup we ranked lower than Angola? Iran being the Mongolaa's Ha ha  

 Very sad.






by yolanda on

Hi! OmidKarimi,

     What happened to all the videos on ? I watched following videos several months ago on Bebin:

    Ali Daei's soccer video, Karimi's soccer video, Karimi's soccer commercial, World Cup qualifier Iran vs. Saudi Arabia, the Arian band video, I/I war video, 2008 Olympic gold medalist Taekwondo video....

    All those videos are gone. Did they change owner? or format?





Ah Yes

by Shah.Heir on

we have delivered defeat to the Gambia, another nation whome i am assuming it's political powers are busily hard at work trying to oppress their people rather than invest in such utter nonesense as national pride , something that a half decent football team would bring...


I dont watch Iranian international football anymore

by OmidKarimi on

I got my hopes completly crush and destroyed when they couldnt make it to South Africa... Gave up all hope :(


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mostafa ghanbari

That first goal...

by mostafa ghanbari on


AS a football player who had the honor of being a members of  the same team(U17) when  I was Young, I think the first goal was very nice as the young Iranian used the opportunity exactly like a professional player. 



by yolanda on

I like both goals. A goal is a goal! You got to seize all the opportunities to score! Sadeghian saw the loophole and the Gambian goalie was caught off-guard! Razaie made the second goal look effortless. Great job!......I wonder why soccer players' jerseys are green-less? What is the authority afraid of? The grass in the stadium is green, right?

thanks for posting this cool video!




by IRANdokht on

That second goal was much better! :o)  at least it's good to know that we can beat Gambia...

Please keep us updated and thank you



very good!

by Mehman on


Nice win! but they are going to have tough games against Columbia and the Netherlands, it is not going to be as easy as this!