Iran 1 - South Korea 0

Iran 1 - South Korea 0
by Faramarz

Iran played well and endured the Korean pressure (Sag Do) to win the friendly match 1-0. This team has potential for the Asian cup.

Ahmadi in Audrey Hepburn hat provided half time entertainment!


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This is why:

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Hamashun farar kardan kharej.


Why, why,why

by statira on

ke cheghadr een ahmadi ghyafash karih o kaseefe. Deegheh az een antar zeshtar nabood ke presidente Iran beshe?

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

eyval.  doo doo doo iran.  thanks for the news and video faramarz.  why is ahmadi wearing a diaper on his head?  is he on his way to give a speech?  (saresho khali koneh?)


Faramarz Aziz

by Mehman on

I was awake last night till 3:30 am working on a project and prepared my online channel  to watch the game at 7 am but I felt asleep and woke up at 9 !...

Glad Iran played reasonable. If they play bad and win it is not good but if they play decently with a strong team like S Korea and win that is great!

Take Care!

Dear farahmand, no problem we all do mistakes! 



Dear Mehman

by iamfine on

My bad.

My apology


Mehman Jaan

by Faramarz on

I got up early and watched the game!

Koreans played hard (sag do) and they could have scored early on.

But Iran had the mental edge on the Eastern Asians!

Rezaii was pushing the Korean guy who made the mistake!

At the end, Ghotbi's coaching rulled the day.

And the Iranian goalie, Rahmati was the MVP and got a check for a 1000 something! 



by Mehman on

I just saw Iran's goal which was really cool but what about the rest of the game? Did anyone see it? How did Iran play during the game?

farahmand jan: Ghotbzadeh gave his life to you long ago, he is now either in  heaven playing sucker with houris or in the other place being played with, did you mean Ghotbi?...




Many thanks

by iamfine on

We should give some of the credit to the coach, Mr. Ghotbzadeh. Note that he was the soccer coach for the south Korea a few years ago.


IF only

by Doctor X on

This kind of stealing the ball (keyf kardam bekhoda) and Al farar would happen more often, this team would be in a far different place...


قربانت برم شراب جان


Iran will play Iraq on January 11, 2011 in Ghatar (Doha, Qatar) to start the Asian Cup 2011. In the quarter finals Iran will either meet Australia or S. Korea. It should be fun.



Red Wine

39 years

by Red Wine on

They marked with luck but i love how played M.Shojaii ! Congra !

Faramarz jan If you need a poster for your blog..just PM me pls :=) .

Thx for blog . 




by yolanda on

What a sweet revenge! I will watch the video clip after work!

Thank you for the update! I am glad to hear the good news!