Ahmadinejad is on a Sabbatical!

Ahmadinejad is on a Sabbatical!
by Faramarz

Since the rather abrupt and unannounced disappearance of Ahmadinejad from the public eye more than a week ago, the world press have been asking this question; “Where is Ahmadinejad and what is he up to?”

So I decided to find out for myself.

Here is what I came up with but I am sure that there are more ideas out there. So please don’t hold back and let’s hear them!

1. After attending the Royal wedding, he is fox hunting with the Royals in the English countryside!

2. He is on a sabbatical in south of France writing his memoires!

3. Ahmadinejad and the Mrs., after renewing their wows are enjoying their second honeymoon on the cruise ship Star Clipper in the Mediterranean!

4. He is in New York auditioning for the next season’s “Dancing with the Stars” partnering with lovely Anna Trebunsakaya!

5. Ahmadinejad, upon the insistence of his pregnant girlfriend is attending a Lamaze class and is bonding with other soon-to-be-fathers! Don’t forget to breathe out!

6. Upon learning that the Republican Presidential candidates for 2012 are not that strong, he is in Iowa throwing his hat into the ring and getting ready for the Republican Caucuses!

7. He is checking out the senior citizen homes in Florida and is learning how to play golf!

8. He is in LA at the care of a famous plastic surgeon getting a few things done!

9. In partnership with Iron Chef Morimoto, he is opening a new sushi-kabobi concept restaurant in the wine country!

10. After falling in love with the Abominable Snowman, he now happily lives in the woods of Saskatchewan!

The picture above is Playboy's Miss Airport for January 2011!


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Ari Siletz

Never thought I would say this

by Ari Siletz on

Faramarz Miss Airport is too naked!

By the way, very creative Ahmadinejad reasons. #8 seems the closest to the truth, as someone pretending to be Ahmadinejad has reportedly shown up for work.


I like your reasons better

by MM on

He was being stretched to add a few more centimeters in height

He was looking for a replacement for his Peugeot on ebay (ID: persiankhoshgel)

After poo-pooing the economy, the people and foreign relations, he was looking for a new subject to puck up  

He was on a secret mission to learn about the universal laws and typical order of succession in hereditary Faghiharchy for Seyyed Ali's son, Moji

He was looking for more ugli pills so that the VF does not turn against him  یک فرمانده سپاه: دلیل انتخاب احمدی نژادازسوی رهبرقیافه " گند و کثیف "اوبود


You didn't miss it

by All-Iranians on

Anahid Hojjati

Don't worry Faramarz

by Anahid Hojjati on

Ahmadinejad already resurfaced. May be he has access to Iranian.com and did not want to "sojeh daste IC bede". Even though his "bood" and "nabood" , it is all sojeh. Also regarding his disappearance, it brings to mind the expression:

میمون هرچی زشتره بازیش بیشتره.


I Miss that Sneaky Little Guy!

by Faramarz on

Thank you Anahid and All-Iranians for your contributions.

I hope that he re-surfaces soon. This site is not the same without him!


Was working for ATF

by All-Iranians on

He was working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Beltsville, Maryland (USA). He was doing research on the quality of some imported Russian Vodkas. He became so high that they had to fire him. He is now feeling all right and back to his office in Tehran. He said to BBC that, "I love Russian Vodka and I plan to go back to ATF; I don't care if they fired me. I will be there soon"!

Anahid Hojjati

May be Ahmadinejad, Moussavi and karroubi are at same place

by Anahid Hojjati on

practicing for next election TV debates, to keep Iranian people entertained and busy for some more years.