Do not touch my package!

by erooni

The last time I was in Iran before I left Tehran airport I had to go through the airport security before boarding my plane. The Iranian TSA agent had to do his job. He started his pat down from my head down to my feet. He ran his hand on my back, checked my rear pockets my chest,arms and sides. He then rob his hands on my legs, checked inside and outside  of my legs and then he ran his hand all the way to my groin area and I thought his pat down was over, boy  was I  wrong. All of the sudden and without any warnings he touched my package. I was shocked since I did not expect the Iranian TSA agent to touch my package without warning me in advance and I am wondering if TSA in United States got their ideas from Iranian TSA.


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Dear cousin Farmarz: I will gladly give em another $20

by Bavafa on

and a lap dance, just to let me out of that hell hole. 




by erooni on

looks like you are talking from experience


No Complaints

by Faramarz on

For another $10 they would do a lap dance and check your cavities!




by yolanda on



Now seriously, if the airport is like that........prison should be a lot worse!

Your blog is very diplomatic, clean, and funny!

Thank you for sharing!

P.S. Maybe the guy was not authorized to touch your........!