VOA: Abbas Milani on Iran's Elections

 VOA: Abbas Milani on Iran's Elections
by Darius Kadivar

Writer Historian Dr. Abbas Milani interviewed by Bijan Farhoodi about the Iranian Elections and Obama's Cairo Speach and Iran's nuclear dilemma. Saturday Program.

Watch Here or go to Saturday Doh Roozeh Aval Program on VOA Website

Recommended Reading:

To Tame Tehran by By Michael McFaul (Today and advisor to President Obama on Middle East) and Abbas Milani  (January 28, 2006)


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Milani is spot on!

by Mazdak (not verified) on

I don't agree with much of Millani's views but on this he is spot on. I have made this argument for the last 3 weeks here and there to mostly deaf ears. The Iranian society is evolving and changing. Whatever epxressions of democracy we see in Iran (which is really a lot more than most of the ME) is the legacy of Iranian revolution's promise which was freedom and democracy. This is not a gift from the Mullahs; this is the right that people are hanging on to tooth and nail. It may be the last meaningful presidential elections in Iran, and it may prove to be the last straw that broke the camel's back, but its importance cannot be denied. The contest between Moussavi and Ahamdinejad is not window dressing, it's real. The contradition in the heart of the IRI, Velayat Faghih vs democracy should be pushed to its limit; a limit that can explode the whole system. Voting in this election does not mean historical amnesia, it means confronting the regime on its own promises. Milani put it very clearly.

Multiple Personality Disorder

ما بینِ بد و بدتر

Multiple Personality Disorder

...بدترین را انتخاب میکنیم, شاید کار ما رو یک سره بکنه و راحت بشیم.


Dr. Milani is great

by Anonymous22222 (not verified) on

Mr. Kadivar. I hope you have changed your mind with regards to the elections now. ;)

Not voting simply doesnt help this time around. I've never voted myself but I'll do it this time just so I can get rid of Ahmadinejad. He has truly been a disaster for Iran.


They are dreaming

by Alborzi (not verified) on

No matter who gets elected in Iran, Iran's foreign policy and its nuclear plans will not change. The difference is the policy toward groups like hammas and hezbullah, and some economic policies. Its wishful thinking to think it will have appreciable difference toward Israel or US. In fact I hazard a guess that Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and even Ben Laden prefer the Bush.
These guys hate nothing more than a liberal. Even Iran under Shah could not overtly support Israel. Now that would be grounds for espionage. Only VOA would dream such a possibility.


Classic biased host

by Q on

This guy Farhoodi couldn't get hired at a local AM Radio as a journalist. He's a neocon plant in a US propaganda operation.

With every question, he feels obgliged to state his own position which apparently is highly skeptical of even the US President!!!

Examples of his bias:

Of course we have to be reminded that Obama did not use the terms terrorist, or terrorism,

Undoubtedly the most notable thing is that For the first time a US President has admitted to having a role - in context of the cold war - in overthrowing a democratic government in Iran. But we also know that 9 years ago Madame Albright had also expressed regret over this action but that did not lead to any opening of relations. Can we expect that this time it will lead to thawing of relations?