Video: President Sadat talks of Khomeini & Islam

Video: President Sadat talks of Khomeini & Islam
by Darius Kadivar
Egyptian President Sadat talking about Islam & Khomeini of Iran on Amercian TV. Sadat was to give refuge to the last Shah of Iran and his family and firmly oppose the ideals of Khomeiny's Islamic Revolution. An opposition that ultimately led to his assassination shortly after during the national day during a military parade in Cairo.    assassination report on BBC


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Botshekan, suffering an anxiety attack again???

by ThePope on

"A true Botshekan is someone who doesn't break a "Bot" only to..." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See now, I told you not so long ago that you're even more of a "botshekan" than your darling khomeini. Do you remember?


You're A much more greater "botshekan" than your khomeini and his supporters (your colleagues) cuz you claim to be a nameless "botshekan". That's even more dangerous than your khomeini cuz we don't know who you are!!?


PS: the "bot" that your khomeini broke was called Iran and its Persian culture and you are still soooooo proud of it after all these dark years we (not u) Iranians went through.


- botshekan, not only you're nameless but you're also unverified! baabaa to digeh ki hasti !!!!!!!



khomeini,,, khomeini,,, botshekani khomeini,,, khom...




Darius KHAN the other half of the storey

by Sadaia_qesa on


The Pope, Please don't smear my name

by botshekan (not verified) on

Khomeini WAS NOT a Botshekan, he was a Botsaaz. A true Botshekan is someone who doesn't break a "Bot" only to create a new one - meaning himself. A true Botshekan, would stay out of the spot light while destroying the Bots.

This is why I remain a nameless botshekan.


Sadat an unelected president!

by ali reza (not verified) on

Sadat like many third world country's presidents was an unelected president,therefore his decision to make peace with Israel was in contrast with the wish of his people and was forced upon them.He reminds me of the late Shah whose intentions was good,but his people had no says in his programs.Peace on Earth


Sadat was a good man and a Great Leader

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Egypt was lucky to have this man as her leader. A real politician, a man with vision who reached out for peace and astonished even the Western world. Though, I disagree with him when it comes to the religion of Islam. Never the less, I admire the Man.

By the way, your illiterate "imam" khomeiny was the Zahhak of past century! How unfortunate for Iran! Do not compare this Zahhak with President Sadat or any other civilized human being. People seem to suffer from some sort of memory disease and forget his years while still alive! F#*# him and his admirers!


To: "imams(!) RESPONSE"

by ThePope on

Listen "imams response", nobody is making "facts" here except you;

"Imam punked Wallace and Sadat with one answer

'Sadat conspires with the enemies of Islam and calls himself Muslim."

What enemies of Islam??? Your "imam" was paranoid. He had a heavy hatred problem . Your imam was a punk . Only some "paasdaars" like you support him and some shia terrorist groups who helped him to screw Iran and our Persian culture. The whole Islam world consider him as the enemy of Islam cuz of his dumb obnoxiousness and dangerous beliefs. He was just a fanatic.

Your ugly imam was an influential idiot for all muslim terrorist goups and islamic movements THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. And you want to make us believe he had nothing to do with Sadat's assassination!?!?! Then why the hell your imam named a street after khalid islamboli in Persia's capital and gived the assassinator, his hero, the title of a martyr???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Imam punked Sadat

by Imams REPSONSE (not verified) on

Why don't you put Imam's answer to Sadat:

Imam punked Wallace and Sadat with one answer

"Sadat conspires with the enemies of Islam and calls himself Muslim."

And Kadivar, why you making up facts? His position on Imam Khomeini had nothing to do with his assasination. He was assasinated by Ikhwan for having relations with Israel, plus remember Ikhwan is very radical Sunni organization.


What a great leader, Sadat was

by mahmoudg on

Lucky Egyptians to have had a great leader like Sadat and we got a "goosaleh" like Khomeini. Although I disagree with Sadat, Islam is not great, this is a cult and not a religion.


I by no means wish to

by sadegh on

I by no means wish to justify the man's assassination, but we shouldn't forget that the Sadat was a dictator, under whose regime people were tortured, arbitrarily arrested and executed...the record speaks for itself...using Sadat to condemn Khomeini is like using Asad to condemn Khomeini, the only difference being that Sadat's dictatorship was supported whole-heartedly by the west (and they still support Mubarak's dictatorship today); both were responsible for slaughter, one just happens to appear in religious garb and the other in a it more acceptable to butcher people if you wear a tie and mind your Ps & Qs?

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



President Sadat

by aliashmd (not verified) on

If we only had more people like him in the islamic world, life would have been very different for everyone. It is my hope and dream to see an iranian version of Sadat some day as the president of Iran, finally bringing the country out of darkness of the iranian middle ages.
May god rest his sole.


Death to pharoah

by ThePope on

Thanx for the clips, mostly the first one (interview).

As we all know, the stupid hindu khomeini named a street in Tehran after the assassinator, khaled Islambouli. Oh yeah, shahid khaled Islambouli! This "shahid(!)" is an inspirational figure for the basiji and sepahi brothers of I.R.I. A very famous fighter among Iran's fanatics who praise him for killing a pharoah, just like he yelled when he was shooting at the poor president. (Afterall, khomeini himself was considered a botshekan...!)

It took the regime 20 years to realize how stupid they were for naming a street after an assassin and how evidently it shows that they do support terrorists. So they changed the name of that street but this "shahid" is still a symbolic hero for the hard cores in khomeini's path.

allah-o akbar, khomeini rahbar!