THE SOUND OF SILENCE: Helen Keller and Arthur Pope at the Persian Art Exhibit


THE SOUND OF SILENCE: Helen Keller and Arthur Pope at the Persian Art Exhibit
by Darius Kadivar
Helen Keller and Arthur Upham Pope at the Exhibition of Persian Art, New York, 1940 attending “Six Thousand Years of Persian Art,” the first large-scale exhibition of Iranian art in this country, held in New York in 1940. On the right is Arthur Upham Pope (1881-1969), the curator of the exhibition, an American archaeologist and historian of Persian art. Helen Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) is best known for overcoming her deafness and blindness and helped by Anne Sullivan and her pioneering works in the education of blind and deaf children. Keller was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree and later went on to become a Political Activist and lecturer. A prolific author, Keller was well traveled, and was outspoken in her opposition to war. A member of the Socialist Party of America and the Wobblies, she campaigned for women's suffrage, workers' rights, and socialism, as well as many other leftist causes.

Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan (1930 Newsreel Footage):

Helen Keller, the American author, political activist and lecturer, and her instructor and lifelong companion, Anne Sullivan, appears in a Vitaphone newsreel from 1930. In this footage Sullivan shows the way how Helen Keller learned to talk. The final line of this footage, "I Am Not DUMB now!" is somewhat touching.

Helen Keller: In Her Story (clip):

Arthur Penn's 1962 classic film Miracle in Alabama Starring Anne Bankcroft ( as Annie Sullivan) who won the Oscar for Best Actress in this role and Patty Duke ( as Hellen Keller):

(NOTE: To Watch Double Click Here)

The Miracle Worker (1979) TV Series ( a Remake of Arthur Penn's 1962 classic film Miracle in Alabama) starring Mellissa Gilbert ( as Hellen Keller) and Patty Duke ( as Anne Sullivan):

Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence 1966 live:

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Sargord Pirouz

Here's something a little

by Sargord Pirouz on

Here's something a little more interesting from around 1940, Darius. Official photo of my grandfather the minister and serving president of the University of Tehran, with Crown Prince Mohamnad Reza Pahlavi:

The Crown Prince sure resembles his future son here, don't you think? They had him stand on a step so he wouldn't appear so short compared to my grandfather, who was over 6' tall.

(Sorry for the poor pic quality. I took a digital pic of a photo inside a glass frame. From the family's private collection.)