Shahram Aryan: "Khatami’s illusions of an ‘Islamic Democracy’ are bound for failure"


Shahram Aryan: "Khatami’s illusions of an ‘Islamic Democracy’ are bound for failure"
by Darius Kadivar
Constitutionalist Shahram Aryan from Hamburg Germany explains why Mohamad Khatami and other Islamists are bound to fail on the long term in reforming the IRI.


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Description by Shahram Aryan:

"Analysing the failure of President Khatami, in remodelling and opening the Islamic Republic into a more tolerant political and social system, an overviewing general explanation is developed, which traces the main cause back to the inherent nature of Islam itself, which does actively defend “red borderlines” and never could tolerate self-responsible human individualism."







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Brother Darius


The reason Khatami failed is because he had had been an a supporter of the anti-Islamic regime of Khoemini. He has nothing to teach us about Islamic Democracy because he had worked against it until he became elected under flase pretensions.


There are many clergy and muslim people of Iran who have kept themselves clean from the day one and they are the ones who are going to champion the Islamic democracy.


Watch this space brother. 

For an Islamic democracy