Shah Celebrates his 40th Birthday in Golestan Palace. Oct 26th 1959

Shah Celebrates his 40th Birthday in Golestan Palace. Oct 26th 1959
by Darius Kadivar

Shah Celebrates his 40th Birthday in Golestan Palace in all Pomp and Circumstance shortly before his official announcement of his third Marriage to the young and yet unknown Farah Diba. (Circa 1959)


Born on Oct 26th 1919, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, ruled Iran from 16 September 1941 -11 February 1979

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pictory: Shah celebrating his birthday with Imperial Navy Officers on Oct 26th, 1977

pictory: Shah Blows Candle on Birthday Cake


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by R2-D2 on

Since you have absolutely nothing positive or constructive to offer this discussion, then please continue on your moronic rants, as you have done below, and also in other praise-blogs by DK, on how great the Shah was -

It's abundantly clear to everyone who reads your comments, whether here or in other blogs at this website, that your sole mission is nothing but to admire all things British, and to defend your Masters in England (The British) at any and all cost, regardless  of what the evidence shows - Your username 'anglophile' is indeed quite well-suited for your Mission at hand ;) !

In another blog published in the past week, I read your discussions with Masoud Kazemzadeh regarding Dr. Mossadeq, the Shah, and the events surrounding the 1953 Coup - I read your comments, and noticed how profoundly inadequate, and pathetic they were - I didn't get involved in that discussion since Masoud Kazemzadeh had already exposed and demonstrated the fallacy of your arguments, and the bankruptcy of your approach  -

As I indicated in my earlier comment here, the Shah was considered by the West as an "Uncertain" Ally, a Megalomaniac, and someone with hugely Grandiose Illusions, and indeed a Tyrant  - In case if you missed that video, here it is again:


Mike Wallace On the CIA Psychological Profile of the Shah


P.S. As Always, Looking Forward To Your Next Moronic Rant, And Useless Comment - Sad To Say This, But You Make My Job Easy ;) ! - Indeed, Effortless ..... !








Shah was my kind of King, Generous, Benevolent, Freedom Builder

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Happy Birthday, to H.I.M. Aryamehr.


Congratulations r2d2

by anglophile on

At last your depth and breadth of artificial intelect has reached the same level as another robotic midget called Ahmadinejad - LOL. But hey,don't despair,  there is a way forward: stop that negative programming software!!


Zadrooz Padeshah e Iran Shadbash

by Shemirani on



When I first joined this site

by Rea on

... I thought you, DK, were out of touch.

But, but. We can all learn, as you said. And we can all change our mind. 

Hoping to change other people's mind, I keep translating your "constitutional monarchy" blogs and I keep sending them all over the place.

Javid Shah !

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I think that's how the french says that.

It has nothing to do with a broken record

Americans says If it walks and sounds like a duck then it must be a DUCK.

let agree on 78guadalupe's meeting

-Is there any in future for the WEST to DECIDE for us Iranians?

-Is there any changes in the attitudes of Iranians as to how much I'll be getting?Or what's in it for me ?

P.s  Regarding that Broken Record..

I'm so BROKE that I squeak when I walk.

YOURS                                      Maziar

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



We made Shah what he was. Initially Shah was a Swiss educated liberal minded ruler. The combination of mindless opposition and sycophants praising him turned him. One side: JM; MEK; Melli Mazhabi wanted to bring him down no matter what. The other side would praise him no matter what. The result was that he decided he knew what was best. Not able to trust anyone he relied on Savak and his won judgment. He also put a lot of trust in the West. Once West turned against him that was it. 

By the way I saw Mike Wallace in his interview of the Shah. Wallace is an ***hole of the prime kind. If that is what passes as a journalist then poor American MSM. When I hear Wallace I run to the bathroom to vomit.


Yes Maziar

by fozolie on

R2 D2's hindsight analysis is much sharper than your hindsight! (NOT) 

We only need to look in the mirror to figure out who made the Shah into what he was and the molllahs.....

Of Republics:


Mr. Fozolie


'maziar 58'

by R2-D2 on

Have Something Original To Say - I Remember You From A Previous Blog From DK - You're Indeed Sounding Like A Broken Record ;) !

P.S. No Sane Person Either Likes Or Supports These Mullahs - But In Many Ways, The Shah Brought This Calamity Upon Himself - Watch This Short Video About The Psychological Profile Of The Shah Developed By The CIA Back In 1976:


Mike Wallace On the CIA Psychological Profile of the Shah


Based On Your Comment Here, And Also Your Other Comments In Previous Blogs By DK, I Don't Know Whether You Have Either The Intelligence, Or The Acumen, To Understand That The West Could Not Rely On The Shah To Protect Their Interests Any More -

In 1978, The Western Leaders Gathered In Guadalupe To Decide The Fate Of The Shah - Present There, Were Jimmy Carter, Helmut Schmidt Of West Germany, Giscard Of France, And Callaghan Of Britan - At That Meeting, They Decided That The Shah Was Too Unpredicable To Stay In Power Anymore - A Few Months Later, You And The Rest Of The World Saw What Happened -

Next Time, Please Take The Time To "Think" Before Writing A Silly Comment As Below - Sorry To Say This, But It's No Point Going Through Life Either Sounding, Or Acting Stupid :) ! - I Sincerely Hope You Understand What I'm Saying ..... !







maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

All the robotic programed minds;

poor shah...........

 If only he knew that the Iranians wants <only> misery and misery and misery......

 he could had handed them in a silver plate.



I'm Trying .....

by R2-D2 on

To Find Something Positive To Say About This Blog - But Unfortunately, There Is Absolutely None :) !

An Exercise In Futility ..... !




Happy Birthday, Shah

by عموجان on

My kind of Shah:) Salute to his hard work.