Royal Haftseen Gathering

Royal Haftseen Gathering
by Darius Kadivar

Iran's Royal Family in exile pose in front of Haftseen table. Nowrouz 2009 -1388.

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Blue Haired Lady

by capt_ayhab on

BA in Ancient Persian Cultures? you don't say?

Onam hatman ba party bazi o az in harfa.

have a great day





by capt_ayhab on

[Capt, it's a ribbon tricolor and not a flag. Lots of "Iranian people"
countries or countries influenced by the Iranian culture use those three colors.
And, it was Bunyip who realized the ribbon's red is on top and not you. So don't take the credit. You just got nervous. At your age, try to be more humble.]

Seems like you are not feeling very well, or that you have no class at all. Why and for what reason are you swearing like a [laat e chaleh meydon?] Is this how your kind usually talk to each other?

Now that it appears that you know a lot about tri-color ribbons, have your master Reza 1/2 Pahlavi put the real tri-color that he bows to, red/white and blue.

And if that did not make you feel better about yourselves, take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning.

Finally never call me a friend, I never associate with rude and low class people like you who have no control over their mouth and cuss like a [laat] for no apparent reason dude. Go befriend your own ilk, and keep your friendly advice to yourself little man.




capt & marge

by Aspirin (not verified) on

Relax guys. Take it easy. Don't beat yourselves up too much over the Royal Family. Try to be more humble and don't make people laugh at your emotional stupidity. Your stupidity gives the Pahlavis more fame.

Capt, it's a ribbon tricolor and not a flag. Lots of "Iranian people" countries or countries influenced by the Iranian culture use those three colors.
And, it was Bunyip who realized the ribbon's red is on top and not you. So don't take the credit. You just got nervous. At your age, try to be more humble.

Just a friendly advise.
JJ, please post.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

By the way Mr. Captain Smarty Pants

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Mr. Reza, while he may not be a great King, DOES have a Bachelor of ARTS in "ancient Persian cultures". Are you LOL-ing over this as much as I think you should be?



by MAZIAR058 (not verified) on





by capt_ayhab on

I see I have touched few nerves here with the flag thingy. One even calls it nostalgia.

The flag is ONLY 3000 years old, who cares if with the red on the top it is the flag of Hungary? right? lol


Farah: Ziad josh nazan bara salamatit khub nist  ;-)



سرت سبز باد و دلت تابناک


Back home, which seems 1000's of years ago, there was this anthem we used sing in the school yard every morning saluting the flag.

One verse never escapes me which said:

سرت سبز باد و دلت تابناک

Does anyone remember the rest of the anthem? Don't ask Pahlavi's doubt if they know LOL


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bagheri - THANK YOU! Reza Pahlavi - thanks for this royal porno

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You just helped me to explain one of the many reasons why I am here: for you monarchist or pahlavi lovers. Pictures like this are your porno. When anyone else says "hey this doesn't turn me on. THis is bulls**T." , you become so offended. 

I am here so that you can tell me I am belittling myself when I express what I feel about this family. HOORAY for democrazy. We are so close huh? I hope you are the next king of Iran too. You are demonstrating the necessary qualities. Of course, I am capabling of betlittling myself, but what about this overfed pahlavi? Is he? Or is he just so infallible and "accomplished?" I am not a pahlavi - and I am not the one releasing pictures of my family like this. I am not asking for people to discuss me. He is. I indulged the fat bastard. Voila. You can't handle it? Maybe you should take it up with Reza Joonz so he will stop releasing these stupid photos/ pornos.

Personally, I'd rather admire more the illegal immigrants who come here to scrub toilets and raise children who actually contribute to the country than this useless pahlavi. 



by B S flagger (not verified) on

Don't you find that you need to get a life?


upside down flag

by Anonymously on

Capt has a keen eye. I think they are trying to portray the upside down state of the country as it stands --- NOT! That's simply one inexcusable faux pas (ok, ok, but only if they blame it on the kids!).

begs the question, though, how does DK get access to such private, insider photos!?

DK, care to share your views & aspirations of Goebbles?

disclaimer for the oblique: i am in NO WAY inferring a simile between Nazi and Pahlavi!


Happy Nowruz

by kuchak (not verified) on

Happy Nowruz to the Royal Family.
All the best to them and hope the new year brings Reza Pahlavi II lots of success...

p.s. To: I have a crush on Alex Trebek, why don't you try to get laid instead of making an...................
[no matter how old you are, you still can...]


I agree with "Baa_Cheshm_O_Roo"

by kohansaal (not verified) on

They did all that and more in half a century, and brought peace, prosperity, and security to Iran. Of course no government in the world has ever been perfect. They all make mistakes. But, considering all that has happened to iran after the revolution, I think, Pahlavi served Iran very well.

This is a beautiful picture. Thanks Mr. Kadivar for posting it. I wish them, as well as you, a happy and prosperous New Year.

Farah Rusta

Double standards of Capt_ayhab

by Farah Rusta on

This is what you wrote on Parham's blog a couple of days ago:

"I would suggest that you refrain from condescending and arrogant remarks. That is if your mannerism allows you to do so, ....,so chill out and conduct yourself in a respectable and civilized manor...You are only allowed to present your view in a civilized and logical
...belligerence is first sign of ignorance. and if you do not like any ones comment, well don't read it."

And this is what you wrote today:

"Upside down flag is extreme form of disrespect for the flag. Being
Pahlavi family they are I am not surprised since they do not have any
love for Iran. 
Although pre 1900, merchant ships while in high seas, flow flags upside
down as a show of distress, but I doubt if this family knows that.

I just couldn't stop laughing when reading your latest comments: refrain from condescending and arrogant remarks!!!  Conduct yourself in a civilized and logical manner (LoL)

Dear Capt, I wish you would have allowed at least a week goes past before making such a U-turn on your so-called wise words!! In less than 2 days you showed your true colors. (LOOOOL).

Please Capt, make sure the next time you want to make condescending andarrogant remarks about anyone, at least delete your past contradictory records (I really can't stop laughing). 

Remember belligerence is a mark of ignorance!!! Your words not mine.

Oh, please don't waste this space by responding to my comment. I won't be reading this blog any longer. i have no time for ignorant and belligerant hypocrites :)) 



she's right

by Bagheri (not verified) on

Why do you even bother when we have marge? Don't belittle yourself like she does.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Capt - why do you even bother?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Are you kidding me? Do you expect them to be royalty AND know some silly facts about colors and flags? Why can't you lower your expectations? They are just human (well sort of). I am also amazed by these comments citing "accomplishments of this family to bring better lives to Iranians everywhere". I am Alice, this is wonderland? Did I drink the poison? Accomplishment? Oh you mean being born and having a certain name and bank account. Oh yes. congratulations! Here here! I wish them have many more years filled with Chanel, Gucci, Fox News, Mercedes Benz, France, Publishing deals, Hair Dye, Botox, Chello Kabob, Chai, Harfe Moft, Benjamin Netanyahoo. Bisou to the Francophile Pahalvis.

Darius Kadivar

Photos on the haft seen...

by Darius Kadivar on

One photo is that of Princess Leila the youngest daughter of the Queen who died in Paris in 2001. The other is the Shah.

Left to Right: The Queen Farah Pahlavi, Iman ( 2nd daughter of RP & Yasmine), Crown Prince Reza, Little Princess Farah, Yasamin Pahlavi ( Wife of RP) and Noor (eldest daughter of RP and Yamine).

Prince Ali Reza and Princess Farahnaz don't live in Washington and are rarely in the public eye. Although Farahnaz was present at the Googoosh concert at Madison Square Garden in NY where she attended with her mother the Shahbanou and Princess Iman. So I think Farahnaz lives part of the year in NY.

Dunno where Ali Reza lives.




Where is shahzadeh AliReza?

by farrokhzad on

He's not present and neither is his picture. Do you know, Mr. Kadivar?


Please Explain

by LalehGillani on

I recognize the Crown Prince and the Queen. Could you please introduce the rest? Also, There are two pictures on the هفت سین. Both are hard to make out. One must be the Shah. Who is the other person?


To: capt_ayhab

by Bagheri (not verified) on

Wow, good observation. The upside down flag. People should get out of this mind set and look forward and don't get trapped in nostalgia of the long gone past.


No capt ayhab

by Moby Dick (not verified) on

this family does not know that. not everyone is as smart & educated as you are. you just know everything.
and only 'you love Iran'! Wow, what a patriot you are.
[hope this will help you to overcome your complexes]

So what else you know about the Iranian tricolor and its different meanings?


Upside down flag = Disrespect

by capt_ayhab on

One NEVER turns the flag upside down. 

Upside down flag is extreme form of disrespect for the flag. Being Pahlavi family they are I am not surprised since they do not have any love for Iran.

Although pre 1900, merchant ships while in high seas, flow flags upside down as a show of distress, but I doubt if this family knows that.





Happy Nowrooz and kisses

by Baa_Cheshm_O_Roo (not verified) on

Happy Nowrooz to the royal family!

Also Happy Nowrooz to anyone who appreciates all the accomplishments made by this family to bring happiness, prosperity, and peace to Iran and Iranians.

I love this family because I appreciate what Reza Shah Kabeer did to establish independence from foreigners starting in 1925 and building the infrastructure for a country that had nothing. From 1925 to 1979 which is relatively a short period of time it was this family who turned Iran from a law-less and weak country with shrinking borders, stuck in the middle ages, into a country with constitution, schools, universities, roads, hospitals, women's rights, internationally valued currency, jobs, etc., and a lifestyle that was almost comparable to that seen in the industrial nations.

No government is perfect, just look around and you cannot find one. Iranians wanted perfection and got themselves in the biggest mess known to history, the second invasion of the arabs.

I love this family who to me represents the grand child of Reza Shah Kabeer and his great grand children.

If you have nothing good to say about this family, do not post on this website, instead start packing and go back to Iran, to the 30-year old utter disaster that took their place after you asked them to leave.


still no taste

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

what is that horrible painting, the yellow jacket and that really weird purple dress?


One man and five women

by RP supporter (not verified) on

I support and admire any man who can live among five women and still survive it to fight the mullahs. The life dominated by women is ten times worse than the life ruled by the mullah.


I am

by amirkabear4u on

grateful to god this family, at least seems so, likes this part of Iranian cilture and history. For them this is an achievement.  LOL



by Bunyip on

For such a beautiful haftseen spread, the tri-colour ribbon around sabzeh should have been placed with green at the top. Or is it a deliberate protest sign?


Bagheri -nice name-

by Love Iran (not verified) on

"Iran's Royal Family in EXILE" -Get it?
Or you have too much oghdeh?



by Bagheri (not verified) on

Former royal family.


Norooz shaadbaash

by T.h.e.P.o.p.e. (not verified) on

Wish them all a very happy and prosperous new year.
Norooz-e 2568 khojasteh baad.

Beedaari - Paaydaari - Peeroozi


happy norooz

by persian dude (not verified) on

Happy Norooz to the Pahlavi, my they come back to Iran one day along with other iranians who are not allowed back to their land.

Happy Norooz to the Pahlavi.

Happy Norooz to all Iranians who miss their land and wish for a better day.