ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule


ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule
by Darius Kadivar
وجود شکنجه در زمان پدرم نیز اثبات شده، و کسی نمی تواند آنرا انکار کند...رضا پهلوی


....وجود شکنجه (در زمان پدرم) نیز اثبات شده، و کسی نمی تواند آنرا انکار کند. برای من، شکنجه نه تنها خلاف قانون، بلکه کاری غیر انسانی  است  و قادر به پذیرش و توجیه آن نیستم. این موضوع برای من بسیار دردناک است، چرا که نهایتا پدرم ، مسئول آن شناخته می شود. اما از نظر من، محکومیت شکنجه، محکومیتی اصولی است، حتی اگر پای پدرم در میان باشد.  نمی توانم هیچ توجیهی  برای این قبیل  اعمال پیدا کنم. 

اگر او زنده بود، این پرسش خوبی بود  که از او باید می شد.  نمی دانم چه پاسخی به شما می داد و من نمی توانم بجای  او پاسخ بدهم. 

رضا پهلوی. کتاب زمان انتخاب. ص 23

(NOTE: Above is an Excerpt from Crown Prince Reza's Book "Time of Choice" Now available in Persian. Here is his response in regard to the question of Torture during his Father's Rule.  

Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes Interviews Shah of Iran on the question of Torture of Political Prisoners by his secret police: The SAVAK:

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1979 radio broadcast: execution of Nasiri, Rahimi, Naji & Khosrowdad:


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by AryamehrNYC on

Once DHS deports you for supporting a terrorist state within its borders, do you think you will have any sort of voice from Gaza or the Bekaa Valley to spew your rubbish?  Once again, you will relegated to an even more obscure "role" as you were prior to the Insurrection of 1979.


Sargord Pirouz

Time of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Time of Choice?


Seriously? That's the title of his book?

Wake up from your daydream, RP. The next "time for choice" doesn't come around again until June 2013. And you and your kind ain't a part of it.


Death to the Islamic

by Simorgh555 on

Death to the Islamic Republic. The so-called revolutionaries of 1978 are ruing the day they chanted "Marg bar Shah" and rallied around Khomeini. The new generation of Iranians are paying for the sins of their fathers. They should hold then parents responsible for all the problems they face today.