pictory: Princess Grace Introduces Iran's Opium Struggle

pictory: Princess Grace Introduces Iran's Opium Struggle
by Darius Kadivar

Princess Grace ( Kelly) of Monaco introduces a Feature film Shot in Iran The Opium Connection ( also known as The Poppy is also a Flower) commissioned by the UNESCO on Iran's campaign to eradicate Opium Traffic. Directed by Terence Young the film released in 1966 starred a Hollywood and International Cast including Yul Brynner, Omar Sharif and Trevor Howard. Also in this film Marcello Mastroianni, Angie Dickenson, Rita Hayworth, Senta Berger and Eli Wallach. Based on a an idea submitted by Ian Fleming ( Author of JAmes Bond) the film was shot in various parts of Iran and starts with Stephan Boyed ( Messalla in Ben Hur) an American working for the UNESCO and will be killed during a gun shoot between various groups. The tribe in this clip seem to be  the Bakhtiaris. 

Interestingly the latest James Bond Book The Devil May Care is also set in Iran during the Pahlavi era  and deals with the same topic.


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گل شیطان


Thanks Darius for this memorable find. I remember I saw this film called "Gol-e Sheytan" which if I am not mistaken was screened in سینما  سانترال

Thanks for the memory.


My half sister who was a B movie actress in

by samsam1111 on

Iran ..met her once in monte carlo festival...thx


Princess Grace

by Romantza Andalocia (not verified) on

was my Heroin! I am recovered now :)