pictory: Imperial Iranian Airforce 53rd Year in Service Celebration (1977)

pictory: Imperial Iranian Airforce 53rd Year in Service Celebration (1977)
by Darius Kadivar

Rare Footage of the 53rd Anniversary of the Imperial Iranian Airforce which coincided with the Pahlavi Dynasty's 50th Jubilee Celebrations in 1977. Rare Footage of Shah and Shahbanou Greeted by the IIAF Personal and Crew.

(NOTE: Video Courtesy of Major Farhad Nassirkhani of the Imperial Iranian Airforce and Golden Crown Staff.)

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13th Legion

Fair Jaan,

by 13th Legion on

I would not waste my breath on “Haji Firooz” (my new name for SP ;) the Basiji in Exile. The guy is delusional, and hey its Halloween, that one night that Haji Firooz can be himself and doesn’t need to dress up ;) and as far as the bike ride and the party story goes, I seriously doubt it!

I mean who would get on a bike and drive to a party on Halloween? He’s probably at home sitting on the couch while jerking off to an IRI Basiji parade on TV or an old Steve McQueen movie at best ;)) if you’ve notices he NEVER talks about girls either!! ;)


The last thing Dick was worried about was

by Fair on

the Iranian air force.  There were many other reasons the attack did not
happen, and pity was not one of them.  Neither was 40 year old flying
museum pieces with Iranian roudnels on them that would serve as target practice.

Colonel Sanders, you don't even know squat about Iran.  If they parachuted you into the country, you would be as lost as a camel in Antarctica.  Then you call others "exiles" and "anti Iran"?  What a joke.  If you actually are pro Iran, you will support those Iranians fighting for our freedom in Ahmadinejad's dungeons.  It doesn't surprise me one bit that you don't, being the stateless terrorist you are.

As far as drinking anything, I don't drink any kool aid, and think for myself.  You on the other hand continue to eat the pro supreme leader goh from the appropriate source of course, nooshe joonet:)

Have fun in your Halloween party- don't forget to take your Hezbollah flag and keffiye:)  By the way, are you going to drink and socialize with namahram women?  How "anti Iran" of you badbakhte bevatan:)



Sargord Pirouz

Fair, they stood down Dick

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fair, they stood down Dick Cheney, the most powerful warmonger in recent USG history. Cheney said an attack against Iran was forthcoming, for conditions that came and passed. There was attack.

That can't be denied.

Are you saying the Bush administration took pity on Iran? Surely you're not that silly (but it wouldn't entirely surprise me).

Anyway, Fair, it's time to suit up for a motorcycle ride. It's Halloween eve and I've a couple of parties to attend.

Feel free to keep on drinking the anti-Iran kool aid, here on the IC. There's always a bunch goin' around among you anti-Iran exile types. 


The most anti Iran entity on this planet

by Fair on

is the Islamic "republic" stateless terrorist government occupying Iran, as it imprisons rapes tortures and murders thousands of patriotic Iranians who fight for our freedom.  Same goes for the supporters of this terrorist regime who betray the Iranian people, who will not forget their oppressors.

Don't make me laugh- "area denial"?  The Iranian air force today can barely get planes in the sky, let alone defend any significant areas from foreign air attack.  Forget about the USN or USAF or Israel, Iran's air force could not even stand up to GCC countries or Turkey or even Pakistan, it is a flying museum of relics.

Yes, there were 5 Tomcat aces (and other aces on other types as well) during the war with Iraq- ALL were left over from the IIAF.  This just confirms that IIAF was well built and of a high standard and was instrumental in saving our country.  Those who are namak nashnas may disagree of course, of whom there are not a few.

Say what you want about the Shah, he did what we had to do to keep Iran strong and territorially intact during the cold war, with the USSR to the north and Iraq to the west and the Persian Gulf to the south.  There were no possibilities of domestic SSM production as missile technology proliferation was nowhere near where it is today or even 15 years ago.  And this in a neighborhood in which war was raging. ALL of Iran's neighbors had been at war during the 37 years of the last Shah's rule, all of which Iran was not at war.

As far as "independence", the mullahs today are just as dependent as ever on foreign superpowers.  If China abandons the Iranian regime today, the Iranian regime is toast and it knows it.  And so do its lackeys and stateless terrorist supporters who shamelessly come here and attack the best of our country's intellectuals and thinkers, and promote the most brutal dictatorship in our country's modern history.  Such stateless terrorists have no place in our country and are not welcome.  The Shah's main problem was that he was a dictator and did not promote democracy, a crime the mullahs are just as guilty of and much more.  In the meantime, I am thankful to those Iranians who did the best they could with what they had, both back then and now, since their goal was their country and their people, not an acronym or a system or an ideology.  Vatan va hoveiyat ham khoob cheeziye.

Payandeh Iran va Irani






by Fesenjoon on

چی بودیم چی شدیم

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

Yes, I am aware of all that and I am glad and happy to see that the Iranian air force has been able to stand its ground and despite all the short comings and embargoes has tried its best to stay self sufficient, for despite the type of government that is in power we have OIL and national interests that need to be protected for future generations, but I also have the wits to distinguish between the brilliant and educated Iranian minds that have managed to pull this off and the degenerate backward leaders that are in power for it is not the rulers that earn this credit but the intelligent minds and Persian genes behind the machine!

It is in every Iranians duty to back its men in service but wanting something better and brighter and mightier for the country itself is a different matter + the main credit still goes to the man that made those Tomcats available to his nation in the first place!! Not the degenerate uneducated bearded rag heads that have taken this country hostage for their own interests!

Nothing wrong with something better, brighter and greater for your country than the crap it is now!

So to make a long story short, long live Iran and Iranians and the hell with the IRI and its “dead” philosophy ;)

Deadly interview




Peace through Strength

by Faramarz on

Thanks Darius for this wonderful clip

The location of the IIAF air shows is in a desert area in south of Tehran, Jaadeh Saveh

The Iranian Air Force (IIAF) was tasked to defend the skies of Iran and it did its job through courage and professionalism. Saddam never raised his head out of his rat hole while these brave men were guarding the Iranian skies. They had a job to do and they did it well. Neighbors were friendly and respectful. And we all know what happened next

As soon as Khomeini dismantled the Air Force and killed its leaders and pilots, Saddam came out of his hole and we know the rest of the story. And now-a-days the best the IR Regime can do is to smuggle spare parts for the 40-year old F-4’s and C-130’s

As MahmoudG mentioned below, the F-14’s were based in Khatami Airbase in Isfahan, named after Timsaar Khatam (Mohammad Amir Khatami). Iran bought 80 F-14’s back then of which one crashed during practice runs, but the pilot (the head of the Airbase) parachuted out to safety

May God Bless Them All


مجید جان، خوب گفتی! من نمیدونم چرا این سرگرد زبون بسته اینقدر عبه ببه میکنه! مثل بچه لوس ۴، ۵ ساله ست که میخواد خود شیرینی کنه!


way to go legion...

by shushtari on

that's how you 'make a bache akhoond shutup' LOL

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Thank you for making me laugh while trying to figure this dude out. I wish Icould find the right medical term for his mental condition. Thanks, again!

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

Cutting and pasting an entire article into the comments section makes it easier for the reader to access the information, no different than when you post cheesy IRI propaganda clips in the comment section ;) what you call anti-Iranian  a great majority of others call anti-IRI, there is a big difference between being Iranian and an IRI supporter, just because some don’t share your backward preference for some degenerate akhoonds that happen to be in power by the rule of force and military dictatorship that doesn’t make them anti-Iranian. What I find most interesting about you is day after day you keep referring to IC as “EXILED_IRANIAN.COM” but yet you spend all your days and nights commenting on IC blogs! Are you a hippocrate or are you paid by the IRI to participate in IC as part of the IRI propaganda and cyber warfare unit? + Why not go live in your beloved IRI? Is it not that the U.S. is considered to be “shaytan e bozorgh” ? Why chose to live the bosom of the IRI’s great arch enemy? Make up your mind my man, pick one side and stick to it ;) I have no doubt that within our life time we will witness the young and new Iranian generation take charge and eat your beloved IRI monsters alive and take back the country, it would be very interesting to hear your views about who’s Iranian and anti-Iranian at that point in time ;)  

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Are you aware of the fact that Iranian Tomcats shot down roughly 130 combat aircraft during the Iran-Iraq War? That there were 5--count 'em, 5--Tomcat aces?

Are you aware of the fact that despite decades of doing without factory support, the IRIAf remains capable of putting combat aircraft into the air, serving to preserve its role in area denial?

Or that Iranian F-4E's were instrumental in the capture of wanted fugitive terrorist Rigi? 

So it doesn't have the envisioned AF for KSA. Iran has been through all that, before. It's simply not worth the colonial-like strings attached. Independence means everything to the Islamic Republic of Iran. That and self-reliance. 

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

Thank you for recommending the use of spell and grammar check, I am not one to argue with reason ;)

But that doesn’t change any facts about the last clip you posted, my point is the Iran’s Air force today is still made up of what the Shah had purchased from the U.S. in the 1970’s along what it was able to purchase from Russia and those that it was able to impounded from Iraq during the Gulf War, the back bone of this air force is still based on what was left over from the IIAF, no new significant or original additions worth bragging about! Its might and power today are nowhere close to what it was and does not live up to being a world class air force by today’s standards! Sorry dude, but it’s just not worth bragging about!

Sargord Pirouz

Come on, Legion, don't cut

by Sargord Pirouz on

Come on, Legion, don't cut and paste entire articles into the comments section. Just provide a link and a short summary or excerpt.

Besides, there are much better informed and more current sources than GS. 

But hey, I understand you're more interested in supporting your own anti-Iran mentality, so there's no need for anything like that, right? 

13th Legion

***What happened to the IIAF after 1979***

by 13th Legion on

An interesting & informative article from globalsecurity.org posted on Feb 13, 2009  

The US-trained Iranian Imperial Air Force was widely regarded as second only to Israel's in the Middle East — more than a match for Iraq and a serious adversary for even the Soviet Union. At its peak the Imperial Iranian Air Force, that of the Shah, had more than 450 modern combat aircraft, including then state of the art F-14A Tomcat fighters and about 5,000 well-trained pilots. On the eve of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 the Air Force, numbering close to 100,000 personnel, was by far the most advanced of the three Iranian military services and among the most impressive air forces in the developing world. Reliable information on the Air Force after the Revolution was difficult to obtain, but it seemed clear that by 1987 a fairly large number of the existing fleet had been cannibalized for spare parts.

A total of 14 air bases were operational: Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Chan Bahar, Dezful, Doshan Tapeh (Tehran), Ghaleh Morghi (Tehran), Hamadan, Isfahan, Mashhad, Mehrabad (Tehran), Shiraz, Tabriz and Zahedan. Soviet and Chinese-made aircraft, obtained following the Iranian Revolution were distributed throughout the country to fufill mission roles of ground attack, transport, training and interception. Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Dezful, Hamadan, Tabriz and Mehrabad became the centers for ground attack squadrons. Shiraz was the home of the interceptor squadron. It also provided training along with, Mehrabad, Doshan Tapeh and Isfahan. Shiraz also housed the transport squadron.

Air Force headquarters was located at Doshan Tapeh Air Base, near Tehran. Iran's largest air base, Mehrabad, outside Tehran, was also the country's major civil airport. Other major operational air bases were at Tabriz, Bandar-e Abbas, Hamadan (Shahroki Air Base), Dezful (Vahdati Air Base), Shiraz, and Bushehr. Since 1980 air bases at Ahvaz, Esfahan (Khatami Air Base), and Bandar Beheshti had also become operational. The Air Force's primary maintenance facility was located at Mehrabad Air Base. The nearby Iran Aircraft Industries, in addition to providing main overhaul backup for the maintenance unit, was active in manufacturing spare parts.

Before the Revolution, the Air Force was organized into 15 squadrons with fighter and fighter-bomber capabilities and a single reconnaissance squadron. In addition, 1 tanker squadron, and 4 medium and 1 light transport squadron provided impressive logistical support. By 1986 desertions and depletions led to a reorganization of the Air Force into 8 squadrons again with fighter and fighter-bomber capabilities and 1 reconnaissance squadron. This reduced force was supported by 2 joint tanker-transport squadrons and 5 light transport squadrons. Some 76 helicopters and 5 surface-to-air missile (SAM) squadrons supplemented this capability.

From its inception, the Air Force also assumed responsibility for air defense. The existing early warning systems, built in the 1950s under the auspices of Central Treaty Organization (CENTO), were upgraded in the 1970s with a modern air defense radar network. To complement the ground radar component and provide a blanket coverage of the Gulf region, the United States also agreed to sell Iran 7 Boeing 707 airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft in late 1977. Following the Revolution, Washington canceled the AWACS sale, claiming that this sensitive equipment might be compromised. Finally, the Air Force's 3 SAM battalions and 8 Improved HAWK battalions were reorganized in the mid-1980s (in a project involving more than 1,800 missiles) into 5 squadrons that also contained Rapiers and Tigercats of British origin. Washington's sale of HAWK spare parts and missiles in 1985 and 1986 may have enhanced this capability.

The Iranian air force never fully recovered from the effects of the 1979 revolution. At the beginning of the war, pilots were in short supply and flying proficiency was markedly lower than before the revolution. U.S. technicians who left Iran during the days preceding the fall of the Shah succeeded in erasing inventory records, ripping avionics packages out of F-14 aircraft, and destroying caches of repair parts at bases around Iran.


The clerics purged a large part of the conventional military structure after the 1979 revolution leaving the military broken and barely able to defend Iran from the initial Iraqi ground invasion in 1980. After Khomeini seized power on 11 February 1979, the revolutionary regime regarded the Air Force as a waste of money that rightfully belonged to the mostazafin (poor oppressed masses). One of the new government's first acts was a purge of the armed forces, particularly the officer corps, which was (probably correctly) thought to be a hotbed of monarchist sentiment. The Air Force, where virtually the entire fighting element — the combat pilots — was composed of officers, was especially hard hit. To make matters worse, Iran's best combat pilots had been trained in the United States and Israel, making them particularly suspect.

The senior command echelon of the IIAF had been decapitated in 1979 and early 1980 by arrests, imprisonments, executions, purges, and forced exiles. A failed coup that originated on Shahrokhi Air Base in Hamadan in June 1980 brought about another sweeping purge. Many IIAF personnel were shot or jailed for suspected or real complicity in the coup attempt, and the purge of personnel whose ultimate loyalty was suspect continued at a faster pace.

The result of these actions was an Iranian air force which faced considerable problems maintaining its planes and combat capabilities. Iran husbanded the few air assets it had for strategic missions at the expense of tactical and operational fires. While suffering from poor maintenance and lack of spare parts, the Iranian Air Force was able to launch a surprising counterattack just days after Iraqi preemptive strikes on Iranian air fields. They also launched a major airlift using Boeing 747, 707, and C-130 aircraft to move conventional forces to the front.

The Iranian Air Force, equipped with Maverick missiles, proved critical during the initial defense by attacking Iraqi ground forces. The Iranian air force operated aggressively at the beginning of the war, providing both close air support and battlefield interdiction in support of Iranian ground forces. An example of this level of support occurred on October 3, 1981 when Iranian planes hit a large Iraqi armor formation massing in central Khuzistan.

Iran also made effective use of attack helicopters. Helicopters were the primary Iranian anti-armor system, and Iran scoured the international arms market for TOW missiles for its helicopter gunships. As the war progressed, Iran increasingly relied on army aviation to support ground operations, while the air force concentrated on strategic countervalue targets.

When the Iran-Iraq War started in 1980, Iran's F-14s, equipped with Phoenix missiles, capable of identifying and destroying six targets simultaneously from a range of 80 kilometers or more, inflicted heavy casualties on the Iraqi air force, which was forced to disperse its aircraft to Jordan and Oman. The capability of the F-14s and F-4s was enhanced by the earlier acquisition of a squadron of Boeing 707 tankers, thereby extending their combat radius to 2,500 kilometers with in-flight refueling.

Iranian F-14 Tomcats were also used like miniature AWACS, reporting Iraqi fighter operations to Iranian air defense commanders with their powerful radars. In response, Iraqi Mirage F-1EQ fighters flew high-speed, low-altitude profiles, well below the Tomcat's radar limits. The F-1EQ would pop up directly beneath the Tomcat's orbit, briefly illuminate the F-14 with its radar, and fire one or two air-to-air missiles at it. Iran lost several Tomcats to these tactics.

Iran began the war with HAWK surface-to-air missile defenses, though these were largely for the defense of fixed military facilities. Iran's doctrine emphasized active air defense using aircraft like the F-14. Iran failed to use its HAWKs effectively during the war, failing even to mount an effective point defense of key oil facilities. This may have been affected by the general disruption in the military establishment following the Shah's fall. There were only a few confirmed Iranian HAWK kills of Iraqi aircraft.

The Iraqi Air Force's first real strategic bombing campaign was the so-called war of the cities, which aimed at breaking civilian morale and disrupting military targets. Iraq's two efforts early in 1985, from 14 March to 7 April 1985 and 25 May to 15 June 1985, were reportedly very effective. Opposition from the Iranian Air Force was negligible to nonexistent, as the Iraqis hit air bases and military and industrial targets all over Iran (in Tabriz, Urmia, Rasht, Bakhteran, Hamadan, Tehran, Isfahan, Dezful, Ahvaz, Kharg, Bushehr, and Shiraz). Even Iraq's lumbering old Tu-16 bombers were getting through, presumably with MiG-25 and Mirage F-1 escorts, as the Iraqis hit targets as far away as Kashan, more than 360 miles from their own bases. According to local residents, conditions in Tehran during the Iraqi bombings were very difficult. Fires blazed out of control as firefighters struggled with low pressure from broken water mains. Tehran’s hospitals overflowed with casualties. The daily toll was reckoned "in the hundreds," and there were frequent emergency radio appeals for blood donors.

By 1987, the Air Force faced a new problem, one of an acute shortage of spare parts and replacement equipment. Perhaps 35 of the 190 Phantoms were serviceable in 1986. One F-4 had been shot down by Saudi F-15s, and two pilots had defected to Iraq with their F-4s in 1984. The number of F-5s dwindled from 166 to perhaps 45, and the F-14 Tomcats from 77 to perhaps 10. The latter were hardest hit because maintenance posed special difficulties after the United States embargo on military sales.

In the "Tanker War", Iran proved unable to protect Kharg Island and its other oil facilities from attack by the Iraqi air force. As a consequence, Iran responded by doing the only thing it could - mining the waters of the Persian Gulf and risking international ire by attacking neutral shipping.

Iran's national will was decisively engaged by Iraqi missile attacks on Tehran and other large Iranian population centers during the "War of the Cities." The Iranian people were demoralized by repeated Iraqi missile attacks on their cities. As an illustration of this, more than one million people fled Tehran during the second "War of the Cities" in 1988.

With the onset of Desert Storm in 1991, reports suggested that more than 350 advanced aircraft were bought or made operational including, Russian Mig-27s, -29s, -31s, Tu-22M3 Backfires, Russian Su-24s, -25s, -27s, Il-76 transports, and French Mirage F-1s. Iran purchased a number of Mig-29s (Mig-29A and Mig-29UB trainers) from what was then the Soviet Union, and aquired a number of others impounded after fleeing Iraq during Desert Storm. Su-24MKs, SU-25Ks, and a number of Il-76 were aquired in the same way.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

The 1977 video clip is representative of the time warp. The 2010 video clip is present day. Get it?

IIAF is back in the time warp. The IRIAF is present day. Get it?

Repeat as necessary.  

BTW, Legion: may I suggest you use a spell and grammar checker before commenting? 

13th Legion

SP, let’s slip out of the time warp?? ;)

by 13th Legion on

SP are you for REAL man? ;)

All those OLD fighter jets in your clip are left over’s from the IIA days and any sane person with half a brain knows that the IRI by far has no type of technology to want to INHANCE any type of air craft, if they did they would not be purchasing left over flying coffins from the Russians and at best would of had the capability to make parts for domestic aircrafts never less sophisticated fighter jets!  The IRI may have been able to tinker with the idea of replicating 3rd generation fighters but are still far far away from producing and maintaining a modern day world class air force, and for the sake of Iran this is not something I would be happy about!



by Fatollah on

hope to see more of these in the future.


imperial airforce

by iraniantube on

Sargord Pirouz

Let's slip out of the time warp of disgruntled exiles ...

by Sargord Pirouz on

And arrive at present day Meehan for a change:


Mahmud, I think you're..........

by Majid on

You listen to me boy, I know everything!
It was PSFQ who trained SKA and it all happened when I was riding my motorcycle, now, if you were at MMQP at that time you would realize that KL3.2 is not the same thing as IKET.
Quiet honestly if you can tell 2x2=WTF I can assure you that BTW and then some!
You see? I just proved it to you Mahmoud, you writing type A&C !
Now tell me what time zone you're in again?
I'm off to fix my tricycle for my morning coffee PXJI and report to JYTS.8

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Yes, it's the ever present time warp of EXILED_IRANIAN.COM, and it's a consistently 70s theme right here on blog posts provided by Darius Kavidar. Well, that and links to other people's YouTube clips.


the resident bache akhoond

by shushtari on

is once again trying to desecrate the memory of iran's bravest soldiers.

what do u mean IRIAF???!! there was no such crap.....the mullahs are the biggest idiots on the face of the planet- they murdered thousands of the best pilots in the world, to ensure there would be no coup.....heck, even the israelis didn't have the f-14s....that's how badass iran was

the only problem was that they did not let gen mohagheghi to shoot that moron khomeini out of the sky with one of the phoenix missiles on an f14....had they done that, and sent that POS to hell early, iran would have been free

I bet sarjookhe thinks that general jahanbani was 'mofsed e fel arz'....a corruptor on earth! LOL



by asadabad on

you guys are so nostalgic, it's ridiculous. fyi, iran was the only country aside from the usn to operate f-14 tomcats.  the size of the air force really showed the shahs megalomania.


Dariush Jan Thank you

by Fair on

for this wonderful clip.  This is a limited excerpt of a much longer report on an amazing airshow for its day in Iran back then.  Keep in mind in 1977, this was the most advanced fighter plane in the world, and Iran was the only other country in the world besides the USA to operate it.  In this airshow, there was also a very low altitude (less than 50 m) air to air refueling from a  Boeing 707 tanker to an F-4 Phantom, an act so dangerous and challenging, it would be illegal to even try in the US.  This tactic by the way would help Iranian pilots later during the war with Iraq attack targets deep inside Iraq by surprise. Iranian pilots were among the best in the world, and the Iranian air force was deeply respected by their peers worldwide and rightfully feared by their enemies.

Neeroye Havaeee Iran ba amadane akhoundha besheddat tazif shodeh bood, ta jaee keh sadha az behtareen khalabanane keshvareman dar zendan besar meebordand, va ya ekhraj ya edam shodeh boodand.  Agar een neero hata yek sevvom az tavanash ra dasht, jang heechvaght shoroo nemishod.  Baraye Saddamian bozorgtareen tars va alamate soal dar avvale mehr 1359 neeroye havaee Iran bood, va meedanestand cheh khahad shod agar hesabeshan ghalat meebood.  Khoshbakhtaneh baraye Iran, Saddam khar bood, va akhoundha kareshan ba een neero hanooz tamam nashodeh bood, va beh een tartib, jangee keh gharar bood 3 rooz tool bekeshad beh bon bast reseed, va motajavezan zameen geer shodand.  Agar Saddam 6 mah sabr kardeh bood, ehtemale ziad meeraft keh beh ahdafash meereseed.

Akhondha baree deegar baghaye khodeshan ra vajeb tar az manafehe mellate Iran danestand, vah mellat-e ma bahaye sangini bekhtare een kheeyanatkaran pardakht.  Albateh baraye afrade terrorist va beevatan darke een matlab doshvar ast, chekar meeshavad kard.

Mellat-e- Iran bedanand va eftekhar konand, keh Iranian az hamehye aghshare jamehe dar zamin, hava, va darya, dar badtarin sharayet-e- momken deliraneh va javanmardane va pahlevananeh razmidand va jangidand, va ghadessiehey dovvom ra shekast dadand va jahan ra shegeft zadeh kardand.

Ta cheshme harcheh doshmane Iran ast koor shavad, va een doshmanan dar goorestane doshmanane Iran andakhteh shavand.

Emrooz, bachehaye Iran hanooz darand meerazmand, amma nah dar sahrahaye jonoob va gharb, balkeh dar kheeyabanhaye Tehran va shahrestan- baraye azadee va hoghoogheman, baraye ayandehman, barayeh bachehayeman.  Een mellat rooheeye zendeh darad va har gez nakahad shekast ra paziroft, va har gez nakhahad mord. Ba dast e khali dar barabare dezhkhimane bevatane jenayatkare een regime ba kamale farhang va sho'oor eestadegy meekonad va aghab nemishinad, ta donya shahede an bashad va baz ham shegeft zadeh shavand.

And my dear Parthian, that is the sign of a true civilization and true internal power.  You are indeed right on this one, and right there you have your proof that the people of Iran have strong roots and true power, and will not be defeated by any stateless terrorist thug enemy.



13th Legion

Great find DK

by 13th Legion on

Great find DK, thanks for sharing.

Long live the memory of the IIA,

The hell with the IRI and its supporters, they can all kiss the memory of the Shah’s ass :) to do that should even be considered a great and grand privilege for them!


None of this shit matters

by Parthian on

This kind of videos whether coming out of IR, or the Imperial time is nothing but bunch of shit. The whole thing is an illusion, different toys of different time for men with small penis syndrome, or uncivilized thugs like niloofar tazi, and Sargord P who has an orgasm every time a junk north korean missile is copy and pasted on photoshop to show IR's achievement. 

At the end of the day, I measure a strength of a civilization by how good it treats its people. Shah was a narcisstic asshole with illusion of grandeur, and khamenei and ahmaghi and their thuggish friends kills people as if they are flies. All these stuff is secondary at best, and shows zero power in my opinion.

I hope US goes in and kill all the IRGC and thugish basiji to prove to our resident degenerates that IR's accomplishments are nothing but bunch of battery powered aftabehs..

Sargord Pirouz

Mahmoud, you're mistaken.

by Sargord Pirouz on

Mahmoud, you're mistaken. There was a way to go for trained support crews and personnel, at least 50% more required before the Iranian people threw off the yoke of US imposed dictatorship. Even air crew training for not fully realized, in many cases. This is recounted in the work of Tom Cooper and Farzad Bishop, among other sources.

And it wouldn't matter if the IRIAF had the same air force capability of that envisioned for KSA; the IRIAF would still be no match for the USN and USAF. So why even waste the money? so the logic goes. Indegnously produced SSMs offer  a more economic and in some ways more effective deterrent. And there's no colonial-like strings attached. 

BTW: It's my understanding that in addition to the  81st and 82nd TFS (81st TFW) being based at TFB.8 (now Shahid Baba'ie AFB), the 72nd and 73rd TFS (71st TFW) were based at TFB.7.



by mahmoudg on

I remember these aircraft vividly when I used to visit my Uncle Lieutenant General Saeed Mehdiyoun in Dezful (F4 D,E,F) and then in Mehrabad, the F14.  Although the actual base for the F14's was Khatami airbse in Isfahan.  No doubt, the Imperial iranian airforce was a superior force compared to the rag tag team and equipment amassed today by the islamic Rapists.  The western analysis has predicted that the islamic rapist's airforce and basij air corps will not last more than one week, if the West, US and Israel decided to conduct its surgical attacks.  This is testament, to the inability, the mismanagement and to the ineffectiveness of 30 years of corruption.  I remember when I used to discuss the Imperial Iranian Airfoce with my friend C.C., at Boeing who used to work for Boeing in Iran, when they were servicing the equipment such as the 747, air command aircraft and the myriad of 707 air tankers, that how effective our personell were in servicing and providing support.  We were among the best in the world, is what he used to say.  Today nothing but a bunch of brainwashed, illiterate, and non-qualified basij are running this once behemoth of a force.  Heif!!!! 

Sargord Pirouz

Well, MRX, the organization

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, MRX, the organization was not without its faults. There was corruption, and there was the attempted CIA inspired coup which sought to go against the popular will of the country (ala 1953 all over again).

But the IRIAF wasn't destroyed, not by the IRIG or IrAF. It has performed remarkable feats in war, as well as currently maintaining a means of area denial.

And there is a logic toward putting a greater priority of resources into indigenously produced SSMs over that of relatively expensive, foreign acquired and maintenance dependent new combat aircraft types.

But, of course, none of this means a hill of beans for Iranian exiles with a strong, personal anti-Iran bend.  


Another great organization

by MRX1 on

that was destroyed by islamo freaks after their victory in 1979. Fifty years of work and progress went down the tube with the blink an eye. Let's not forget the bravery of the pilots who survived mullah's massacare in war with Iraq. Let's not forget people like General Jahanbani, General mohagheghi, General mahdion and many many brave officers of Imperial Iranian  Airforce who gave their life for Iran.