A MATTER OF LOYALTY: Richard Nixon Arrives in Cairo for Shah of Iran’s Funeral


A MATTER OF LOYALTY: Richard Nixon Arrives in Cairo for Shah of Iran’s Funeral
by Darius Kadivar

Former President of the United States, Richard Nixon, arrives in Cairo for the former Shah of Iran's funeral 27th of July 1980 and pays tribute to President Sadat for his Loyalty towards an old friend and ally. Apart from the former American President, and President Sadat the only foreign dignitary présent at the Shah’s funeral was ex King Constantine of Greece. (Source: persianrealm.com)




Jimmy Carter Toasts the Shah





Ronald Reagan’s Tribute to the Shah



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DK Jaan, pick the chello kabibi of your choice! There is no

by Oon Yaroo on

difference between that and IC!

It's all about who says chakereem, mokhlesseem, and nokareem to get the owner's attention for better and preferential treatment.

And if one gets lucky, they may get a couple of seekh kobideh (hopefully from beef not khar), barg, gojeh, piyaz, and bread! And some doogh!

The owner is stting there reciting salavat and playing with his rosemary beads and totally oblivious and indifferent!


Darius Kadivar

Molahezeh Kardeed: Double Standards when it comes to Flagging ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Molahezeh Kardeed Doostan: Double Standards when it comes to Flagging ?


Apply it to any Monarchist comment it's OK that comment disappears !


Try to apply the same bias with Fellow Jomhurykhahs  and it's NOT OK !


Bikhial ! ...



MY ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE: Flagging Abuse based on Political Correctness is Not Fair




@ nitemustfall

by AryamehrNYC on

You should've gone with them and we would not have the displeasure to hear from your sorry a$$ as well. 

 Next time you decide to post a hallow rant again, do everyone a favor and make sure you have taken your meds.  Jackass.   

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Very admirable of Nixon for standing by a friend and an ally!

by Oon Yaroo on

Name a world leader who would do it today!



by Shemirani on

WHY ???? Is this linked to the new owner ?!! what is doing the new manager ?

I Love reading his comments  ! Actually is one of very few members who knows a lot about Iran's history and share it with us ! His contribution is much more valuable to me and many other readers !

 he was insulted and mocked many times just because his nickname how stupid is that !!!!! (like if a nickname was a proof of his treason to his homeland ! ))))


Is Iranian. com  looking for a mediocrity rate ???? then welldone  continue like this, by blocking the rare interessant members and contributors !!!!

 Otherwise Unblock Anglophile and let's have all sort of point of view in this site ! because to be honest we don't need another "media " repeating same lies about our past !!!!

 And when extremist people ( Hezbolayi and other anti jews) are free to write here because of" freedom of speech" why a Persian Man, cultured secular and democrate like Anglophile should be banned ?????!!! IT'S A SHAME



Darius Kadivar

Breaking the myths:Was Watergate really a triumph of journalism?

by Darius Kadivar on

Breaking the myths (bbc)


Was Watergate really a triumph of journalism?




The run-up to the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in — the burglary that gave rise to America's gravest political crisis — has inevitably been accompanied by the mythology that has shaped and distorted popular understanding of the epic scandal. 

Darius Kadivar

Just like those who flagged anglophile I will Flag everyone

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for the same stupid reason whenever I judge that a comment on my blog doesn't add or contribute to elevating a debate or adding something of value or interest to the subject at hand. 


If you folks who barely contribute to anything and have no minimum respect for the hard effort put into sharing these blogs then as far as I am concerned You are not welcome here  ...


If you wanna debate Fine if it's just to show off your Stupid avatars and unimaginative comments then go elsewhere I have no time for you!




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Dear Admin Where's Anglophile ?

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The few Folks on this website who have something intelligent to say are banned at worst for making a sarcastic remark from time to time after having themselves been bullied without the slightest impunity by the same usual suspects on this website who on a regular basis barely want to debate but accuse others of not being openminded all the more that they themselves barely contribute to anything but are allowed to spew and talk Sh@t ?

And all this on a daily basis only to spew hateful and cheap hurtful remarks for all the hard work put into finding rare documents and posting them for general knowledge and at best historical and political discourse.

But do you see these folks debate ?

No it's all about spewing hateful or irrelevent comments.


Sigh ... 






same old same old ...

by nitemustfall on

DK, Keep advertising about the regime which has no glorious history. Three of my college friends went to Iran for Summer vacation in early 70's and we never heard from them again.

Instead of wasting yor time collecting garbage go get a job for a change. Once an Idiot always as indiot.




by jmyt17 on


How about finding and updating how we can help these young generation in Iran, rather setting and watching and paring for a man who finished 34 years ago.