LONDON BURNING: David Starkey Faces Difficult Pupils at J.O.'s Dream School


LONDON BURNING: David Starkey Faces Difficult Pupils at J.O.'s Dream School
by Darius Kadivar

Eminent British Historian David Starkey takes up the difficult challenge of teaching history to apparently impossible Pupils on the Reality Program ‘Jamie Oliver’s Dream School’. Against all Odds after a clumsy start he ultimately manages to pull it off fairly well.

The Jamie Oliver brings together some of Britain's most inspirational individuals to see if they can persuade 20 young people who've left school with little to show for the experience to give education a second chance.

Channel 4 Intro :

Parody : Rude History – David Starkey :

Animated comedy of how the the famous English hillside carving came to be made. Historian Dr David Starkey was not injured during the making of this film.


This is part of a Reality Show in which famous guests and personalities ranging from Former First Lady Cherie Blair, Poet Andrew Motion, Shakespearean Actor Simon Callow amongst others accepted the challenge of confronting their own knowledge to that of a deemed undisciplined and uninterested class ( More Videos from other Personalities are available here). The Result of this firsthand experience is often surprising, funny and challenging to watch, proving if needed that it is not always the students who are learning but also those who have accepted undertaking this apparently impossible task.

(NOTE;These Dream School lessons have been edited to focus on factual lesson content. Moments of class disruption may have been removed!. For more information on Jamie's Dream School go to




Teaching At The Jamei Oliver’s Dream School



Wrong Start:

School Crisis:

The young 'feral' school dropouts prove conclusively that they have more decorum and self-control than he does

Starkey Does Better:

Dr David Starkey does better the second time he teaches on Jamie´s Dream School

David Starkey on History and the Hoard (Longer Version of the First video Above):

David Starkey shows students some of the objects found inthe Staffordshire Hoard—the largest archaeological Anglo-Saxon find ever unearthed—and explains what it reveals about Saxon culture.

David Starkey's Guide to Gangsters and Bling :

Gangs, violence, bling; it's David Starkey's introduction to medieval history.

David Starkey's Guide to Burning Heretics:

Shock tactics from David Starkey, showing why burningpeople is an effective tool of control.

David Starkey on Personal Freedom and Belief (This is the Longer Version to the above ‘Burning Heretics Guide’) :

David Starkey gives a gruesome demonstration in what humans will do to each other in the name of belief and discusses how religion can be used to control.

David Starkey's Guide to Old School WAGs :

Why Katharine of Aragon was a WAG and women were the weaker sex. Starkey shows there were no equal opportunities in a Tudor court

Practical Lessons in Jousting :

David Starkey Leaves the Class to a team from the Tower of London demonstrates Henry VIII's sporting prowess with a hands-on demonstration of armour and jousting.

Professor David Starkey explains jousting conventions in the court of Henry VIII :

David Starkey on Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon (Longer Version to the Above ‘Old School WAG’s’)

Guide To Getting Clean:

The Industrial Revolution was a turning point for women's rights, David Starkey explains why.

David Starkey on the Industrial Revolution (Longer Version of the Above ‘Guide To Getting Clean’) :

David Starkey explains the effects of industrialisation,mass production and economies of scale.




Teaching At The Jamei Oliver’s Dream School



(NOTE; These Dream School lessons have been edited to focus on factual lesson content. Moments of class disruption may have been removed!. For more information on Jamie's Dream School go to

Jamie Oliver's Knife Skills:

Cross-chopping, tap-chopping and rock-chopping: Jamie Oliver demonstrates how to cut almost anything with three knife techniques, plus other kitchen skills.

Simon Callow on Death and Love in Shakespeare:

Simon Callow and The Wire's Dominic West inject some lifeinto Mercutio's death scene.

Cherie Blair on Human Rights :

Cherie Booth QC (Wife of former PM Tony Blaire) tells the class about some fundamental freedoms that are denied even today, and how punishments must fit the crime.

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