Julie Andrews & Anne Hathaway in "Princess Diaries 1&2"


Julie Andrews & Anne Hathaway in "Princess Diaries 1&2"
by Darius Kadivar

Mia, an awkward San Francisco teenager, has just learned her deceased father was the crown prince of Genovia.

The Princess Diaries (2001) Directed by Garry Marshall, starring  Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway and Hector Elizondo


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A socially awkward but very bright 15-year-old girl being raised by a single mom discovers that she is the princess of a small European country because of the recent death of her long-absent father, who, unknown to her, wasthe crown prince of Genovia. She must make a choice between continuing the lifeof a San Francisco teen or stepping up to the throne. While Mia makes up her mind, she's pressed into taking princess lessons from her grandmother.



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The Princess Diaries 2



Now settled in Genovia, Princess Mia faces a new revelation: she's being primed for an arranged marriage to a English suitor.


The Princess Diaries2 : Royal Engagement (2004) same director and cast


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Princess Mia has just turned 21 and is supposed to succeed her grandmother as the Queen of Genovia. But Viscount Mabrey who wishes that his nephew who isalso in line to the throne to be the new ruler, reminds everyone of a law that states that an unmarried woman can't be made queen, and with the backing of parliament, he opposes Mia's coronation. But Queen Clarice asks that Mia be allowed time to find a husband, and she is given 30 days. But Mabrey tries to do what he can to stop that. But his nephew, Nicholas has met Mia and they are both attracted to each other but Mia upon learning who he is, dislikes and doesn't trust him but Clarice has invited him to stay with them for the 30 day period to keep an eye on him.

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