GLITTERS OF EMPIRE: Rare Footage Of Shah's Reign


GLITTERS OF EMPIRE: Rare Footage Of Shah's Reign
by Darius Kadivar

A series of rare footage of the Shah's various State visits, meeting with Ministers and diplomatic corps as well as family reunions and vacations ranging from the 1950's to the 1970's.


Description In order of appearance:

Shah and Shahbanou’s State visit to India greeted by Indira and Nehru Gandhi

Iran’sroyals Winter Vacationing at their Chalet in Gstaad Switzerland

King Hussein of Jordan greets Shahbanou Farah

Shah State visit to Italy is greeted by Italian dignitaries, visits Italian Parliament where he deposes a laurel wreath for the unknown Soldier, Shah greets Rome’s diplomatic corps and Vatican dignitaries for a dinner at an Iranian Embassy in Rome

State visit to France greeted by the Guard Républicaine,, Shah deposes laurel wreath at the Arch of Triumphfor the unknown soldier

State visit to Italy greeted by Giulio Andreotti (then Minister of Finance) dinner and attends the Venice International Film Festival, Shah vacationing on the Italian Coast.

Land distribution marks White Revolution.

Shahbanou presides meeting with court ministers on issues related to her office’s activities,

Shah and Shahbanou jointly preside meeting with ministers, diplomatic corps and officers of the Imperial army aimed at defining and updating the government’s political annual agenda,

Senate gathering,

Bird view of Shahyad Monument,

Niavarang ardens, Shah and Shahbanou greet Minister’s of government, Shah walks alone in Niavaran Palace Gardens.

President Nixon Greets Shah,

Shahbanou’s mother shares meal with grandchildren, Crown Prince Reza, Princess Farahnaz,Princess Leila and Prince Ali Reza.

Holland’s Queen Juliana and Prince Consort Bernhard of the Netherlands visit Iran, Queen Juliana and daughter Princess Beatrix ( who is today the current Queen of Holland) visit Orphans School in Tehran, State Dinner for Holland’s Royals hosted by Shah and Shahbanou.

De Gaulle visits Iran greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.

De Gaulle Visits the “Bankeh Melli of Iran”, the Central Bank of Iran where the Crown Jewels are deposited, Shah’s State Dinner at Golestan Palace for De Gaulle and French First lady Yvonne De Gaulle, during which a Persian Carpet is offered as a State Gift to the French President, Prince Gholam Reza the Shah’s brother also present.

De Gaulle Visits Persepolis, Shiraz, Tours City and dines at Bagheh Ram

De Gaulle Visits Isfahan

Shahand Shahbanou host State Dinner for President De Gaulle and First Lady


De Gaulle Leaves Iran

Shah and Shahbanou Greeted in NY during 1962 State Visit

Shahand Shahbanou visit Hospitals in Iran

Shah Reviews Troops upon Arrival at Mehrabad Airport

Shahyad Monument in Construction

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posting this beautiful video with great music.  We had respect around the world but there has been only shame & embaressment for Iranians since 32 years ago from this barbaric, anti- Iranian IRR/IRI regime.

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