DIPLOMATIC CORPS: Abbas Amir-Entezam IRI's First Ambassador to Sweden (1979)


DIPLOMATIC CORPS: Abbas Amir-Entezam IRI's First Ambassador to Sweden (1979)
by Darius Kadivar
Abbas Amir-Entezam ( born 1933) was the spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister in the Interim Cabinet of Mehdi Bazargan in 1979. In August 1979 Bazargan appointed Entezam to become Iran's ambassador to Sweden. In 1981 he was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of spying for the U.S., a charge critics suggest was a cover for retaliation against his early opposition to theocratic government in Iran. He is now "the longest-held political prisoner in the Islamic Republic of Iran". According to Fariba Amini, as of 2006 he has "been in jail for 17 years and in and out of jail for the last ten years, altogether for 27 years." (Source Wikipedia)   See Full Size Photos Here:       //www.iran-amirentezam.com/image/tid/23            
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Farah Rusta

Darius jaan we as a nation paid a colossally high price

by Farah Rusta on

for Mr Amir-Entezam and his like-minded collaborators to learn from their mistakes. I treated Amir-Entzam rather mildly. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost only through the Iran-Iraq war not to mention all the executed ones and those lost to drugs and prostitution. Amir-Entezam is still alive and ready to take an active part in what he thinks is a continuing game of politcal sorcery. If he and his likes had any shame or dignity they would stay home and keep their tongues locked for good.


Darius Kadivar

I am less Harsh than you on Entezam ... he also paid dearly ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I think he regrets much of what he and his fellow likeminds did to IRan by blindly following the Ayatollah.

But he paid dearly for that by spending a total 27 years in the prison he helped create.

His calls for a referandum to change the regime into a democratic one including if it turns to be a Constitutional Monarchy if the people choose so, is respectable.

People change with time and those who learn from their mistakes should be respected for that.

The little I know of Entezam, it seems to be the case for him. 


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Farah Rusta

Spokesman for collaborators

by Farah Rusta on

Abbas Amir-Entezam was the millionair civil engineer who was the deceptive face of the Jebje (zed) Melli collborators with Khomeini. He fronted the group of power-mad collaborators under Bazargan and Sahabi and deceived the nation by covering the ugly face of the Khomeini and his clan with their fake nationalist faces.


To paraphrase Churchil: 

"Never in the field of human collusion were so many betrayed so cowardly by so few."

 Farah Rusta (September 20th, 2010)


this is the same country first served

by mahmoudg on

by the great ambassadors like Manuchehr Marzban, representing the court of the shahanshah.  Steadily got worse first by the likes of Amir Entezam (sorry aniyone associated with this devolution beit my mom and dad), whom i have no respect for, and then the current brainwashed bunch.