Death of Fereydoune Sahebjam at age 75


Darius Kadivar
by Darius Kadivar

Journalist and War Correspondent Fereydoune Sahebjam has died at age 75 .He was a well appreciated journalist on French LCI channel as well as in French newspapers like Le Monde and Le Telegramme. Death was reported today but he passed away last Wednesday at his home in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Author of several bestselling books like the Stoning of Soraya M which is currently being shot as a Movie by Hollywood director Cyrus Nowrasteh:   

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Sahebjam was the first to report on the crimes of the Islamic Republic against the Baha’ii community in Iran as well as on the use of children under Age in the Iranian Army during the 8 year War with Iraq. Reports for which he had received death threats by Islamists. His latest article was a coverage on the Iraq conflict where he had recently visited for the French daily “Le Telegraph”. An aristocrat of Qajar heritage he was also the author of a recently published biography on his mother entitled Une Princess Persane 

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by abdullahxamaac on

Islamic men dont hate women...  you need to research more.  the men protect us, for our own well-being, the men look after us   please research more, your statement is very hurtful



by KC on

Corageous man indeed.. but I'm quite sad to learn that he didn't keep any communication or contact with Zahra so he could help the girls out after the whole ordeal.  No one seems to even know what has become of them or what has happened since.  Truly sad that once your have you story and you've  gotten what u need to complete a book .. the rest doesnt' matter.


The Stoning of Soraya

by mwajuma on

Hello Tamara,

I just watched the movie and I intend to read the book immediately. This movie had me crying like I have never cried before. I grew up in an Islamic family and I used to be muslim but no more. I am so abhorred by how the men can easily get away with such treatment of women, it is truly horrifying and not even one man stood up and defended her, not one. They stone a woman and then they celebrate as if they have commited such a great act.  I could not even look at Ali without asking God to stop the hate from taking place in my heart. I hope that he reaped what he sowed and after all in christianity we are told that vengeance belongs to God. I am a true believer in that because in my heart I do not believe it is possible for such people to go unpunished.

At some point we will answer for the things we do. I would love to know what has been happening since in that village. How are her girls and so forth, does the book address that or not. I was also saddened to see that there were no pictures of Soraya at an older age.

A sister in mourning!



Stoning of Soraya M

by politicolada on

Hello Cecile

My name is Jessica Mori, a 23 year old, Canadian-Japanese-Korean in Vancouver, BC and after watching this movie, I feel compelled to put my beliefs into action. I thank your father for having the courage to record these events and make them known to people all over the world. For as long as I have been on this earth, I have been devastated by the injustice and cruelty faced by women in various parts of the world. I am ignorant of true day to day life in Iran, or Afghanistan but if what is portrayed in this movie is commonplace we as a community NEED to help put an end to this. I wish to talk to you more about this issue, and find out if you yourself are an activist. I work as a writer here in Vancouver and I find it rare to meet people who share the same passion for world issues. Even today as I sat in the theatre for the opening of this film, there were 11 people including myself and my fiance. Any opinion you might have on this topic would be much appreciated. Also if you know of any organizations or ways in which I can help in this fight please let me know. Thank you so much for your time,



Jessica Mori, Vancouver BC 



by trulycurious (not verified) on

does anyone know anything about what happened with her children? or if what, if anything, happened to her aunt? was anything ever done to these men?


The movie

by MoniqueR (not verified) on

I just saw the movie, and I am so saddening about what happend to this poor woman. If anyone knows of any follow-up information, I would really like to know. What happened to her children? Did they ever find out the truth (especially her sons!!). Did anyone involved get punished?


Tears flowing down my face.

by blueinmo (not verified) on

I just finished reading The Stoning of Soraya M. No book has ever moved me so much. As an American woman I just cannot wrap my mind around how much hate Islamic men have for women. I know not all hate women but when it suits them they can just turn on her and have her killed with just 2 other willing men to help him.

Fereydoune Sahebjam has exposed the dirty secret of what Islam can do if your unfortunate to be born a woman. The Taliban too have perverted the word of Mohammad.

I wish he could have written a follow up as to what happened to the men who accused Soraya falsely. I would have liked to known the misfortunes that befell her lying husband and Hassem whom she out of loyalty to her village and dead friend took care of after his wife died and her sons and the Mayor and especially the fake religious leader the murderer Hassan Lajevardi.

May God's justice fall on Ghorban Ali 10,000,000 fold the stones he threw at his wife Soraya until the end of time.

Surely Karma, God did not let these blasphemers who murdered Soraya in the name of God escape justice? I can only pray all who took part in the lie are in hell being stoned for eternity and never given the comfort Soraya found in death.

I only have one question is there no where in the blessed Koran a qoute like Jesus said in the bible, "He who is without sin cast the first stone"?

Thank You Fereydoune Sahebjam for giving Soraya her dignity back through your hand. I will never forget her name. Blessed be Soraya Ramazani Manutchehri.



about my Dad

by Cécile Leila Sahebjam (not verified) on

Dear Mister Sepahbody,

I just discover your text on Darius Kadivar's blog. My name is Cécile and Freidoune was my father. I just wanted to tell you thank you for your words, it really touched my heart. We don't know eachother but you were a lifelong friend of Dad so I felt like writing you and telling you that whenever you would like to have any informations about him you can write me. Thank you again.


Cécile Sahebjam


mort de Freidoune Sahebjam

by Christophe Neff (not verified) on

Hallo Darius

I have created some days ago a short wikipedia article (French wikipedia) about Freidoune Sahebjam ( . Now I can read in your blog that he died recently. Is that realy true ?
As I also plan to write an english article I just want to have a citeable source.
Could you please sent me one.

Christophe Neff


Décès Freidoune SAHEBJAM

by Arlette LEBOUTEILLER (not verified) on

Très attristée par le départ de Freidoune, je me suis rendue au Cimetière du Père Lachaise pour l'hommage qui lui a été rendu, puis à l'inhumation de ses cendres au cimetière de Neuilly.
Je garderai toujours le souvenir d'un être exceptionnel. Plus que quiconque, il savait la valeur de la vie et de la démocratie
J'ai entretenu une correspondance de 10 ans avec lui à raison d'une lettre, chacun, par semaine. J'avais avec lui une relation privilégiée. Il m'avait demandé de le représenter à l'inauguration du Livre Interantional de la Paix au Mémorial de la Paix à CAEN (France), livre dans lequel il avait écrit en conclusion de son texte et en parlant de l'Iran :"Au nom de Dieu Clément et Miséricordieux", les pires atrocités furent commises durant ces dernières décennies, le dieu de bonté et d'amour, celui de la Bible et du Coran, doit souffrir de tant de barbaries. Puisse-t-il enfin être entendu, afin que la paix règne à nouveau sur cette terre de passage entre l'Europe et l'Asie, berceau de la culture et de la civilisation."
Freidoune n'aura pas eu le bonheur de rentrer en toute liberté dans son cher Iran. Il est parti sur son tapis volant rejoindre le Tout-Puissant comme il le nommait toujours !
Omar Khayyam qu'il aimait tant a écrit "Le Paradis, pour moi, est un instant de paix." Que Khodâ accueille Freidoune en Son Paradis.
Khodâ hâfez Freidoune.

Farhad Sepahbody

Freidoune Sahebjam

by Farhad Sepahbody on

Freidoune Sahebjam was a very dear and lifelong friend of mine. He was a prolific author of many books as well as a courageous, daring investigative journalist who went on a regular basis to the most dangerous spots on our planet. A few days before his sudden demise, I had received his latest work and thanked him profusely in a phone call to Paris where he lived.

"What are you doing living so far away in Arizona near the Grand Canyon surrounded by rattlers and scorpions?" He said. "Why don't you go back to Paris where you belong? Life is short and we have so many things to say and write about! besides most of your friends are in France, you should not live like a hermit amongs New Age loonies."

Little did I know that I would never see Freidoune again, he was three years younger than me and was about to embark on yet another journey to Afghanistan. If there is a Great Beyond, maybe we will meet there. Goodbye Freidoune you were a true and caring friend.

In a final note Freidoune liked to quote this verse of our national poet Hafez:
"Ne fais pas comme l'hypocrite qui croit masquer
sa ruse en citant bien haut les paroles divines."




> Khoda biamorz

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

He truly was a man of knowledge. Not many journalist or political analyst have his experience and refined point of view.

Qu'il repose en paix.