Believe and take action


Believe and take action
by Behnam Bakhshandeh

With a crossover of philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality and self-awareness, Conspiracy for Greatness … Mastery of Love Within shows us just how powerful we are and how we can overcome limits we place on ourselves, our lives and our futures. See excerpt

September 30, 2009 – San Diego, Calif. – An inspiring story, Behnam Bakhshandeh’s Conspiracy for Greatness … Mastery of Love Within had its start years ago with a man’s humble beginnings in the United States. The man is Bakhshandeh, a person who never gave up on his dreams, who let nothing stop him! His main dream? To become an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker with a national reach. The good news is that he achieved his goals and now teaches others to do the same.

In 2001, Bakhshandeh started his own coaching and transformation technology line of training, writing many programs and structures for accountability/leadership education in hopes of providing programs, coaching and mentorship for a happier personal life and greater business productivity. His ultimate intention was to work with as many people possible and make their vision his business. Today, Primeco Education is the result of years of hard work and attention to his vision. While currently working to complete a series of coaching books, Behnam continues to lead individuals and companies through his leadership and coaching programs. His book is an extension of the man and is designed to be used as a virtual coach. It is as if Bakhshandeh were standing in the room with the reader!

“I wrote this book for a reason,” says Bakhshandeh. “Through his book, those who are struggling with adversity, who question whether they can make it through or not, will be inspired to achieve their dreams. This is not just a story of a man from Iran who succeeded. It is a tale of American perseverance and achievement. If a young man with dreams and little money in his pocket can land in America, embrace the culture and not only survive but thrive, so can every American-born individual. All they have to do is believe and take action steps!”

This book is provides the coaching experience within its pages, complete with effective exercises and questions we must each ask ourselves regarding what we want, but moreover what is holding us back. The answer lies within the questions and whether we are asking the right one. When we let go of the negative inner chatter in our minds and open to a new way of thinking, we can become the successes we strive for. That is what this book is all about. Replacing the conspiracy we have created within ourselves to keep our lives small with a conspiracy to achieve the greatness we are designed to have. But first we have to become masters of our inner power, learn to love ourselves and truly believe that we deserve all the best life has to offer.        

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