ACCOUNTABLY: Being responsible before the fact!


ACCOUNTABLY: Being responsible before the fact!
by Behnam Bakhshandeh

From the book “Conspiracy for Greatness; Mastery of Love Within”, by: Behnam Bakhshandeh

I don’t know about you, but each time I hear accountability or being accountable I can’t help but think of something heavy and hard, like something I can’t do, something that is too far from reality, nearly unreachable.

It is amazing when we become present in our own lives how we come to see just how much we are not being accountable for! Accountability and responsibility come hand in hand, when you practice responsibility you can’t help being accountable and having integrity. This is the essential component of the three-force combination.

Our power and presence is created and built on a foundation of our word and promises we make to ourselves and to others. The well being of our “life vision” depends on how we relate to our “word” and the degree to which we keep our promises.

Accountability is the opportunity to live our lives by our own decisions and our own choices, rather than thinking things are just happening to us in our lives by luck or by accident or the way others think we should live or decide. There is also something to be said about the negativity that comes from thinking that our life is based on what others say or want for us, or by doing what we think we should do because of what we think society dictates. We should be creating and inventing our own futures rather than having it happen to us by simplistic virtue of time and nature.

Without our commitments, our promises and our intentions, we would only rely on our feelings and emotions. Look at all business partnerships, personal promises, marriage vows, personal commitments and contracts or agreements we’ve made over the years. How many of them end with broken agreements and promises? We can take a deep look at our own way of being in regard to keeping promises and our overall lack of interest to being accountable for the quality of our life that have a direct correlation to the quality of our word or promises. Only our commitments and our intentionality would guarantee the fulfillment of our Life Vision.

When we make a promise to ourselves about something we know has to get done to help fulfill our life’s vision and will involve us in something larger than what we originally want it is not just about us. Others are involved. Our words and promises become our actions and manifest as a series of actions that impact our experiences and our results in our own lives, as well as the lives of others around us.

We have no idea how much our actions impact the world. That means any action, any broken promise, anything we do, anything we say will impact our relationship with others. Our relationship with others will impact the quality of our lives and eventually have a dramatic impact on our Life Vision.

By keeping our promises, continuing our practices and delivering on our commitments, we create conditions and environments that support our commitment rather than our mood, feelings and what we selfishly want for ourselves or for our personal benefit. Only when you act in a manner full of integrity, responsibility and accountability can you say you have separated yourself from your inner chatter and are not a product of your feelings or moods. You are now a product of your commitments and declarations. Simply put; YOU become YOUR word.

I could not help but hold myself accountable for my own performance and work. I knew deep inside that I was responsible for where I was in life. It is only me that is accountable for the outcome of my life and my experiences of that outcome.

When we honor our word and our promises we become who we TRULY are. We are our word as an action, rather than an idea. Our relationship to the world around us will shift from suffering to clarity and we will produce results that seem unpredictable and unforeseen.

Before now, we were just trying to survive. Now we are keeping our promises … nothing else. You will begin experiencing joy, self-respect and magic vs. fear and anxiety.

One my favorite quotes of all time is from Mother Teresa.

I never promised God I would be successful ... I promised God I would be faithful to my commitment.

In the moment you choose accountability as a way of living, accountability shows as an opportunity to become your word. This is who we are.

It is possible to be scared to make promises and declare your intentions. Check this part of you. Is it because you are scared that what you declare might come true? In that case, you have to become responsible for the quality of your life! You always wanted to have a good life, a successful life, right? Then you have to change and alter it!

In a funny way, as soon as you declare your commitments, the universe gets to work in your favor and doors keep opening. I don’t mean just have intentions and do nothing. I am saying speak out your intentions and do something about them. Who you are going to be when you are doing them is the biggest key to your success.

It is amazing when we get clear about our life vision. Suddenly the universe, people around us or even people who don’t know us yet get enrolled to our vision for life! The world wants to be engaged with us and help us out to get that vision realized.

In the end, I have two simple but powerful questions;

Where are you not being accountable for your results in the personal and professional aspects of your life?

Look where you are just not holding yourself accountable for your bottom-line results.

In what areas of your life do you need to implement accountability?

What areas of life do you need to pay more attention to accountability and put some structure, declarations and actions in place?


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