We Certainly Have Lots of Unregistered Chickens...

by bahmani

After reading a few comments by what I thought was the same person with the same Chicken icon, on several blogs and articles. "Man this person is certainly active!" I thought, and looked further to see the name of the mad poster. To my astonishment, it was a different name on each post and then as they say, do-zareem oftad!

The irony of the image, namely a chicken, combined with the word "Unregistered" across it, seems highly appropos as of late! At a minimum, now at least, anyone who wants to snipe from the shadows, has a highly descriptive icon to identify and put their anonymity into the right perspective for a change.

Just goes to show what a sense of humor can do! Bravo!


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Chickens, chickens every where.......

by Nadias on



Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens  

by Jack Prelutsky


Last night I dreamed of chickens, there were chickens everywhere, they were standing on my stomach, they were nesting in my hair, they were pecking at my pillow, they were hopping on my head, they were ruffling up their feathers as they raced about my bed. They were on the chairs and tables, they were on the chandeliers, they were roosting in the corners, they were clucking in my ears, there were chickens, chickens, chickens for as far as I could see... when I woke today, I noticed there were eggs on top of me.


Rosie: I thought you might want to know

by Anonymous4now (not verified) on

I just caught a glimpse of this thread and read your comment about Zartosht and his relation to Media. Mary Boyce is one of the most authoritative voices on Zorastrianism and its history. She was invited by professor Yarshaater to give a series of lectures on her findings which are printed as a book called
"Zoroastrianism: Its Antiquity And Constant Vigor".
This is a series of lectures and very hard to read but well worth the effort. She concludes that Zartosht was from the Eastern Iranian tribes and in particular from Parthian origin.

While on the subject, I also recommend the following book.

"Spirituality in the Land of the Noble: How Iran Shaped the World's Religions" by Richard C. Foltz

Rosie T.

Funny Amir Rostam,

by Rosie T. on

You don't look like a chicken.  You look like a snow-capped mountain top!



by amirrostam on

Amir Rostam



by Me! (not verified) on

I would rather keep my chicken logo than get my neck sliced off by a bunch of barbaric hoodlums! Need I give some some examples?


No my friend, Irani is not

by Saleh (not verified) on

No my friend, Irani is not chicken , at least those I know about.
I would say read the by by an Iranian American and see if he is Chicken or not.
It will be the most controversial book you can find in the west.
Life as it happens:short stories really hit the nail on the head.
Every Persian should grab a copy of it.
You love Persian gulf, You hate Omar, You defend justice and humanity and fairness, they are all there
Some radical ultraconservative westerners, some hajis who did exploit people to become rich and Saddam would not like this book.

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

E-mail jj directly and tell him about the deletions of the Spanish. I don't THINK the site is supposed to be specifically bilingual only. Honestly I don't know if he has a policy about it, but if you ask him, he will have to cook one up.

Te quiero muchimo luz de mi corazon

Dona Rosita la Soltera

(I love you so much, light of my heart

Khanome Gol)


I must say I was expecting........

by Sasha on

 I am surprised that the Spanish comments are still on this thread. Usually, someone deletes us.Of course, all the Spanish comments on this thread are not offensive.  Hmmmmmmmm Maybe it is just me they don't want commenting in  Spanish only.

To: my heart Sasha

You are welcome. I still think Persian is a beautiful and complex language.  Thank you for the compliment on my beauty. I am a Texan.




To: mi corason Sasha :)

by Gabriel Jalopino de Goya (not verified) on

Hola! Gracias para ecri en Espanol.
Persian ne esta complicado. Estudio Persian con mi.
Usted es muy linda.De donde usted es?
Mi mucho gusto los chicas Mexicanos....muy sympathico et cividad.

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

is this Website's perfect bird, it is our Simorgh, our Phoenix.  It is near and dear to the Website Publisher's soul and the Eternal Chicken shall rise.

 I refer to Malek Taus, worshipped by the Yezedis of Iraqi Kurdestan as the Peacock Angel but by the related Yarsanis of IRANIAN Kurdistan as a chicken. And no mere chicken either, but a rooster, a cock, as witnessed in our logo by the perky red comb. 

While the religion of the Yezedis/Yarsanis may be no more than 500 years old it appears to be an avatar of something much much older (recalling that Zartosht came from Lake Urmia...and the home of the historic Medes, who predated the Achaemenids in the Persian empire)  The worship of the rooster is a form of saluting the Sun (Lord of the Light of Knowledge) as the cock crows each morning, and is thought to be related to the Sun Salutations of Hindu yoga.  An old old Indoaryan practice...thousands and thousands of years old...brought by the horsemen of the Central Asian steppe...mother of the Fathers of Eurasia...

So...put on your cockscombs all you Peter Pans and post...post...and sing with "Peter":  "I Gotta Crow...Cocka doodle doo!."  This IS jj's neverneverland and here in our cybersky chickens DO fly...


Wendy Darling (aka Tinkerbell)


I completely agree with ..

by Mostafa_K (not verified) on

Ghatebe: "Kourosh Sassanian" = "Ahmad Bahai" = "Anonymouspb" = "Anonymous2008" = "babakoohi" = "Kos Sher"
Why do you have all of these personalities. Your Writing, Style, etc. are almsot all the same :) - By the way, some are "Nastier" than others !!


Change the sand in this Sandbox

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

it is time . . .that is if you trust change!


Avian Flu

by Troneg on

It is a good initiative even. Many people comes annoymously to insult freely and nothing with IRI or FBI ...

Chicken is good the best would be a Digital Avian Flu ;-)


Anonymous.. No te entiendo/I don't understand you

by Sasha on

 Sigue escribiendome en Farsi pero yo no se lo que estas diciendo. Desafortunadamente solo conozco algunas palabras en Farsi. Es un lenguaje muy bello pero complicado.

 Keep on writing to me in Farsi but I don't know what you are saying to me. Unfortunatley, I only know a few words in Farsi. It is a beautiful language but complex.




Gabriel De Jalopino .....just thought you might want to know

by Sasha on

 Buenos Dias

La razon por todos los gallos es porque quieren que la gente se registre. El dueño de este sitio de red decidio usar los gallos.

I just thought you should know your comment may be deleted if a non Spanish speaker moderator on this website doesn't know what you are saying.

I posted a nice comment on this thread in Spanish for Anonymous.. so that this person could understand how  it feels for me, when they continue to write in Farsi in addressing me, even though I explained, I don't understand it.

I will repost the deleted comment to Anonymous... Bilingually.




OK Sasha WILL comment in Spanish

by Gabriel De Jalopino (not verified) on

buenos dias?

Por que esta mucho pollo aqui? Por que?


I am not a number

by I am not a number (not verified) on

The problem I have with these ICONS, It reinforces Pigeonholing people. The Messenger comes before the message ....

This is the only reason I never give names and it is not because I am afraid ...

Iranian.com is indirectly trying to sensationalize issues and it tends to use all means to do so ...



Seriously now................:o)

by Sasha on


I only know a few words and phrases in Farsi. Please, write in English or Spanish when addressing any comments to me.


G. Rahmanian

 Your favorite photo of me and my current photo were taken by the same photographer, same day and wearing the same clothes. The only difference are the poses and the backgrounds. The photo you like has a black background (So it is a black background, black suit, and dark hair)

I haven't had a perm in years. It damages the hair too much which makes it difficult to let one's hair grow.

My new photographer these days  is my mother and if she ever takes a really good picture of me then I will use it to update my avatar.

Thanks for the compliment on the weight and age gain. I happen to be almost 40 years old and I have years trying to gain weight.

I got tired of looking waifer model thin. I certainly did not  like looking like a walking hanger. Also, in many cultures men value curves on a woman over a "walking hanger" look any day of the week. :o)


Kentucky Fried Chicken or whatever you are calling yourself now:






by Anonymous.. (not verified) on

sasha, az sene khodat khejalat bekesh. tu bayad namaz va roze begozari. yane cha, fekre gherti bazi hasti. boro roosare sarat kon badash aksi begir. boro khahar, boro


tavileh shuma

by Anonymous.. (not verified) on

Tavileh shuma arzaneye khodetan bashad, tanha sedaye arar az on miayed. arzaneye shuma va IRI mebashad.



by Khar Formerly KFC (not verified) on

Thanks "Anonymous.." Have you decided yet to join our Tavileh?



by Anonymous.. (not verified) on

che khob ast ke mesle shuma penhani khar bazi khar, va baraye shuma olagha cheese nevesht.


tasvire khar

by Anonymous.. (not verified) on

tasvire olagh bishtar be shuma miayed.


On a lighter note..

by Khar Formerly KFC (not verified) on

Rosie my bad! to this Khar your picture looks marvelous!

David ET

great choice JJ

by David ET on

Indeed the picture of chicken was very matching :-)


"So feel free to remain a chicken :o)" Jahanshah says

by Chicken for JJ (not verified) on

, so feel free people call JJ anything you wish :O)!


Hezbe kharha

by Anonymous.. (not verified) on

Ai bichareha, bekar va be arha, bekaso karha, beravid va be en kharbaziha sarhaye khodro garm konid. Hezbe kharha baraye shuma khobekhob hast. Agar olagh bishtar mikhahid IRI mesle hamishe komaketan mekonad olagh ha. Felan bistar harfi nist.


Serious Discussion Folks...

by Khar Formerly KFC (not verified) on

About Re-forming the "Hezbe-e Kharan-e Iran" anybody who would like to throw Joftak and sound Ar-Ars are most welcomed. For starters I would like to suggest to use this motto "Hay For Everyone". I have to be frank with you folks this party is not your father's political party and is poised for political success. Any old-School parties, groups can join. Because the door to our Tavileh is open to any and every body. If you believe you are a stubborn one (I’m sure I’m not an only one out there)feel free to join the discussion. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.


Ghod, ar, ar, ghod, ara

by kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

The blue eyed kids v. the Brown eyed kids!

What's in an avatar? That which we call a gool with khayeh.

By any other name would smell as gholgholee. The avatar is a projection of psychic ambivalence. Hence, ghod, ghod to your Frank Burns!

Now, you know Rosie dar shar[in the city] certain people get certain peshnahadat[proposals]. This is from Sammad, so google it!

Let me explain!

These pishnahadad[proposals] are at times manifest unrecognizability, strangeness and absurdity of the manifest avatar partly as the result of the translation of thought into a different, so to say archaic, method of expression, but partly the effect of a restrictive, critically disapproving agency in the mind which does not entirely cease to function during the course of picking an avatar.

It is plausible to suppose that the avatar, which we regard as being responsible in the first instance for the distortion of our thoughts into the manifest-avatar, is an expression of the same mental forces which during the non-virtual-time had been held back or repressed the unconscious wishful thinking.

Ghod, ghod ghoda!!!

Rosie T.

It's fine if you want to stay anonymous but ... PS Khar/Kharan

by Rosie T. on

we registered users know that we have much better discussions because of the ability to track the threads for replies. It elevates the discourse on the website.  It ensures that people can reply to OLD blogs and we still get the replies.  So nothing's lost or wasted. We also get to know each other better behind the scenes because we can contact each other and some of us have started to make very close friendships, or just be able to say things we need to say privately...I'm talking about things of substantial content (don't get fresh...  :D  )..  It's really good to be registered and more people should do it. You don't have to supply ANY biographical info on your blogspace (but you can...) and you CERTAINLY don't have to give your name, but it's GOOD to be registered.  ANd anyway, too many chickens looks UGLY... 


PS Sorry KFC (Kharan Fried Chicken), the post of Head Fowl of Kharan is taken by Ben Madadi. He's King of Kharestaan by his own proclamation, and I am SURE it is the same as Kharan, just in a different dialect. And yes, it's a real recent photo of me. And I'm SICK of seeing it now everywhere with this new format...Omid sent me a lovely image of a lion's testicles and I'm thinking about it...I'm thinking.... I GOT IT! ALFRED E. NEUMAN...that's who jj looks like...what me worry?...and fashion designer: I think Sasha's new photo is intense...maaaaaybe a liiiiiittle chubby but so what?....she reminds me of Irene Pappas in "Zorba.."