Welcome separation and independence from Iran


Welcome separation and independence from Iran
by aLiAhWaZi

All of you guys are always talking about liberal democracy with great praise as I do, I hope you gonna tolerate and understand what you will read next. This oppressive regime will eventually collapse. Liberal democracy is coming soon and there will be no more oppression, neither from the government nor from the people who hate us for no obvious reason other than the ugly racism.

There are dozens of countries around the world with populations characterized by being a mixture of cultures and ethnicities. Switzerland and Iran are two examples, but how far the two countries are in terms of discrimination among races. Unfortunately as a matter of fact Iran has one of the worst profiles in this regards. The current evil government in Iran has been applying a systematic oppression against many of the ethnic and religious minorities. Among those ethnicities suffering the worst discrimination in Iran are Arabs.

According to Amnesty International, Arab population of Iran is one of the most economically and socially deprived and that Arabs have reportedly been denied state employment under the gozinesh [job placement] criteria." Furthermore, it states “land expropriation by the Iranian authorities is reportedly so widespread that it appears to amount to a policy aimed at dispossessing Arabs of their traditional lands. This is apparently part of a strategy aimed at the forcible relocation of Arabs to other areas while facilitating the transfer of non-Arabs into Khuzestan and is linked to economic policies such as zero-interest loans which are not available to local Arabs .


At least 80% of Iran ’s source of foreign currency comes from the oil revenues. Iran ’s oil is almost exclusively confined to Arabistan (Khuzistan) but the original people of that area are, undoubtedly, the poorest citizens of Iran . The tragic financial circumstances of Ahwazi Arabs have a tremendous negative impact on their lives, yet this is not the main problem of Arabs in Iran . It’s, in fact, another issue.

No single Iranian can deny the social discrimination against Arabs. Very briefly, Persians hate Arabs. It’s one of the most prominent fact that every Iranian knows very well. Just make a search for the word “Arab” in Iranian.com and unsurprisingly, you will be encountered by a huge amount of hatred expressed against Arabs by Persians only in this website. “Uncivilized Arabs demolished our civilization and ruined our culture!” “Arabs forcefully converted us to Islam from Zoroastrianism” , bla bla bla…

Honestly, I’m not here to offend anyone but the fact is that Iranians do not only hate Arabs, they also regard them as a tenth class people while Persians are the first class! The most distressful issue is that when you are living in a country and being despised by your own fellow citizens just because of your race. Social racism and discrimination against Arabs in Iran are extremely common even among religious Persians. It’s exactly like the Nazi racism. It’s quite enough just to read the title and the last paragraph of this article:


These are not the views of ordinary Persian people only, the majority of the Persian elites and intellectuals like Sadeq Hedayat, Sadeq Chubak, Mehdi Akhavan, Nader Naderpour, and many others have a very extreme level of discrimination against Arabs (a typical Nazi racism). Hedayat's view of Iranians and Arabs as two different and unequal races, one Aryan and superior, the other Semitic and inferior!!! Naderpour sees Islam not so much as wrong in itself, but wrong because it is Arab!!!


It’s a concept that has been profoundly wedged into the minds of Persians that the Persian race is higher than the Arabic! The typical image of an Arab in the eyes of a Persian individual is that dirty and smelly desert man. Well, this is not the truth even in the very old days, as Arabs (like other people) have a wide range of variation. Please have a very brief look.


And, the fathers of those Arabs, had the earliest civilizations ever. Mesopotamia ( Iraq ) is very well known in the west as the cradle of civilizations. The first one of these civilizations was the Sumerian. Kuzestan was a Sumerian land 2000 years before the appearance of the word Persian. //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesopotemia#cite_note-2

Back to our subject, there is no justification for that historical hatred. I won’t go into the vicious circle of debate about the endless questions like why didn’t your people (Persians) abandon Islam when the Arab occupation of Persia ended about 800 years ago? Why Safavids who were quite committed to the Persian identity didn’t impose Zoroastrianism back on Iranians rather than imposing another version of Islam (Shiism)? Why all of those millions of Persians are still crazily enthusiastic to be the best muslims? And saying that they are muslims before being anything else? Even if they hate IRI? Why Spain (who had a longer time of Arabic occupation) immediately got rid of every thing related to Arabs after expelling them from Iberia , while Persians did not? Why do you blame Arabs and not Persians for the existence of the IRI? And those millions of Iranians who participated in Ayatollah Khomeini’s funeral when that BBC commentator described the funeral as the hugest spontaneous one in the history of mankind with an endless black sea of people expressing their absolute support to the revolution that he led more than 10 years ago!!!

Again, I don’t like to have this sort of discussion, I only cognize one fact, racism is an ugly disease and this disease is endemic in Iran . Iranian Persians are generally racists even with other Persians like Afghani Persians. In the western countries, the majority of Persian Iranians present themselves by saying “I’m Persian” instead of saying “I’m Iranian”. Ironically, they get furious if an Iranian Arab presents him/herself saying “I’m Arab” or if a Persian Afghan says “I’m Persian”. These screaming double standards are matters of reality obviously in a funny way. Having said that, I would never deny that racism is everywhere in the Middle East, but never as bad as in Iran . If there are many Arabs who hate Iranians then beyond dispute, they would be the Sunni extremists who hate Iranians just because they are Shiites. Those extremist Sunni Arabs cry! and shout for the rights of the Sunni Persians while whishing to eliminate Shiite Persians from existence, another disgusting form of racism.

For all of these reasons, I have never felt that I was in the capital of my own country whenever I went to Tehran. How could I have this feeling when Tehrani people treat me badly only because I’m an Arab!!! I always felt as a stranger there. I really didn’t have this feeling in Sydney, Australia after staying there only for a couple of weeks!!! I have never felt that I belonged to Iran or Iran belonged to me as a nation. Once and for all, as the vast majority of Arabs in Iran , I have not ever felt that I’m Iranian.

There was only one very big reason for Ahwaz to stay within Iran , that was religion. The loyalty to the religious leaders and the fears (among people) of being apart from an Islamic state and the religious enthusiasm. When this reason is no more, then no single reason, what so ever, has left to continue this humiliation.

I have no, even one in a million, doubt that Arabs in the current Iran will choose independence because I know my people very well. I don’t need to justify the choice of my people in Ahwaz to separate from Iran and have their independent state as this choice does not need any justification as per liberal democracy. Even without the big problem of racism, my people are extremely keen to be the same as all the Arab states in the Gulf. They always compare their miserable circumstances in Iran , in all terms, with the wealth and prosperity of the small Arab states in the Gulf like Kuwait and Dubai. Historically those Arabs (in Kuwait and Dubai) were extremely similar to them in every aspect of life. Unlike the urban Arabs of Damascus, Baghdad or Beirut, Arabs of the Gulf (including Ahwazis) had their own life style which was different from those living in the old mentioned cities. Moreover, they share the same tribes and many of them have relatives in all of these states. There are, actually, direct cousins some of them have the Iranian citizenship and others hold the Kuwaiti. The difference in the level of life between those cousins in Iran and Kuwait is extremely obvious.




I see we are on the right path to world peace!

by Pouneh on

Gosh, I don't know if I should laugh or cry after reading all the comments! Aliahwazi jan, I love you. Don't even think of leaving us because we need people like you to expose such issues about our culture. How can we criticize the regime when we can't bear to face our own demons? I am so sorry that you feel the way you do. No one should feel segregated in their own homeland. If my son came to me and told me that he feels the way you do, I would do everything I could to make him feel loved and cared for. I would not criticize him one bit, especially if he expressed his emotions as genuinely as you do. I never could understand why we Iranians insist on being Aryans, a race, when we have none of the physical characteristics of white Europeans.  Why do we pretend that our grandfathers are Germans when our genes tell us that we are no different from  Arabs?

Anyways, I do sympathies with you my Arab brother. But you also must realize that separatism is not a ticket to first class citizenship. If Khuzestan should ever break away, then you guys are going to find that infact you are all equally racist, sexist, or chauvanistic as the Iranians you left behind. You can't tell me that discrimination is non existant among Arabs. If we are really being honest with ourselves then we need to admit that human beings are always looking for ways to advance themselves in the power structure that exists in any society. We use any means possible to advance our  status including discrimination. If we didn't do this, we would see no point in all the arbritary groups like Persian, Arab, Aryan, Muslim, Christians...etc we participate in to distinguish ourselves from other. The elite will forever point out the lack of wisdom and refinement in the lower classes. The poor will forever claim that the rich are greedy and have robbed them of their rights, property, labor and so on. It's an old story, a 'vicious cycle' as you say.

If we were face to face I would offer you a tea, thank you for sharing your story with me and enlightening me on your position in respect to the larger society. In return I would suggest to you that happiness, freedom and true power are internal quests. No outside change will give you the sense of belonging you seek Aliahwazi. For now, drink more tea and think about how you can break out of the power heirarchy.


PS I am an IRI! 

ebi amirhosseini

حکایاتی از شیخ اجل سعدی برای دوست نادیده شیخ العلی الاحوازی

ebi amirhosseini

عابدی را حکایت کنند که شبی ده من طعام بخوردی و تا سحر ختمی بکردی . صاحب دلی بشنید و گفت : اگر نیم نانی بخوردی و بخفتی ، بسیار از این فاضل تر بودی !


جالینوس ابلهی را دید دست در گریبان دانشمندی زده و بی حرمتی همی‌کرد گفت اگر این نادان نبودی کار وی با نادانان بدین جا نرسیدی.


اگر نادان به وحشت سخت گوید       خردمندش به نرمی‌دل بجوید




یکی را از برزگان بادی مخالف در شکم پیچیدن گرفت و طاقت ضبط آن نداشت و بی اختیار از او صادر شد. گفت ای دوستان! مرا در آنچه کردم اختیاری نبود و بزهی بر من ننوشتند و راحتی به وجود من رسید شما هم به کرم معذور دارید.

شکم زندان بادست ای خردمند    ندارد هیچ عاقل باد در بند


Ebi aka Haaji


Sorry for being late

by aLiAhWaZi on


Sorry guys for not replying all of these days, I’ve been away for a while. I highly appreciate all of the responses even those with the offensive and inappropriate words from some of you.  These aggressive expressions (sometimes very dirty representing the level of that person), as a matter of fact, support my case. I do understand your eagerness to keep Iran united. It’s good to be a nationalist but not a chauvinistic.

Except for a few wise commentators here (tabar & Benross), the majority of the rest,actually, have revealed their racist mood quite outspokenly. As I mentioned in myarticle that racism in Iran has penetrated itself over many centuries to be a prominent component of the people’s culture. It’s so cultural to the degree that the Persian ELITES do not feel ashamed to declare it, to endorse it and to encourage people adopting it. Cultural, normal and admirable to the degree that, intellectuals espouse the extreme forms of it

Honestly, I tried my best to be very objective. I supported my claims with evidences and logic. Ididn’t use an offensive or abusive language. I was quite careful not to hurt thefeelings of anybody despite the fact that Persians hurt me quite frequently. I thought that I was writing this blog mainly for a group of well educated open minded people to reasonably investigate and manage that destructive issue. However, I’m not totallysurprised as I’m already aware about this. Quite aware that this hatred towards Arabs is moving with your blood even if you live in LA, it’s genetic.     

After all of these years that you spent in the US or other Western countries. After all of these years, admiring and enjoying liberal democracy. After all of these speeches about freedom and vituperation of dictatorship. Once there is a threat to what you want, you turn into the worst dictator, just a typical Middle-Eastern mentality. Being ready to abandon all the beautiful! concepts of freedom to have a big powerful state regardless of people’s desires, not different at all from the tyrants of the IRI!

Divaneh threatened me with blood saying (I remember the Arab uprising after the lastrevolution and just before the war. Nobody wants that blood spilling tooccur again.) !!!!!! No wonder others asked me to leave my land and go to anyArab country!!! No wonder others who are from Khurasan or Asfahan said that Khuzestanis their!!! Land .

 In French speaking Quebec, Canada,a big group of locals asked for independence from Canada. Canadians who live in Toronto didn’t ask the separatists to leave Quebec and go to France because it’s not their rightto do so. They did a poll to determine the will of the majority in Quebec. If the majority in Quebec decide to separate from Canadathen they will get it at anytime they want to. It’s a basic right guaranteed bythe constitution of any liberal democracy. So only the people of that area havethe right to, or not to, continue within a specific country. The same applies for Basque region in Spain, there was a poll for the people of that region to decide and they decided to keep being within Spain.

If you don’t understand these rules of democracy, then stop shouting for it, this is hypocrisy.

Those who argue that Khuzestan (Arabestan) is Persian according to history, I want them to checkthese links of authentic academic references. It states that the former name of Khuzestan is Arabestan. Also states that Khuzestan was part of Mesopotamia (Iraq) of theSummerians thousands of years (since 6000 BC) before being the heart of Elamite kingdom in 2700 BC. Then being ruled by Akkadians, Babylonians and Assyrians.Then Achaemeind then Romans then Sassins then Arabs. Arab population has been the vast majority for the last 600 years. Yet, history is of no big importance comparedto the demand of the current local people.



The funniest accusation some of you guys made to me is that I’m An IRI agent!!!!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Benross

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I don't know where you are getting your ideas from. Iran was and will be a united country forever. We have been a single nation for 3000+ years and are not going to split because of you or anyone else.

and the famous divide and rule policy was used by the king to keep the
country together (and under his kingdom, which was the same thing),

This makes absolutely no sense. How can the king divide us to keep us together!!! We got trashed many times because we lacked enough unity. If we had been more united neither Alexander the damned; Arabs; Mongols; British or anyone would have hurt us. Now you sir come along with the same old song of separation to fool us once again into destruction. 

We are not falling for it! We are one single nation. The nation of: Kourosh the great; Yazdgird; Ferdowsi; Rostam; Babak Khorramdim; Mazyar; Yagoob Laith Saffari; Reza Shah the great and many others. We are not splitting up: get it! Anyone who wants to leave: the door is open. Anyone who wants to come back: the welcome mat will be there. Iranian nation never rejects her people but never binds them into forced slavery or forced citizenship. People are free but land is non negotiable. One single nation.

maziar 58

okie dokie

by maziar 58 on

can you please write you article in persian so some more peoples can justify those logics.

since we're usingEnglish as our main tool of communication their history is ours too,here in the u.s  we don't have to go too far maybe 2 or 300 yrs. is enough to give my answer.                            FYI the son of sheykh khazaal's grand sons are delivering pizza in ontario and other driving cab in philadelphia.(nothing wrong with those honest job).

as a khuzestani I think have studied enough about our region going back all the way to sassanid dynasty, look at the oldest map we were always part of persia and now Iran.       Maziar


Dear Maziar

by benross on

Before the creation of the nation state of Iran by Reza Shah, Iran was an assembly of ethnic groups, living with their traditional social structure. The colonialism was always present, cutting deal with the leaders of this and that clan, and the famous divide and rule policy was used by the king to keep the country together (and under his kingdom, which was the same thing), and by colonialists to keep their zones of influence. This in itself has left a lot of scars on the face of Iranians of all ethnicities. Then Reza Shah, trying to eliminate this source of division, conflict and backwardness, has imposed other pressures, leaving other scars. If you don't talk about it, you are hiding your head in the sand. If you don't give it a priority, it will hunt you later. Actually, sooner rather than later. In some respect, the fact that this seems so offending to you, is a testimonial to the great achievements of Reza Shah and his son.

In all the grandiose ideas of modernity since the constitutional revolution, among all Iranian elite, social engineering concepts were based on paternalistic guidance, and as a back-up, imposition by force if necessary. Since the notion of 'progress' was not necessarily associated with 'freedom'.

Dissociating the notion of 'progress' and 'freedom', although wrong from the beginning, but it was possible. Or more accurately, 'associating' these two was outside of the scope of intellectual capacity of Iranians. Now, we are entering a period in history that separating the idea of freedom from progress is no longer possible. And as soon as the freedom becomes the center piece of any social project in Iran, the resurgence of the old scars are almost unavoidable. Scars that are not only limited to IRI period. The only option before us is to face them head on, and to try to redirect it in a peaceful and civilized established process. This is what I'm talking about.

US history is irrelevant. To understand the Iranian context you need to study Iranian history. And Iranian history is full of evidence about the necessity of an established process on territorial issues, stepping into its totally new historical era.

maziar 58

Mr. Benross

by maziar 58 on

in a very short and sweet I'll ask you    In America the land of free & freedom Has it been ever brought up the subject of separation from let's say African American or hispanis American?to have a nation of their own?.                may be you can call me Arab iranian and that's not racist at all  But the thought of separation is bothersome.            

khuzestan is the 6th state of unified IRAN forever.     Maziar



by benross on

I almost missed this interesting blog and comments!

Thank you Aliahwazi for this. It was timely and based on the reactions, very efficient.

I'm more in line with Princess on my observation. It is utterly in-defendable to suggest leaving Iran would be an acceptable solution for an Iranian citizen who doesn't feel welcomed by the establishment. Does anybody remember the Shah solution for some dissidents, to get their passport and go? at least he had the decency to recognize them as 'citizens' and giving them a 'passport'.

As you may know, I do think that talking about separation, and having a political solution for such manifestation is of outmost importance and has to be addressed NOW and I offered my 66-50 percent formula for it.


I don't think for a second, that accusations of racism are baseless. In fact, this blog has unsettled quite a few, and rightly so. Now Aliahwazi may not be who he pretends to be. This is irrelevant. He did a great service to all of us -with whatever hidden agenda there might be- because clearly he pointed to our weakness as a society, with a rampant racism all around.

I would argue that racism in itself is not such a big deal. Being blind and silent about it, is. So it doesn't matter how much truth is in suspicious of ill intention of the content of the blog, since it is not put forward as part of open dialogue on the issue, but as a reaction to silence it. This is what is wrong with our attitude toward the subject matter. The accusation is that it may be an IRI plot, and I might add it could easily be of a foreign origin as well, as it historically used to be, but the problem with this accusation is that it doesn't eliminate the issue. It silence it. And this is exactly the breathing ground for such issues to become a vehicle of ill intentioned plot by national or international forces against democracy.

To me, the mere existence of such discussion is of outmost importance. The content of it is of secondary importance. But as an observation, although I do agree that racism is rampant in our society, but most of the examples raised in this blog are not ethnic base racism per se. You don't have to be of an ethnic minority to see Tehran and Tehranis as degrading toward you. This is a general attitude of Tehranis toward Shahrestanis, whatever ethnicity might be, mostly from ignorance rather than racism.

Regardless of your intentions, the fact that you shook-up some spirits here means that you did the right thing and I encourage others to do the same.

As long as we talk, we move towards a stable social peace in our country.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

A reporter asked an Abadani ..... with all the migration of the khuzestanis since the 1980s   what is the popolation of Abadan nowadays ? the guy answered   ABADAN WITH ALL ITS SURROUNDING COUNTIES  over 70 millions.



Prtending to be Ahvazi.

by pedro on

During the war, our high school was filled with the people who escaped the saddom's bombing and resided in our towns and cities. I had 3 very good Ahwazi friend. Many years later in England i met an Iraqi man and became friends. He told me that he was a soldier during the Iran Iraq war. On one occassion he recalls that the Iraqi forces attacked and the Ahwazi (Arabs in Iran as he called them) men and women put up a major resistance and fought them nail and teeth. He was very upset that Ahwazi men and women resisted them ( Including other iranian forces). "The Samavar was on and the tea still brewing in teapot when we arrived in Ahwaz as I entered one of the houses, Iraqi solders looted and look all valueables" he said.

A cassette tape of Googoosh is all he took he said.



Divaneh & Hamsade G

by Sohraby on

We need to be very  cautious with Mullahs because they are Allahs' offspring and Allah is


"ومكروا ومكر الله والله خير المـاكرين


و رسم و خدعه با الله و الله بهترین حقه بازان است.


And plotted and cunning of Allah(the God of Arabs) and Allah the Best of Planners(deceivers


جناب آقای علی‌ عوضی‌ خان دامت برکات


ممکنه که تهران پایتخت تو نباشه ولی‌ آبادان پایتخت دنیا مگه نیس. پس اشکالت چیه؟  یه نظر بده کا جان که کمی‌ به زبان عربی‌ مشورت کنیم شاید از خر شیطان بیاریمت پایین.


Very right Sohraby

by divaneh on

I was analysing the whole blog in my mind after I left my first comment and realised that it must have been posted by someone from the regime, and exactly for the reason that you explained "Fear of separation in case of a change of regime". Well done inspector.


There are 23 Arab countries

by AtheistKurd on

There are 23 Arab countries that you can go to.... Iran for Iranians... Some of the Iranian "Azeris" are Turks but vas majority are Turkified Iranians....... Kurds are Persians and Persians are Kurds... same with Lors... I dont want to get into this debate since it just pisses me off....Iran for Iranans....

hamsade ghadimi

sohraby zadi too khal dada

by hamsade ghadimi on

sohraby you got it right with your assessment.  this is a bache akhoond trying to stir it up.  what's next? an azari saying they want to secede from iran and join azarbaijan (the country)?  i have iranian arab friends that tell me they're proud to be iranian.  some of them keep sending me petitions to repatriate persian antiquities to iran.  my azari friends don't feel kinship with azarbaijanis (the country).  my armenian friends tell me they feel closer to iranians than the armenians in armenia, georgia, turkey and elsewhere.  how about the baluchis wanting to join pakistan. turkamans joining turkamanistan, kurds joining iraq ...... 

you akhoonds are bunch of desparate and despicable pigs.  iran is not about a single race, ethnicity, language nor religion.  that's what makes me proud to be an iranian.  throughout history, iran has been a refuge to slaves, displaced and persecuted people.  each and every one of these people is as iranian as i am and nothing less.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iranians of Arab desecent

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Ali Shamkhani: Chief commander of the ground forces. This was at the height of the war 1984-1989 with Iraq. It proves:

  • Iranians of Arab origin do raise to really high and powerful positions.
  • Many like Ali Shamkhani are not separatist. They support Iran.

If Iranians were so racist why would they trust him in such an important job. Remember this during a war where trust is very important.

I guess this does not fit into the "evil Persians" whining model. Sorry to disappoint. But truth is more important.




by Sohraby on

You are neither a Khozestanie Arab nor a separatist. You are a damn IRI-Agent (Bache Akhond) sitting in Iranian embassy in Canada writing  such a nonsense. By posting this blog you try to make people believe that if Mullah regime goes some parts of Iran will go too! Stop fighting the regime for the sake of Iran's sovereignty/unity!  Khar khodetoon hasteed Amoo.


In the near future we will see more from you guys, right? Don't bother yourselves because it doesn't help, IRI must go and will go to hell with all its supporters/Mouzdoor.





by divaneh on

Ali, I come from Abadan and some of my best friends were Arabs or from mixed Arab/Persian parents. Don't you give me these stuff about discrimination against Arabs, as that was against everyone. Many Iranians being racist? Yes, you can see it in our culture, language and even some traditions. It needs to change. But, please don’t tell me that Arabs are not feeling superior to others.

As with Khuzistan, it possibly has more Persian population than Arabs. Remember, Khuzistan was the cradle of Persian Empire. Cyrus was the ruler of Susa (Shush) and Tisfoun (Ahwaz) was one of the major cities of Achaemenid Iran. Khuzistan was also the base of the Sassanid dynasty. Travel 40 miles from Ahwaz to Ramhormoz (built by Hormoz the Sassanid king) or go to Abadan and visit Bahmanshir (built by Bahman the Sassanid King). Persians are not invaders in Khuzistan as you put it, they are the invaded.

We as a nation need to be less class conscious and get our value system right. People who made you feel inferior in Tehran; do the same to every other ethnic group. They even call some people Shahrestani. If that makes you inferior, then you give them more importance than they deserve.

However, if your motivation comes from the oil wealth in Khuzistan, then remember that this is a land for all Iranians and stays as Iran. I remember the Arab uprising after the last revolution and just before the war. Nobody wants that blood spilling to occur again. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You cannot deny that ethnic minorities have not suffered far worse than Persians. That's like saying women suffer just as much as men lol

Tabar, I told you and will say again: I felt in no way discriminated against. Not my Azeri side not my Lor. My fathers best friend was a Kurd. No one ever discriminated against him and I know I was there. If you want to wallow in self pity go ahead. I don't.  This is exactly what the enemy wants. A lot of in fighting to weaken us. Divide and conquer. It is the first step in wrecking a nation. And you are falling for it big time my friend. Thankfully others do not agree.



by SamSamIIII on



 As was pointed out to you by this ommatie Iran-hater , khaleh abgoosht-paz , you were not the point of my comment . My note was to bring attention to historicaly illiterate bigots like her who cluelessly in every blog demean, ridicule another Iranian ethnic  group (Persians) with hatefull degradation about their heritage in which sacred symbols of their cultures & heritage(religion/dynasties/icons) are desecrated with absolute contempt and racial tone . I personally refuse to call Pan-Turks like this Ommatie as Azari ham-mihans who are the founding memebers of Kiaani union of Iran . & khaleh, burned abgoosht, bodo bodo hajii may not like it.

&Alahvazi bud, for some one who is only 4 weeks new to Iranian.com you are super familiar with site archives dating back a decade like a ..., fishy if you ask me ;)). 


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Mohammad Ala

Cho Iran nabashad, tan-e man mabad.

by Mohammad Ala on

This group Al-Ahwazi is not new.  Dr. Kaveh Farrokh and others have written about it extensively.  The separatist groups are supported by Zionists.   I was born in Ghonbad Kavoos and speak the dialect. 

When it comes to nationality, as the saying goes . . .

Cho Iran nabashad, tan-e man mabad.



by ThePope on

You're nothing else but a TRAITOR (if you're Iranian that is, which I really really doubt).

The only thing that's troubling you is $$$ (oil $). All your historic, religious, racist arguments are just pure bullcrap... Your problem is obvious. Nothing else but $$$, that's it.

Overall, you have NO freakin' idea what you're talking about...
FYI, the MOST SUCCESSFUL businessmen of Tehran (& some other cities) are either Azaris or Arabs, two Iranian ethnic group (one majority, one minority). The TOP Iranian import/export (taajer) Baazaaris in Tehran are Arabs, they're number one practically in every senf. Actually, THE VERY TOP [Baazaari] businessman is an [Iraqi born] arab (Iranian citizen). 
I really wonder if us Iranians were as racist as you say we are, how the hell some ethnic minorities have made it so far to the top so successfuly?

Do you think the islamic republic only strips Khoozestaanis of Iran's oil revenues? As if Persians/Lors/Azaris/Kords/... get their share regularly except for you & your "cousins".  
Well, I got news for you, us Iranians (Azari, Balooch, Khoozestaani, Kord, Lor, Paars, Tork, Torkaman, ...) are NOT lazy like your "cousins" in Kuwait to depend on oil$ and/or foreigners to improve our lifestyle. We work hard for it. We fight for it. We earn it without  betraying our land & people.   

Now, if you really envy your "cousin's" lifestyle in Kuwait, go over there va dast bezan beh maamelehaa-ye gondeh...  ;-)


P.S.   Have you ever tried to feed you "arabistan" bullshit to some Dezfoolis, or Khoozestaani Lors, or Khoozestaani Torks (ghashghaa-ee) and see how they will treat you? 

P.P.S.   Have you forgotten what happened to you and your "cousins" the first time you idiots 'sharpened your teeth' for Iran's soil...? 


Tabar jan

by HollyUSA on

SamSam aghayeh koochooloo was referring to me. He doesn't like that I oppose the racist Aryan clan. He also insists on referring to Azeris as Turks. That's fine too, only speaks of his intent and/or (lack of) knowledge. He's entitled to his opinion, as am I.

Also, for the record, I don't have double standards. I ALWAYS say I am Iranian when talking to non-Iranians, even (especially) when the atmosphere has been such that it wasn't exactly an asset to be Iranian. Persian to me, is a cop out. However, amongst Iranians I'll say I am Azeri if the subject comes up, but that never means that I am not always first and foremost Iranian (please see my previous post). So I do still take issue with someone from Khuzestan identifying themselves as an Arab above Iranian. They have the 'right' to do so of course, I just don't believe it is right or to our benefit as a nation. That's all.


Tabar, repeatedly screaming racism does not make Persians racist

by Hovakhshatare on

Nor being fair-friend citizens as the author of this blog suggests. Bigotry & prejudice is hardly invented or promoted by Iranians or Persians. You keep beating up on Turkmen and minus whatever damage IRR has done, I disagree with the rest. And Aliahwazi, try living (not vacationing) in Switzerland and you'll learn a thing or two about subtle racism. The comparison you draw is irrelevant to Iran. The current IRR thugs are largely Azeri's (I'm partly such) including Khamenei, have Turkmen's among them, and plenty of Persians for sure among Arabs (Irani Arabs and others). So one can argue the Arabs, Azeri;s and Turkmen's are the problem if one were to use such limited logic and sense of nationalism.

I hate Saudi Arabs and there are a slew of reasons for it. That does not make them all bad but majority are POS. That has little to do with generalizing that to all Arabs many of whom have their own distinguished history and there is plenty of various forms of prejudice among themselves and with others. The Kuwait and most the rest of the corrupt and bigoted sheikdoms are all figments of British Pen and pencil so lets refrain from talking about them as countries and cultures.

Lets not sugar coat this nonsense. You guys want to leave because you are sick of IRR or because some jackass abused you in Tehran (which is only one city, albeit a big one) so you hate all of Iran, be my guest. But lets not use that as a subtext to promote disintegration and separatist wishes and ambitions. As much damage IRR has done. Iran is one piece and Khuzestan and rest of Iran are just that and that is not about to change as long as Iranians including Turkmans, Khuzestani (Arab and non-arab) and rest of Iran is alive and busy throwing IRR out so we can heal our wounds. 



by tabar on

You cannot deny that ethnic minorities have not suffered far worse than Persians. That's like saying women suffer just as much as men lol

And the poster is more talking about racism from Persians than the government. Please don't sidetrack from the issue, this is about Persian racism towards Arabs which is a very serious issue.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Vitriol II

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I think this thread was started to get us to in-fight. It has been pretty successful. 

We all know that IRR has been very insensitive to minorities. On the other hand IRR is not particularly kind to majority either. Unless you are a "confirmed" Muslim. 

As for Persians in fact most of IRR leadership  is not Persian!

So lets all calm down and stop bickering. No nation have benefited from internal division. The opposite is true: unity brings greatness to nations.


I am half Lur part Azeri. I have got no racism from Persians. Maybe that is why I don't understand this whole fight.



by tabar on

I'm a guy first of all, second of all I'm not Turkish, I'm Turkmen.

Third of all way to distract from the issue. You talk about ending all racism which is noble YET you call me a racist for pointing out racism from Persians! And you say I'm anti-Iranian!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Why the vitriol

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


aLiAhWaZi you refer to Khuzistan as Arabistan. This is obviously an attempt to get people mad. So aLiAhWaZi you succeeded. You got people mad.

But your argument does not hold. The majoriy of Iranians of Arab decent took the side of Iran in the war. So I don't think this call for secession represents them. I think it is a pet project of some people.

There is one reasonable grievance. The IRR does practice anti-Arab policies. That will be hopefully be fixed post IRR. Do not blame Persians for IRR policies!


1) The policy of territorial integrity is no different than that of US.

2) Just as a historical point. Greed blocked Macedonia's application to join EU. Reason: Macedonia is the name of a province in Greece. They were worried about separatist attempts. In contrast after the breakup of the Soviet Union Iran was on of the the first nations to recognize Azerbayjan.



Khoozi(Arab) ham-mihan,

by SamSamIIII on


There are more Medeo-Persian-haters here than Arab-bashers. just a pointer or two  if I may . For the last couple of years I,ve been here I have seen fully supported unimaginable amount of sheer hate , degradation & ridicule toward the Medeo-Persian heritage by Iran-haters such as the one Turkish lady couple of comments below me . We must stand against all discrimination be it badmouthing and degrading a Persian so called "Aryan" heritage by ommaties/lefties or an Arab "Khoozi" heritage or a Turkomen "Ghooz" cherished lineage  . We are all children of that sacred union of Kiaan founded by the father of our nation Cyrus of Anshan . Under that principle, we are all equals no matter what race or religion one belongs and the only benchmark of measurment is our commitment to the cause of true Iran .

& a reminder that You my friend are an ancient yaadmaan of people of "khooz" who were original Illamite natives of Khooz-land prior to Aryeh migration of their later ham-mihans Persians . You fought great battles against Greeks,Romans and later Arabs of Jazirat al Arab along side your Medeo-Persian ham-mihans . You were the most oppressed tribes under the khallifate who traded the enlightened people of khooz as serfs in their own land along side Arab-Iranian patriot tribes fighting for Iran against khaled ibn walid army . & the fact that you speak Arabic today due to the fate of history is irrelevant and in my eyes you are an Iranian with the same right as others.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Holly khanoom  as an ahwazi I thank you for the unbiased and supportive comment you put here.

To my unseen hamshahri look at all the out dated links you put carryiny way back from 1997....

I was born & raised there but some times I was not one of them because of my name that doesn't make me hate them,you can have idiots in every race we're all humanes.   Maziar