Obama = Humanity's renewed hope


Obama = Humanity's renewed hope
by alborz

[Photo: Extended family members of President-elect Barack Obama react as election results come in, at the family's homestead in Kogelo village, Kenya, Wednesday. AP/Matt Dunham ]

The response of the people of the world to the election of Barack Obama as the next US President sets the stage for a new world order which the old colonial and economic powers have resisted, the impoverished masses have long hoped for, and the former colonized and betrayed nations have dismissed as a possibility.

We are all driven by the same instincts, hopes and needs. We are also endowed with the capacity to fulfill not only the basic needs of ourselves, our family and community, but to realize an ever advancing civilization that progresses in every regard we are challenged to reframe our views and long held beliefs.

The world community’s response to the US election has definitively and unequivocally shown us that monumental changes are similar to a new birth following a period of gestation. During this period the social injustice that had long been overlooked and had become an accepted norm, became the center piece of the response to the economic collapse of the elite societies in the west. For the first time, those that have defended the current world order were impacted directly and decisively. The Baha’is view these events in the following context:

"Unification of the whole of mankind is the hall-mark of the stage which human society is now approaching. Unity of family, of tribe, of city-state, and nation have been successively attempted and fully established. World unity is the goal towards which a harassed humanity is striving. Nation-building has come to an end. The anarchy inherent in state sovereignty is moving towards a climax. A world, growing to maturity, must abandon this fetish, recognize the oneness and wholeness of human relationships, and establish once for all the machinery that can best incarnate this fundamental principle of its life." Shoghi Effendi, Guardian of the Baha’i Faith

The US Presidential campaign at a basic level to most in the world was not about the agenda and policy differences of the candidates. To them it was about the possibility of a black African man, with a Muslim middle name, becoming the President of the leading social, economic, and military force in the world. The very large footprint of this nation’s policies and its disastrous effects had also become a source of much debate amongst Americans. However, it was the economic consequences of this nation’s long held policies that created the right circumstances for this transition to take place. In some respect, the past eight years has accelerated the process of getting to this stage in the evolution of human civilization. In short, the world is now in “shock and awe” of a fulfilled potential of this American democracy’s ideals and not its economic nor its military might. With the fulfillment of these ideals in America, the world can adopt them as theirs and we can look for them being realized in many other parts of the world within our life time.

Such parallels can also be found in Iran. The past 30 years has set the stage for a profound transition and while many have debated the factors at work, none can identify the one that will serve as its trigger. In this regard, only one thing is certain that just like a pond, the waves of change wherever they are initiated will reach the coastlines of every nation on this blue planet sooner or later. Local conditions will determine the impact, and Iran will not be exempt from its consequences. There is already much hope and optimism amongst Iranians as to what President Obama may mean for Iran and Iranians.




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A world absent of domination and hegemony...

by alborz on

I also appreciate your thoughtful views.  I read your comments more than once and further learned that we share a similar concern for the well being of mankind.  This shared concern is indeed far more potent and constructive than any differences we may have in the characterization of the changes in this world, the primary motive forces and the direction in which they lead us.

The Baha'i perspective, enunciated over a 100 years ago by Baha'u'llah, is as pragmatic as it was prophetic.

“The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.”

While you advocate that "each nation to stand up for their own rights", is it not precisely this focus on self interest that fuels the existing greed ridden social, political and economic order?  In fact, do we need further evidence that when each nation defines its "own rights" and pursues it independently without regard for the well-being of other nations we are defining the world order of the 20th century with its ruinous wars and calamities on every front of human existence?

You, I and many others share a vision that is different from what mankind has experienced.  We want humanity to have equitable access to education, health, and economic opportunity.  We also acknowledge that the forces at work are focused on accumulation of wealth, power and privilege at levels which would clearly preclude such an outcome for much of humanity.  So, can we let our vision of the future be formed by the past, which is not in dispute

Barack Obama's proclamation that "there are no blue states, red states...there is no white America, black America, Hispanic America, Asian America...there is only one America...." was a visionary statement and not a statement of fact.  He simply and profoundly recognized the premise that America has the potential to fulfill such a proclamation.  As a black American man, not only did he have first hand experience to support this proclamation, but also as a student of the civil rights movement he recognized the progress made since the mid-sixties.  The evidence was compelling and his statement inspiring.  The first time he made these remarks was at the DNC in 2004 and later during his campaign.  Visions have the potential for being affirmed. 

If we acknowledge that vision has such potency, then perhaps our most potent act as individuals is to consciously conceive and support a vision that is transformative and defies the order of the past.  Those that chose to speak narrowly in terms of the "real America" and wanted to preserve the existing order, have much reason to reconsider their views.  Whether they do or not, remains to be seen.

I agree with you that there is and will probably always be the existing and well entrenched forces for preserving the status quo and will remain at work, and perhaps work overtime.  Individuals like you and I, with shared concerns, can in our own small way have a significant impact on how the current events are viewed.

The power of the people has been exercised.  Yes, Obama as a human being is susceptible to the very same influences that have been at work for much of the past century.  I am hopeful, optimistic, and realistic that it will take an extraordinary elected person to withstand these influences and remain true to their role as a servant to the people that elected them.  Perhaps Obama is that person.  Perhaps it is another person.  The world in this context is hopeful.

Again, Baha'u'llah said "Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self".  Once again, the challenge is ours.


PS. I have intentionally refrained from commenting on policy matters involving nations and persons that you have referenced, as my thoughts and views are not contingent or based on such matters.

Food for Thought

The world is changing

by Food for Thought on

First of all let me thank you for the considered and intelligent way in which you respond to an alternative viewpoint. This is what the blogs empower us to do, in the freedom we continue to enjoy in this internet age. Long may it continue.

However, it is my belief that freedoms will only continue if enough people stand up for these freedoms. Recent political changes (under Bush) seem to point to a bleaker future on this front and my earlier assertion that people need to take more control over their political system is because I believe that gradually the powers that control the political system seem to want to silence all opposing viewpoints, and the mechanisms by which alternative views can be voiced.

My concern is that the thrust is to use fear (e.g. war on terror) to psychologically coerce people to give up their liberties (willingly). I believe this direction is planned and deliberate because the ruling elite see these freedoms as obstacles to their plans for global hegemony. They cannot be too open about their plans because they know if they were it would not be accepted by many so they want to create the conditions which does not allow opposition. It is my assertion that they want to make use of technology to control the population. Hence the move, in many countries, to bring in ID cards linked to National databases. 

The question is will things change for the better under Obama? Is the Bahai vision of a united world, one which seems to be shared by the elitists', or globalists'; is this 'New World Order' going to lead to a better future for the majority of mankind? That remains to be seen.

The tests will be whether Obama's presidency brings in policies which are friendly towards the people rather than the corporations/banks; whether he resists the power of the corporate bosses in their attempt to take over other countries as they have America and the West; whether he continues the policy of creating wars or whether he actually brings in policies which will encourage peace globally.

My worry is that with Brzezinski and Rockefeller pulling some of his strings from behind the scenes, there will be attempts to engage China and Russia in some kind of contrived mischief to weaken them as opposing forces in the competition to win a greater share of global domination. I think Pakistan will be the first place he gets involved with and Iran maybe another way of provoking Russia (and China).

Putin has resisted the interference of the western corporocracy in Russia much to their anger, and I think this is one of the ultimate goals of the elite - to destabilize Russia until it can be 'gutted' like all other countries, including America, which they have 'won over'. Other big countries which are ripe for the taking are of course China and Iran. Their main tool is to gain control of the central banking system in each country.

This is the struggle Obama, as a new friendly face, has been brought in to win. This is the New World Order they have in mind. One which is controlled via the corporations and the control of the global money supply. They control both sides of politics.

To respond to some of your other points: The changes in the EU are also
pro-corporations and not pro-people. The Lisbon treaty was brought in undemocratically (as that was the only way they could get it to be accepted) and takes away many national rights of
citizens and replaces it with more friendly conditions for big
business. This is not a step forward.

They have similar plans for a
North American Union which would take away the constitutional rights of
US citizens in exchange for more power to big corporations.

The same
elite control the EU as America. Countries have been raped and pillaged by them (e.g. via the US National Debt). The planned changes in North America are simply the next step
so I don't believe there actually are different players who will change the way global decisions are being made.

I think all nations are
at the mercy of the same brigade. In fact it is up to each nation to stand up
for their own rights by maintaining control of their own central banks and thus resist this insidious, unfriendly march
towards a centralized global village controlled by the few money-men, and not for the benefit of the many.

So, no, I am not in favour of such new world order which is based on control and inequality. It is time for a paradigm shift in the conciousness of the people.

My hope is that people realise what is really going on and take the most important source of their power back from those who have usurped it; and that is the power of the US constitution. That is why the globalists want to destroy it. An America controlled by the people is a beacon of hope for all mankind. Then we can talk of hope.

Then we can say: Yes, we can. But not now.

a pimp named slickback

Amen to dat!

by a pimp named slickback on

Amen to dat!


History and the future...

by alborz on

... are no doubt intertwined, and I thank you for explaining the basis of your thoughts and conclusions.  While I acknowledge the evidence that supports conspiracy theories, I also believe that a changing world brings with it a series of yet unanticipated outcomes to those that appear to be puppet masters.  Your assertion that an election cycle will not alter their goals and objectives is very plausible.  But at the same time could you not accept the premise that the world is changing and that these changes has imposed a new set of rules that has upset the existing balance?

Perhaps the most compelling evidence is the interdependence of the many social, economic and political microcosms.  The awakening of previously "sleeping" or "dominated" giants cannot be discounted.  Surely you must acknowledge that the "elite club" has a few more members who are vigorously pursuing their own interests which incidentally align with the interests of many more nations.

The shift towards a confederation of states is already evident.  Beyond just the formation of United States, the formation and expansion of the EU, and the numerous regional alliances all point to a fundamental structure that highlights common interests and the need for these interests to benefit an ever widening coalition of nations.

The ultimate structure of this new world order will acknowledge this interdependence and in doing so, will look starkly different from what was and what is.  Again, I am certain that you consider today's world concerns and interests to require a different set of tools to address that of even 8 years ago.

The election of Barack Obama holds a promise.  I can understand your cautious and perhaps even skeptical view about this promise, but the fact is that we would not even be having this discussion had it been a different candidate.  The "zietgeist" or spirit of the time has created an opportune moment for a major step to be taken in the advancement of human civilization.

As the realization sets in that the fulfillment of the common interests of mankind is ultimately the only viable way of avoiding catastrophes of unprecedented proportions, the motivations will change.  With a shift away from the self serving motivations, a new world order will be established.  This is what I hope for and believe in.  No doubt you also wish the same.  It is now a matter of hope along with individual responsibility that can determine the pace with which we reach this stage of maturity.



Food for Thought

Look at History

by Food for Thought on

Obama's camp is backed by Z Brzezinski, Jimmy carter's main foreign policy advisor. He is a much cleverer player in the global chess game than those who make neo-con policies. Things will appear much more civilized on the surface but he will advocate policies which will pitt Amercia's enemies against one another in an attempt to weaken them.

In other words, he is still advocating Anglo-American Imperialism, whose goal is to dominate (control) the world. This is a far more subtle, yet insidious, method than that used by the neo-cons. Yet they are both working towards this same goal. Global domination. They only disagree on the means, not the end.

This, of course, is a theory, or an opinion, and hopefully it might turn out to be wrong but not if history is anything to go by and the past record of those who stand behind (and bank-roll) Obama would not give me hope. A leopard doesn't change its spots.

Of course, a scrutiny of history will show that most world events are controlled by 'conspiracies'. This is a fact of the dirty business of empires. So the fact that people think they can dismiss views as 'conspiracy theories' is just a technique used by those in control to condition what the population believes. 

Democracies are probably the easiest form of government to control through mass manipulation and by only allowing those to rise to power who will work towards the pre-agreed aims of the power brokers - all members of the CFR. So yes I would not put much faith in the form of corrupted democracy which has taken over the American system. Unless, suddenly those in power, such as Obama, go back to the constitution an give back the power to the people.

Most people in democracies have been conditioned into trusting the system and their representatives without asking questions or looking at the small print of bills which are brought in. If they did they would note a tip-toe towards the erosion of the individual's rights.

The president is only the 'front' of this democracy. No controlling elite would suddenly give power to an unknown individual from another continent unless they knew he could be controlled.

Does anyone seriously think that an individual that rose to power out of nowhere is really allowed to take control of the most powerful military force in the world?! Who really controls the military-industrial complex?

The question to ask is who are the people who maintain control over and above these 'leaders' who get changed every 4 or 8 years?

Here is an interview with brzezinski:


But there is a lot more to find out about how the system really operates. These powerbrokers have been in control for generations. Only the facade changes. You may find some of these answers in my previous (recent) blogs.

Hope I managed to touch on the points you raised. The good thing about democracies are that we are allowed to question and exchange opinions. My problem is that too much of the information is controlled by the same people at the top.


Food for thought - please explain...

by alborz on

...how your views are different from a conspiracy theory.  Or perhaps if you believe in conspiracy theories how do you justify giving so much credit to those puppet masters.

Do you renounce or call into question the potency of an albeit imperfect democracy such as the one we have witnessed at work in the US?

What model are you referencing when you call for "more direct responsibility"?  Is this procedural or fundamental?

While I acknowledge the challenges ahead, I also acknowledge the blueprint for a new framework.  There may be set backs along the way, but the framework is a good start for what promises to be a very huge undertaking.  Just as the start of a new structure requires the orderly tear down of the old structure, I am not at all alarmed with statements and proclamations that are from a bygone era.

I look forward to your response.


Food for Thought

Don't fall for the deception of 'Hope'

by Food for Thought on

The mass media will show you what they want to instill in our minds as the 'group think' idea for the next phase of their 'hidden' agenda. Obama is a well-polished orator, but a controlled, ambitious, politician; he is a mouth-piece for the hidden oligarchy who control the facade of democracy upon which you base your false 'hope'; they know how to mass-manipulate and they use the hatred of the blunt tool of neo-conservatisam to bring in this 'yes we can' message of so-called 'change' to create the deceipt and win over the wishful population with this hollow message.

And everyone falls for it because they are so tired of what has gone on under their previous tool, the Bush puppet.

It's just a new, more polished puppet. It's just a change of tactics. But it will still mean more money for the bankers and the elite and more hardship for the rest of us.

Only when people start to take more direct responsibility for their democratic freedoms will the mass awarenss raise to the point where they will no longer fall for the tricks of those who select your presidents for you.



Neither crazy nor hasty...

by alborz on

.... am I !  You were hasty and got "hope" mixed with up with "joy".  Those that hope have experienced joy and while the word "joyous" does not even appear once in this article, it will here in the response.

There is ample evidence that the world as a whole is joyous and hopeful. 

Just read the first paragraph again and you will find the reference to those that you think you know something about and represent! Get real!

And finally since you like blanket statements, here is one just for you. Russians, Iranians and Palestinians are all hopeful about the change.  Did you miss the news of the letter from Iran's President to the President-elect? Get informed!



Are you crazy?

by What the heck (not verified) on

Are you nuts?

You speak about "the world" being joyous over Obama's election. Actually, the only evidence of joyous people abroad concern:

(1) Obama's extended family
(2) People of a Japanese town named "Obama"
(3) Students in Obama's old school in Indonesia
(4) Pro-Democrat American expatriates abroad

Ask the Palestinians how they feel about Obama having declared Jerusalem the eternal, UNDIVIDED capital of Israel. Ask Pakistanis, Russians, and Iranians how they feel about his threats.