Alahazrat Hajagha
by Alahazrat Hajagha

It was a warm night in middle of August. Tehran was in a deep sleep. My eyes were in tears and I was getting ready to say goodbye to my motherland.

My story was just some more pages of the book of my generation's destiny. Like many other Iranians in my age, I had two choices, stay and struggle or leave and be alone, stay and fight for freedom or leave and survive in freedom. I chose leave over stay, loneliness over struggle and survival over fight. I was just a young son from an old land who left to see the world and taste the sweetness of freedom and sourness of Ghorbat.

Next day, I left for Rome but my dreams were in San Francisco. From that day it took me 4 years to make it to America and 8 years to San Francisco.

Today, finally I am calm, happy and grateful. I have a new home, new life and new destiny, and still after 12 years I get a chance to see, touch and breath my old life. In less than 20 days I will be walking in the crowd and crazy streets of Tehran, I will be smelling the roses of Kerman and eating pomegranates of Shabe Yalda in my very own home.

For the first time in my life I get a chance to not be alone and still be free.

I am going to my old home with the precious gift of freedom.


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Nazy Kaviani

Your Majesty

by Nazy Kaviani on

To "The King Without a Throne, and The Hajiagha Without a Prayer:"

Godspeed my wonderful friend. Have a happy and safe journey and come back to tell us all about it. Let's have at least one photo essay of your trip to the beautiful city by the desert. I hear it has skies unlike any other in the world. I never forget one of your blog entries on Kerman! I laughed like a lunatic for days!

Be safe and Bon Voyage!

ebi amirhosseini

Ala Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Soooooooooooo happy for you !!

Man I envy you !!!!!!!!!

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase :

1-Eat a lot of Kolompeh,Komaache Sen,Faaloodeh kermooni,Zireh Polo with Keshmesh,Pesteh Kalle Ghoochi,Sohoone Naazoke Zarandi & Chang Maal !!.

2-Smell the Heavenly Smell around 2.00 PM ??!!!

3-Say my eraadat to Sarkaare Aaghaa.

4-Say hi to all my cousins in your Family !!.

5- Drink araghe Joopaar !!.

Take lots of pix pleaaaase !!.

Enjoy every moment of it my dear Hamshahri. Safar be salaamat.

Ebi aka Haaji


For you & all Kermoonis :

تو مهربان بود ی
ماجرا اما
 چه سخت تشنه جام محبت بودم
سخن تمام نشد ختم ماجرا پیدا
امید با تو نشستن
 تلاش بی ثمری بود
 چه کوشش شب و روزم
سان شخم زدن روی سینه دریا
 و استغاقه به درگاهت
 گره به باد زدن
 و همچو کوفتن آب بود در هاون
مرا رهکردی ؟
مرا به مسلخ سلاخان
 رها چرا کردی ؟
مرا که رام تو بودم
اسیر دام تو بودم
گذشتم از تو و آن پر فریب شهر بزرگ
 کنون کنار کویرم
 کویر بی باران
 و مهربانی این مهربانترین یاران
تو کاش از این مردم ز مردم کرمان
به قدر یک ارزن
 وفا و خوبی را
 به وام بستانی
 که مثل مهر درخشان شهر بخشنده
 و همچو مردم این ملک مهربان باشی
تو ای بلای دل من بلند بالایم
تو ای برازنده
تو ا بلندتر از سروها و افراها
 تو بر تمام بلندان باغ بالنده
 بر این اسیر به غربت گذر توانی کرد ؟
 بر این کویر نشین
 بر این ز مهر تو محروم
نظر توانی کرد ؟


حمید مصدق


bajenaghe naghi

alahazrat hajagha jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

safar be khayr. i know you will love it there and when you come back you will feel like a better man.