by Davoud Zahed-Khorassani

Born in Tehran, 1936 , died in Nice, France 1992. From his bio and statement: "... In my opinion, the life of the artist and the conditions that prevailed when his work appeared cannot in themselves be adequate criteria for admiring or condemning the works as such. Moreover no reason whatsoever, however cogent it may be, can release the creator from his responsability as an artist. The work he creates is his unique output placed there before us for all time. It is the imperishable work that lasts and not its author who is mortal and subject to decay...."

* Artist's Statement (English) (Persian)
* Essay on Zahed-Khorassani's work by Arthur Conte (English) (Persian)


Red Wine

Dear Aref-Adib

by Red Wine on

Mossadegh ?! i am not sure... did you observe those fem red shoes on bridge ?! Mossadegh was trans you mean ? hehehehe


@@@Don'tTellWon'tAsk :@)

by Monda on

Marjanjan, don't pause for a moment on the giant tennis ball or red shoes or the grey penguin or the beauty in the hand mirror held by the purple... I'm legally blind without my glasses.  In enjoyed all the Marvelous points and nuances just the same.  Blurred vision is not to undermine the work of art, it's only a different perspective. koorhaa ham del daarand, mageh nah?

My intension was not to only connect with the intentionality :o)




by Aref-Adib on

The first painting is of Mohammad Mosaddegh:


There is also a pair of red women's shoes on the bridge which might have been left by Iran! Perhaps she jumped into the river.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

@@@Monda@@@, Mehrdad and Obama

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on


According to a mysterious person,it's Mossadegh in the painting. I'd take the "Reds", as I like. ( "Intentionality" isn't the primary "intention" here...)

(There are copies of some of the poetry, but also, there are a few songs that lots of people keep referring to, which were written by my father....Nope, not telling!)

Really very interesting to read the "effects"...And I don't mean on the contact lenses!




by Aref-Adib on

These are beautiful works!



by Monda on

Nothing that I don't like about contradictory - in such an inquisitive artist, as in Life! Mr. Zahed feels very comfortable in his domain, at least from my end. I love that such an intellect does not have an elitist "attitude" about his art. His art feels free, open in spite of much introspection and knowledge of mysticism and music.  I'd love to read his poems too. I feel (somewhat awed) admiration for Mr. Zahed. I can't believe I had not come across him earlier! 

Oh I have so many favorites and even more question marks in my head, at this moment.  

First my favorites: 1, 4, 17, 30, 33, 38 (Why Oh Why the prints are no longer available?!) 

Then I wonder: (Please don't feel obliged to respond, I just wonder quietly until I won't wonder any more.  My sense of wonderment does not hold any qualities of suffering, I assure you :o) I am thoroughly enjoying myself. 

in #1, are Red shoes referring to some socialist ideology? Russians? Or simply symbolize passion for the journey?

#4 just comforts me and feasts my eyes...., so much Beauty, Eastern Western style... I love all the elements.

I adore the ballerina going against the Dega-esque organization... what is that apple (forbidden fruit) doing on her boat? Or is it a pumpkin as in Cinderella? Whichever it is, it tells a liberating story. Liberation of a soul, one at a time...

I need to google gray penguins! Why not black in the cage? I love the bright colors in the big bird (s)... Gorgeous image! Fabulous!

Questions like that pop up and give me excuses to look at them again.  Oh and what can the urgency of that giant tennis ball be along the mystical path?!

Could you check into the print availability Or please give me the link to nag at someone? (I doubt JJ's got anything to do with it)

I shall be BACK after sleeping with the Angels! (wearing contact lenses for 11 hours are not recommended, especially if one suffers from Dried Eyes Syndrome, no matter how oxygen-permutable the contacts may be... warm camomile compress to the Rescue before complete shut eye.) 

I prefer Seeing to reading as well. 

Thank You Marjan jan! 



Orang Gholikhani

Marjan Aziz : is there any exposition of your father's work

by Orang Gholikhani on

As your father had been living in Nice, I wonder if somewhere there is an Atelier or exposition in France where I can see his paintings ?

I agree with you Heif was your Father. He is still here thru his paintings. It is the only artist's privilege.


Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Midwesty, thank you -

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

luckily, he did know how to swim!

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Raoul1955, Sean-see-and - read-a-lot

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Happy seeing and reading.


P.S. Please, note that genius genes skip a few generations.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Bajenaghe naghi ;)

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I grew up with the genre, so it's all normal to me. Only truly realized that it isn't, very much later in life....but I think, I know what you mean...

Your post puts my faith back,in this regard (quoting from Arthur Conte):

"...The radiance of the oldest civilization in the world, the generous humanity of a country which has always felt inclined to honour its artists rather than its generals..."


Any paintings in particular you like or dislike?

Thank you for your lovely post.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley


by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

All smiles at this end.

The "bio" might seem contradictory at times, but it is in "straight" lines. (Usually, I don't read before I see...) Oh and just in case - there are a few references to paintings that are not on this website. 

18, is quite funny! ;)

'Would love to know what you think about them all....

Thank you, Monda, as usual....:)

bajenaghe naghi

Marjan Jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Thank you for sharing these wonderful paintings. They are so beautiful and say so much.

Even though I enjoy all types of paintings, I find surrealism to be my favorite and most intriguing. This is because I am constantly trying to find out what the artist is trying to say to me. I try to read his mind through the bizarre objects and beings that he has masterly arranged on the canvas. 

I am so sorry he left us so early. He had so much more to give. 


Incredibly Open and Complex!

by Monda on

What an Intriguing treat to the eye and mind! Many Thanks Marjaneh jan for sharing your dad's refreshing views with us.  Lucky You! Lucky Him! Lucky Us for getting some glimpse of the two.

I'm still on image 18, much to decipher and learn from.  I think perhaps I should read Mr. Zahed's biography first but then again the ideas readily pull me in.



LOL Marjan,

by Midwesty on

That explains a lot!




Got it Marjan,

by Midwesty on

Just read the comment section. Let's celebrate his life. Thanks for introducing his work. I know I can feast on his work for a long time especially his writing and autobiography. Very very interesting.
Thank you very much! May his soul swim in his own vast imaginations for eternity.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Midwesty LOL!!!

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

True to form!

I am of the same stock, the direct descendant, with all the names (and more).... and it's (paintings) all normal to me!



by Raoul1955 on

these paintings. 
I think I read that name some place before, but can't remember where.  :-)
Very articulate as I have read some of his biography, and will follow through later. 

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Nazy, thank you for your beautiful post. ;)

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

I always thought of them as a bridge/marriage between cultures, full of ""cultural" semiotics". .. (As I'm sure you've noticed the influence of Magritte, e.g. 007, 030,027 and others together with  plays with perspective and Iranian "symbols".)

Your post reminds me of Arthur Conte's description:

"The marriage of Persia and surrealism - there can surely be no more precise definition of the work of Davoud Zahed...."



Your  heart-warming post is very much appreciated.


I'm thrilled!

by Midwesty on

#8 my favorite not because of the scene (as might Hamsadeh or Anonymous would like to "interpret" my choice to my inner desire)

Hey Marjan,

Having a common Zahed in both names is of any significance?

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Abarmard ;) It's not all the paintings, but they range from

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

62 by 90 cm to 128 by 195cm, not including the frames which he also designed.


Although, strictly speaking, it isn't my place to thank you for the appreciation of the work, I am anyway.


Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

How extraordinary! I am speechless with the sparkling ideas and motifs of Davoud Zahed's work. How gorgeous, how thoughtful, and how undeniably Iranian! I feel so ignorant for having never known about him till now. Where are these works kept? Surely, they deserve to be kept in a museum where they are cherished by humanity.

Marjan, "heif" is an appropriate word for describing the loss of your father at the prime of his life and art and what, no doubt, must have been a genius' presence, heart, and soul. I am truly honored for the privilege of seeing a small piece of him through these photographs.

You simply cannot be thanked enough for sharing.


Any information about the size of these paitning

by Abarmard on

Would be nice.


Good technique

by Abarmard on

Good technique, great imagination, nice color contrast, and crazy. Very nice.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Thanks, Orang Gholikhani ;)

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Pedaram migoft : "Heif?!?

Heif babam bood ke mord."


Now, I'm saying it....



Darius Kadivar

Breathtakingly Beautiful

by Darius Kadivar on

And interesting subliminal messages about Freedom of expression.

The "Dali" Touch and influence on the artist's imagination seems quite obvious though ...

Roohash Shad !

Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

Thanks for making me discover such a wonderful artists. Rest in peace and in our minds.