Stuffed turkey legs with roasted veggies

Photo essay: Intimate family Thanksgiving dinner

by kfravon
I am thankful for having my beautiful family close to me. I am grateful for being healthy and count my blessings every day. Thanksgiving Day gives us another reason to get together and enjoy some good food. We ended up with a small but very intimate gathering this year. Kourosh and I spend the afternoon, putting together the dishes filled with love, and spent a great evening with my parents, and his brother and our sister-in-law.

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ANAPOLIS Peace meeting

by Mastaneh (not verified) on

3 very Unpopular prsidents (one not even president) gather to make a peacefull decesion
for minority of their followers, this thing had been repeated time after time,Bill Clinton tried it so did Bush (senior) Regan ......Jimy Carter took Egypt out of Equasion(Unequasion) there an end to peace talk with no result..or scape-gohst for nex elections ......



by Mastaneh (not verified) on

Ask your Mom


How to wrap the legs?

by CullinaryMan (not verified) on

Hello Farank and Koruoush, I noticed in the picture you were using some kind of clear wrap to cover the legs. Do you use some kind of oven safe wrap or did you use plastic just as a guide to hold the stuff together, while preparing them?

I assume the stuffed legs were in the oven unwrapped because they seem roasted.


Roasted Root Vegetables

by Faranak (not verified) on

You can see Kourosh's note below about the ingredients he used for the stuffing.

As for the veggies, we made 3 different kinds.

I cut up different kinds of potatoes (red, white, yams, sweet potatoes), turnips, Yellow beets, boiling onions, garlic, and fresh rosemary. Mixed them with virgin olive oil and salt (easiest by hand), and put them in a roasting pan, in the oven for 45 mins (400-425 degrees).

The green beans, were boiled for about 5 mins. then I tossed it in with 1/4 cup roasted pine nuts and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest...with extra virgin olive oil.

The brussel sprouts were cut up in to half. I roasted the shallots for a about 20 mins with olive oil, then added brussel srouts and roasted it for another 20min. Sprinkled a little more olive oil and salt.


Please provide recipe for stuffing in turkeylegs

by Farhad Radmehrian (not verified) on

I wish you would provide the recipe for the stuffing he put in the turkey legs and how he prepared the vegetables!
Thanks in any case.


Don't worry I'm in my

by JD (not verified) on

Don't worry I'm in my 40s.... and I'm out of it too!

Curious Joe

Learning something new everyday

by Curious Joe on

I was just talking to my 30 year old daughter who lives in Southern California. She said she bought a turkey from her local supermarket that was already 60% cooked.

Wow. That was a new one for me.  After all, I could understand marinating my kabob the night before, but I could have never imagined buying my kabob 60% cooked the day before.

In my 60s, I must be out of it !!


Picture number 7

by Meu (not verified) on

Kourosh hard at work!!!! that is fun. was he really hard while touching turkey? ;-)



by Drs. Soraya Ghotbee (not verified) on

Eva! Khanoom saateh manam meseleh maleh shomast. Boulva! Shoma az koja khareedeen-esh?


Ey-ranian dish

by Javad agha (not verified) on

Looks to me Ey-ranian dish.



by Kourosh and Faranak (not verified) on

I watched a cooking contest on Food Network and got inspired to try the stuffed legs.
We used different kinds of wild mushrooms, sauteed, with garlic and thyme, and mixed with lighly sauteed sausages, and apricots.
The deboning and wrapping the thighs were a bit of a challenge. It's best to go to butchers and order some cow-fat to use as wrapper around the legs.
We too, aren't in to turkey since it typically comes out dry. That's why we chose turkey legs this time.
And yes, gravy is a must!


8 month a go I thinks I have persian food

by hajiagha looking for wife (not verified) on

oh, in Victoria we have only one Iranian restaurant which is so expensive,,,,and there is no wife also to cook for me , all this photo make me more hunger



by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

just a reminder, Iranian Muslims don't eat pork.( just in case your Iranian friends after seeing these pics wanna join you for next year thanksgiving).


Ey kaash man ham anjaa boodam

by Iraninejad (not verified) on




by roobah (not verified) on

I love turkey so much that I make it year around! Yup. it is yummy!

I loved how you guys made the turkey leg. Very unique. Recipe would be greatly appreciated.


Curious Joe, ever heard of

by PT (not verified) on

Curious Joe, ever heard of gravy ? :) You haven't had a good thanksgiving meal then...afsoos
Although lamb or at least 2 other dishes are a must.

Nader, they are sad because they know after they eat, they have to wait a whole year for the event.


wrong ...

by hra (not verified) on

.. the dog is smiling.

Curious Joe

Forget the turkey

by Curious Joe on

Whether we attended traditional Thanksgiving lunch/dinner at a typical American home/family, or tried to make it ourselves -- my wife and I always found the stuff too dry, hard and tasteless.

We are done with turkey.  From now on, our Thanksgiving food will be a rack of beef or lamb stuffed with garlic and topped with Au Jus sauce.

Well ...  Different strokes for different folks...



I wonder why no one is smiling on the picture!

by Nader on

Nice pictures, however, the look on the faces of the family is so melancholy!



Please post the

by PT (not verified) on

Please post the recepiesssssssssssssssssss


Betterekeed baba cheghadr mikhoreen

by party pooper (not verified) on

Thanksgiving is to feed the poor and the needy NOT to fill yourself up till you blow up!