Steep Ravine

Photo essay: What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be

by kfravon
We do our best to make it to Steep Ravine, a bit north of San Francisco, at least once a year. With only 6 environmental tent-sites, it's really hard to book a weekend. This year, I succeeded. What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be... -- Faranak Ravon

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by Katy (not verified) on

I love how you and your husband are so "zoghy" and enjoy life. You also take the best pictures. Thank you.


"Heaven" on Earth...

by kfravon on

Thank you all for your kind comments.
I believe Northern California -- especially Marin County -- is the "heaven" mentioned in the holy books......
Pictures do not do justice to this peaceful ground, you have to see it for yourself.
If you come up to SF Bay Area, be sure to check out Mt. Tamalpais, Muir Woods, Tiburon, and many other wonderful spots north of San Francisco.



by floridavoice (not verified) on

loved them! beautiful! simply peaceful! I felt peace even just looking at the pics!
thank you so much for always sharing your precious moments!


The Best Yet . . . .

by Zumba is It! (not verified) on

Fara jaan,

I've always enjoyed all your photo essays and your eye for beauty & detail. And yet, this is the best . . . california's beauty at its climax. My favorite? #55, wishing you & Kourosh e aziz many years of happiness and witnessing beauty & peace together.

Mona 19

Dear Ms.Ravon...

by Mona 19 on

lovely pictures.... #13 and #14 are The best ;) ... you had a heavenly breakfast :))

photo essay is my favorite feature in this site,I might not always leave a comment but I truly enjoy looking at your pictures...Thanks for sharing.Salamat va shad bashid.


Regards.Mona ;)



ahhh... memories

by americanwife (not verified) on

of some of our camping trips! I'm envious and ready to start packing for Dixon Lake this weekend! Some of the pictures remind me of our trip to SF last year... quite possibly some of the most beautiful vistas I've seen. Problems with our camera(s) this weekend have prompted an all-out assault on my husband to just get rid of the various and old cameras we have between us and invest in a GREAT one. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can match the sentimental feeling of going back and looking at pictures of memorable occasions. (this coming from someone who knows! i have 38 photo albums and probably could fill another 5-6 with loose

Loved the article!