Jaleh Ferfereh

My Iranian of the day

by kfravon
I would like to nominate my inspiration-my mother, as Iranian of the Day. She is always full of energy! She made 100+ pounds of shirini for Norooz. (thank you my friends for your support!) She is One Amazing Woman! Friends call her 'Jaleh Ferfereh'. ! Here she is posing with Rosie my Dog. (And I have a few other pics attached -- while she was making the cookies this Norooz.)

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She is amazing,

by Shohreh (not verified) on

Janleh khanum aziz,

I know her since many years ago, when she was playing piano and wearing special dress looked like a princes also I always remember her beautiful eyes with deep black color.
She is talented artist and amazing and work hard to appreciated the value of her talent.
Always look at you like attractive and loving person.

Wish you happiness and success.



Love it

by urstruly (not verified) on

Soheila jan, I love the way you described this khanom, I can just see many iranian women who are like her. It's a lovely characteristics of a lot of Iranian women.

You are right. I would love to be like her.


She is my Hero:

by Soheila on

Faranak Jon:

She is one of the amazing lady I ever met in my life. She always look great, She always smiling and greet you with full energy, She is a great host, She treat you like you are the only one she knows, She help every one, She is musician, And I can continue that for a while, but I guess I do not need to do that. Every one knows her.......

I wish I can be that way, she is my role model.....

As the old slang said, as a mother as a daughter...

Thank you to sharing this with us,


Yummy,can you put the

by me (not verified) on

Yummy,can you put the recipies on the site please i like to learn how to make noon beranjy



by urstruly (not verified) on

BEAUTIFUL, and how does she keep so thin with all those wonderful cookies and sweets. mmm

thanks jj for posting such a simple, yet beautiful piece of iraninaness...

Mona 19

Some Women...

by Mona 19 on

... Are More Special Than They Know...Some women are Special for things that they do,... Still others for all of the Joy that they give.

Jaleh Khanum... I Loooooove Shirini, I wish I was there to give you a hand ;)

Regards,Mona :)