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Photo essay: Seeing the evil that man is capable of committing

by Cost-of-Progress
"Work Sets You Free"... that is what the sign says (in German) that greeted hundreds of thousands of people who passed through the gate at Auschwitz from 1940 to 1945. I had an opportunity to personally visit this sobering site earlier this year. In my opinion, everyone should visit these two sites, Auschwitz-Birkenau, to see first hand the evil that man is capable of committing. It is irrelevant who suffered there. What's relevant is that we humans hold ourselves so high with respect to other species with our religions and supposedly superior intellects, yet we are capable of doing the appalling things that happened here >>> more

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by zolfali1 on

nobody is reading your hatefull, frustrated comments...

you are gonna give yourself a hard attack due to all this anger and frustration.


Shadetree.....Here is your answer....

by Aliafandi on

Grow up. Read a book, and learn something. Then you wont be looking at others to educate you.

Too bad the answer to all your questions were in my previous post but........You didnt watch the videos, did not read any books, didnt do any research on anything, What??? Just want everyone else to do the work for you. Thats called following the crowd. Nothing wrong with it except you may end up like the rest of them, media watching gullible thinking one seasonal mind people who dont want to hear anything that does not jive with their belief. Repeating SOS is so boring. So, PLEASE do research then say something that is educated and makes sense to the topic here, which is Jewish Holocaust.

 I like to hear why anyone believes the story there're told. What evidence and proof they used to conclude their belief?

 Plz, no reason of mass belief. Everyone knows that



Holocaust vs. Science?????

by Aliafandi on

 Scientific theories are based on research and developements. Scientific facts are based on proven knowns that have yet been disputed.

 How does this compares to Jewish Holocaust is beyond the intelect. Jewish Holocaust is not science but rather a story of actual or factual events told by people who either experienced it or perhaps saw it first hand. Evidence has shown that many of the people who claimed to have seen or been subjected to the Nazi treatment did not depict the truth. Plz refer to Steven Spielberg documentary Jewish film archive, then watch Lasts days of the big lie (youtube). In both films you will see Jewish Survivors of Nazi Camps telling what happened to them. However, you will hear first hand from jewish people describing the daily events during their stay in those camp that are far off from official version told by Spielbergs movie.

And "NO" The subject was not studied nor researched until the late 80s early 90s. Back then many Jewish scholars such as David Cole and Mark weber studied and researched the Holocaust records, but they had to go into hiding for speaking out the truth. and were subjected to threat of assassination from JDL (Jewish Defense League). Whats there to hide that when anyone (including Jewish persons) researches the story becomes a threat to JDL or ADL?

Anyways, the research about the Holocaust continues and still going and the evidence is overwhelming. Too bad people are not willing to simply study such evidence and see for themsleves.

Even scientific fact can be debunked and changed overnight when proof is provided. Jewish holocaust story is another beast. No one should discuss it nor change it and if you do you are Anti-semitic.

There are no group more Anti-Semitic than Hebrews or Jews. Plz refer to Bible Book of Numbers Chapter 31 (or Ba'midbar, 4th book of Jewish Tourah) There you will find the Jewish Gods plan to exteriminate the entire Semite polulation of Canaan in the hands of the Hebrews which according to their count took 40 years and resulted in extermination of the entire semitic population. Also pay attention to the verse that explains what they did with Virgin girls.


maghshoosh.........Your reasoning lacks context....

by Aliafandi on

Please stop being sarcastic about every subject that comes in your mind at the moment.

 In the field of science it is very easy to dissprove the hypothesis and theories. Just provide the proof and publish. Dont see your name anywhere showing any proof of anything. Your 15 minute judgement about creation can not compare  to years of research that people have done about such and also ths subject here. So, Stop imagining and following the sheeps. You seem to be too lazy to do any research on the subject on hand and then provide it here.

Furthermore, I am positive you dont own any right to this site and definitely not an authority on anything. "Who says what" is for the reader to understand and learn. Unfortunately you are here to bash people and again not once I see any information about the topic. I never criticize anyone without having a valid point. i m also sure that you only read some words and begin your court room mind set, never debate the subject here, Holocaust.

Discussing none scientific events does not require university degree. It requires an open, receptive and analytical mind that can be used to seek the truth. Again dont see you using such mind productively reasearching and then refutting my statement. you just continue to make example about example of an example. What about the Jewish holocaust? what do you know about it? From your posts it appears that you have no knowledge of the subject and only resort to the easy way of accepting whatever you are told.

Plz stop counselling people and begin to provide information about the Jews and Holocaust.

My opinion about this subject did not form overnight. In fact it took about a year or so before I could see problems with the Holocaust story. Unlike you and many others, I began to analyze first who had told me the story and what was the evidence. Who, was US, UK, USSR and so on, whom constantly lie about every thing. If you wish to believe them go right ahead. Next as mentioned in earlier posts I was doing research about the subject and unlike most (you included) could not rely on the popular version until I had proof. (if you ve ever attended university you would understand what proof means).

Now, what could happen next can be interesting. Either you are going to look into the Holocaust matter, research it and come up with the proof. Or continue with your baseless inquiry about why I say this and that.

I ll answer the last question now; I say this and that because I studied the subject and the published story has problems that one could easily research and figure out the facts. Hint; other scholars have done the research and you may want to start there.

And, maghshoosh," History is showing us"???? Wow what a statement, I guess all the scholars and researchers should stop now because 'History is showing us" Keep on believeing in history wiritten by people who proved my earlier post. I m %100 positove you missed it. here it is again;

"This is the problem with our society. everyone believes whatever they are told without any examination then you ll have millions of sheeps following imaginary being and idolize people that may have not even existed. "


Your missionary-style approach

by maghshoosh on


Although independent-mindedness and skepticism can be positive traits, they can easily lead one astray if proper ways of assessing evidence and available knowledge are not understood.  If you want to honestly assess the theory of evolution, it is foolish to say "I've visited the Natural History Museum on several occasions and have also read some articles and watched some videos by proponents of creationism, and by following the trail of money have come to the independent conclusion that clearly the theory of evolution is a fabricated story."  The amount of evidence and the scientific knowhow behind the theory of evolution spans a couple of centuries and the vast field of biology.  W/o any serious and in-depth study of the investigations behind that field of science, and the debates that have taken place between proponents and opponents of evolution, only a fool would assume that his confident pronouncements regarding that topic are admirable examples of his critical thinking.

Saying, as you do, that after visiting a concentration camp several times and then reading or watching some holocaust revisionist material, you've decided that you don't wanna be "sheep-like" and have come to a contrarian conclusion, is no different than the example above.  The particular historical event we're talking about has been studied extensively for decades and much evidence has been gathered.  Even responses to revisionist objections have been given.  Unless one is prepared to honestly spend the extensive amount of time to learn the details of the topic, the prudent course of action is to defer to established scholarship on the topic, just like you would defer to astrophysicists when it comes to knowledge about the structure and history of the universe, unless you're willing to undertake an extensive course of study on the subject.

I also don't understand why you're seeking discussions on this site if you're only seeking better understanding of the topic.  I mean, you wouldn't try to understand some aspect of biochemistry better by engaging the readers of this site; you would consult scholarly work or experts in the field for that.  Neither I, nor most (if not all) of those reading these posts are experts on the topic.  Your style is more like missionaries who engage the lay person for the purpose of converting him, and not to have an objective philosophical discussion.


islamist self haters defending Nazis!

by zolfali1 on

I know a Nazi guy not far from where i live. he hates jews as much as regime cronies on this blog do. but he hates muslims (that is regime cronies) even more than he hates jews. and he does not even know that i have been secretly dating his sister! 


Not closing comments

by Cost-of-Progress on

there are no closings, and no such comments. This was not a show.

DEEV, you live up to your username. I am speechless by your skewed sense of everything.

However, Thanks everyone else for your comments and attention. Even the twisted mental cases for whom everything is a conspiracy theory. You are the reason why we are the way we are. 


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Are bored again my friend?:)

Where is the self-loathing and the disrespect that happens to stand out and be so visible to you??

If you don't (supposedly) have the tolerance for taking the opposite view and  accepting that more often than not others see things through a different lens than you, then  that is something that needs to be dealt with the right way ...

you have certainly changed since the last time i exchanged comments with you:) 

Thank you Cop For your Dilligent and Realistic report. 


Cheers to your hateful closing statement

by deev on

With self-loathing disrespectful hamvatans like you, who can argue?


absolutely amazing

by Cost-of-Progress on

One guy is criticizing me for going to this place (especially that I am not jewish) while some others totally deny its validity and authenticity.

If this is a representation of the psyche of our people, then I am ashamed of you people. I am ashamed for you are the foundation of what is wrong with Iran and the reason why it will keep sinking as evident by the last 3 plus decades. Here's one of the reasons why a bunch of assbackward celerics rule upon you with an iron fist while holding their crotch.....

My favorite saying stands: With Iranians like you, who needs foriegn enemies? 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks Khebedin: for showing the depth of your IRI terror loving

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I hope that all the IRI and Hezbollah terrorists will go to hell soon!

Bad Stories for Bad Kids


It looks too small to take a

by Khebedin on

It looks too small to take a human body, particularly if you want to put more than one in it. Are you sure this was not where they cooked Pitza for the Italians, looks more practical for such works than burning people.


Aliafandi: Who Are YOU to educated people?

by Shadetree on

I come in peace.

But you still need to know that "you lost". You could not address what history is showing us. And the videos you want people to see makes us turn to look at you.


What do you want people to do?

Who are your enemies and who do you want US to have as enemies? 

Who do you want people to follow, and WHY?  

Will you answer these three questions?


Magshoooosh Jan...Who am I to educated people?

by Aliafandi on

This is the problem with our society. everyone believes whatever they are told without any examination then you ll have millions of sheeps following imaginary being and idolize people that may have not even existed.

 Seems that you want everyone to show you everything. The school of thought that one can use and learn about events such as history is called Social Pathology. Perhaps you can take such course at nearest school and then spend the rest of your life finding the truth. 

No one can simply write something and every one then accept it as fact ro reality without their own independant examination.

 So, my suggestion is to stop asking and start investigating the sunject. When you hear something, watch a video etc, dont just accept it as real or fact. Try to debunk or refute the information and then form an opinion to what you believe is true.

Example; Did you watch the videos I posted? Which info in the video is untrue to you and why? BTW, those vidoes are tip of an iceberg (only a door to....). The infomation on this and other subjects are vast and reachable to masses.

 The truth is within reach if you seek and grasp it at will.


Aliafandi, These Represent Only A Few Forces of History

by Shadetree on

To Aliafandi's (alias Immortal Guard) post on

Perhaps its language, but you don't seem to understand what I wrote. And you might need to broaden your scope of history just a little.

For example, small city-states evolved into empires, then nations.

British, Hapsburg, Ottoman, Holy Roman, Soviet, even an attempted Third Reich were all empires. But they are ALL gone. They will never...cannot...return. Empire building, like global conquest, is pure fantasy. Just as there are no more fearsome, mighty kings like in the past.

Global law and justice is taking hold. An international court in Geneva is prosecuting captured dictators and others for "crimes against humanity...the same humanity that has now escaped its traditional home for thousands of years to explore the universe. Everyone on the planet can see Earth as it actually is--our common home. Astronauts of different nations now work cooperatively while circling the earth in a space station.

These and more are results of the forces of history, forces compelling the human race ever forward and out of Dark Age thinking. 

Your move!


In this new Age, for the first time in history man is able to see and investigate Reality.


صد رحمت به مدانا و بیبر


Aliafandi @ 7/18 8:35a pdt,

The Madonna/Bieber post might be vain, but it would be mostly sane, which is more than can be said for most comments here, including yours.  Since you've allegedly done a decade-long exhaustive research into the topic of this blog, perhaps you can do better than just linking to a couple of youtube videos by writing a well-documented treatise on the topic that discusses all the available material and draws irrefutable conclusions.  You can also try holding seminars to educate other researchers on this topic.  Otherwise, I don't think you're in a position to be ridiculing Madonna or J.B.


Red Wine......Seems that you dont understand humans...

by Aliafandi on

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"; Martin Luther King

The meaning of these words are simple. While you sit in your beautiful home enjoy your comfortable life, someone in some country is being forcefully abused (Iran included) and the lesson of history has shown that such injustice if not stopped/prevented will eventually reach your door steps

Look at USA and how the Gov treats its own people with brutal force. Only 25-30 yrs ago this type of behavior was watched by Americans on TV being inflicted in other countries and they all said the same thing; "who gives the damn what these uncivilized people are doing to each other?, I live over here and only care about here"

 Well, I label this "NOT GOOD thought"


Shadetree...Jan....You are correct up to a point,

by Aliafandi on

 you assume that forces running things in our world are affected by humans. If you played Chess you would know that it is won by calculating the possibilities of moves way ahead and making sure that no matter what the opponent does your contingent moves ensures a victory. The forces running our world have done the same thing for about 5000 yrs.

You also assert that Iranian people seem to have more neurons in their brains that works better than others. One can only judge this by the events in Iran's history, beginning with Arab invasion and their maintaining presence for over 1400 yrs. I must say that Iranians have contributed to betterment of humanity and civilized world that we live in. But they are not the smartest (highly intelligent) people today. The effect that IR have stamped in their mind will have long term consequences which will take much longer than people can imagine to fix.

If interested you can watch "Ring of Power (empire of the city)" on youtube. It may shed some light to what I've stated above.

 The truth is beyond one's comprehession until it is sought.


Immortal Guard - You can edit your post....

by Aliafandi on

Just look at the bottom left of your post...


maghshoosh.....I think that is the Madona &....

by Aliafandi on

Justin Bieber post that you intended to address....

Just kidding. What seems to happening here is that no matter what someone posts, people just read a few words and then begin to boil. I bet no one even waqtched the videos I posted. Dont see any comments regarding the contend of the video or any refuttal.

Immortal Guard

Sorry my copy and paste did not work properly!

by Immortal Guard on

Sorry my copy and paste did not work properly!

Immortal Guard

As Maast Keh Bar Maast!

by Immortal Guard on

چرچیل در پاسخ به پرسشِ اینکه ابزارِ اصلیِ استعمارِ جهانی‌تان چه بوده
است، پاسخ میدهد: "وجودِ اکثریتِ نادان و اقلیتِ خائن در آن سرزمین‌ها "،
شاید این پاسخ، کلیدِ عللِ ناشناخته‌ی عقب‌ماندگیِ ما باشد


israeli croines at work

by مآمور on

by shifting focus from israel atrocity and genocide to some thing that makes no sens, like shouting and yelling in void, which they havebeen doing for 34 years right from comfort of their homes in US or Europe!!


I wear an Omega watch

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

جنابِ گارد نمردنی،در تلاشِ چه هستید ؟ مطلبی که فرمودید ربطی‌ به ما ایرانیان ندارد،ایران ابر قدرتِ منطقه نیست و هیچ ادعا نیز ندارد،فلسطینی و اسرائیلی می‌‌خواهند بزنند به سرِ همدیگر،به درک اسفل السافلین ... به ما ایرانیان دخلی ندارد،ما کارهای مهمتر از اینها داریم،اسلامیون و نوکرانش را باید دستگیر و سپس محاکمه کرده و در هم بکوبانیم.

هیچ چیز و هیچ جا برای ما مهم نیست جز ایران... غیر از این هر چه باشد میهن فروشی است.


جنابِ اول ایران،با تشکر از مهربانی شما .


Is This Fact or A Political Agenda?

by Shadetree on

This is a reply to a post by Immortal Guard on

Your words sound authoritative. Do you claim to be a scholar? Because, if your words are true, then you are asserting that the Iranian people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves. They are only on the planet to be kicked around and manipulated by other governments, as if they were chess pawns.

But, the world knows that they are generally highly intelligent people. So your analysis of recent history seems filled with holes, imagination and extreme prejudices. Perhaps you are among those who cannot see that everything changes, sometimes rapidly, more often slowly, because change is the immutable law of the universe. You can no longer live in the past.

America is changing, for example. Forces surrounding it and those acting within it compell a re-examination of its internal policies, as well as its place in the world. It can no longer use past assumptions to determine its future course.

The same applies to people of every nation. Myth and "what I want to believe" must give way to facts, a more realistic analysis of historical forces, and a willingness to undertake new requirements for attaining global harmony.

The Iranian people have much to offer the world. Their magnificent history holds this promise. So they, too, must also go through this process of learning and discarding, especially now after being placed under the world's microscope.

This excellent website forum shows that this process has begun, in my opinion. For, it seems oriented towards truth and openness.



Lets give sanity a chance

by maghshoosh on

Given that anybody dropping by accident onto this page would no doubt assume that he must have inadvertently hacked into the discussion board of a maximum security loony bin, may I suggest salvaging whatever is left of your sanity and sense of morality by visiting the websites of these people who surely must come from a different planet than most of those leaving comments here:

Parents Circle       60 Year 60 Voices      Engaging Grandmothers




Immortal Guard

by Aliafandi on

Now that we know some of the causes and the story behind it. How can on use this info and get even with the Brits? 

 How about boycote against Britain or any other entity that deals with IR (which in turn provides fund to IR and allows them to keep going)?

Of source this will require a form of unity which has not existed amongst Iranians for sometimes. Even the opposition forces against IR are always divided, and fighting with each other like cat & mouse.



by Aliafandi on

Did anyone know that many Jews served in Nazi SS army? Some were even in high rank position.



by Aliafandi on

Please read Who financed Hitler by James Pool and Wall Street and the rise of Hitler by Anthony sutton.



by LoverOfLiberty on

Aliafandi: "...and without 1 shred of doubt I can say that Hitler was financed by Jewish bankers..."

And the objective evidence that supports this claim is...?

And, thanks in advance.