Fighting for life

Photo essay: Campaign against imminent executions

by Moharebs
Detained protesters and opposition activists are facing imminent execution. In recent days Iranian judicial, security and religious officials have warned that those who participated in anti-government demonstrations will be put on trial as "moharebs" or enemies of God. In protest, nearly 200 Iranian bloggers have so far joined the "I am a Mohareb too" campaign. Also a special Facebook page has grown to nearly 1,400 members. This album is dedicated to this cause. Send your photo and/or design to

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Could we get the names and pictures of the 500 prisoners?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Names and faces go a long way. I like to know what people think about posting the names and pictures. I hope it is not used against them. The positive side is that we can verify what happens to each person and track it.


Double your trouble: be Baha'i & mohareb

by maqshush on

Given the recent propaganda against, arrests and threats of execution of the Baha'is, how about proclaiming to be both mohareb & Baha'i in the submitted photos?  If you're gonna be an avowed sinner, why not a serial sinner?



by ramintork on

discussions section is for such links so when you add a discussion it also appears on the facebook wall. Feel free to do this and Thanks for doing it.

P.S. Can you please give more guidance on the email campaign so that we get that going.

I noticed that Amnesty International has already reported on the prisoners issue so perhaps we should address the emails to a different target.



Robbing everyone blind while ask&take blood for Islam

by MM on

I wonder if we should also link IIC to the news of how these Islamists are robbing everyone blind while asking/taking blood for revolution, in the name of Islam.  We saw examples of how rich the heads of the Iranian regime are in recent blogs in Farsi and in English.

What a bunch of hypocrites, or should I say murderers and thieves.

Anahid Hojjati

Yes, dear Ramin, i like idea stated in your last comment

by Anahid Hojjati on


dear Ramin, I like the idea stated in your last comment. If we do the bridge thing, we have to make sure not to inconvenience the travelling public.  We want to generate good will in people toward green movement so we might want to refrain from actions which make public upset with us. "open letter in Newspaper" is great idea.


Thanks Anahid

by ramintork on

I sometimes use the google tool. I'll find a way.

Moving on, out of all the ideas so far how do we want to move forward?

Do you like the idea of writing an open letter on behalf of some of us blogers and send that to opposition leaders with our suggestions to conduct a campaign i.e. open letter in Newspaper, the bridge protest etc?

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Ramin, No need for a Persian keyboard,use Zamaneh Editor

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Ramin, you don't need a Persian Keyboard in order to be able in write in Farsi. There is Zamaneh Editor that can do this.  My suggestion to you is that if you have a draft letter in Fasi in mind and your problem is how to type in Farsi to do the following so I can be of help too:

Write your draft letter in Fanglish, meaning write your Farsi letter using English alphabet , masalah begoo ma, you see what I mean

Then send it to me, I will use Behnevis so I can what it is in Farsi

Then I have access to Zamaneh Editor.

Or if you want to do it yourself, Google for zamaneh editor and see if you can start using it. Please let me know how I canbe of help.



Nice one DK

by ramintork on

I like it.


Well said Anahid

by ramintork on

I'm starting a blog with the letter competition, see who responds, I might even get a persian keyboard and write a letter myself.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/The Court Jester is Seditious Too ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Anahid Hojjati

We in Diaspora can't just react to IRI, we have to take the lead

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Ramin, I totally agree with you where you write:"Now I support this campaign, my created image is there along side everyone elses' but I'm not sure if other than a feel good factor and preaching to the converted we have acheived much." 

The problem that I have with Majid campign and now whith this "man ham Mohareb Hastam" is that we are turning into people who just wait to see what is the latest accusation and lie from IRI and then we start a campaign against it.  We can not just react to IRI.  Your suggestions such as standing on important bridges and geting student unions involved are great because we are taking the first  steps and putting IRI in defensive position.  Majid campaign was good but let's imagine tomorrow IRI puts animal masks on political priosners to make them look like donkey, are we all going to take pictures with donkey masks or whatever ugly thing IRI does, are we going to just repeat it?  I would like progressive Iranians in Diaspora take the lead not react to every action by IRI. 



Another idea, please eveyone think about this one

by ramintork on

Thanks by the way yolanda. I think this needs to be even bigger than to work so perhaps we should not burden JJ or anyone else in for that matter. But I think this new idea might appeal to most people:

We write an open letter in persian addressing all heads of non-violent Iranian opposition groups and organization, as well as famous media figures.

Ask in the letter to call a particular week the week of action for freedom and plan a coordinated act for each of those working days and with each act demand the freedom of political prisioners as well as stop the execution of these latest captives.

In the letter we urge someone beyond reproach like Mehrangiz Kar to become the guardian of a fund and publicise it in sattelite TVs.

Put ideas that we approve in that letter i.e. and ask them to add or brain storm their own.

Day 1 The open letter in the local language of that country from concerned citizens using the idea 1 i.e. asking the public to 'demand this from their representatives letter'.

Day 2 Stand on a famous chosen bridge in every city and hold the same placard with the same message

Day 3 Write a standard letter ( with a non threatening image forget my earlier hanging rope idea) and hand deliver it to every Iranian embassy

Day 4 Organize a March in every capital and get these heads to invite and organize it with student unions in every country

Day 5 Protest in front of the Iranian embassies

If you like the idea please say so.

Who can write a fantastic persian letter and have it published in so that we choose it as the letter to go forward?

Lets have a letter competition. JJ are you up for this?

I'll open a new blog and ask for this competition, we need to do trhis fast though.



by yolanda on

Hi! Ramin,

      I have been monitoring this thread closely. If a Paypal account has been set up, please announce here. I will be glad to donate. I have a paypal account with Ebay. I truly hope mass executions can be avoided.

Thank you for your hardwork. May God bless you!


Thanks ahosseini

by ramintork on

But unless we get behind some of these ideas or brain storm for better ones we are not likely to raise enough awareness to make a change.

Now I support this campaign, my created image is there along side everyone elses' but I'm not sure if other than a feel good factor and preaching to the converted we have acheived much.

As I said the 'I am Majid campaign' dented the western media a little bit because graphically it had an odd element to it but this campaign is likely to stay in-house.

If we are going to save the lives of these people it is going to take the entire might of our diasporic community working cohesively and it is going to take more than the 35 good natured people in our ICC group to run a campaign, so we need you people, help us, or decide here in this blog and get behind an idea which would touch the News and get it working please. 

Why am I insisting that it should reach outside our community?

Again, because despite what you think dictatorships still care about their image ( check the Amnesty International docs.) if you don't believe me.

IRI might still ignore it, even if we do get some philantropists to write an ad in a major Newspaper, or if we raise money and do it ourselves but at least we would have tried.

JJ, I know I am causing a bit of a nuisance for you here by asking to get a paypal account and us donate the money but considering it is for saving lives you have to forgive me, I have to ask the questions are you OK with doing this idea or not?

Or, do people think if it is a good idea at all?

We need to be specific and turn this into action.


Some very good Ramin

by ahosseini on

Some very good ideas.

Well done


من یک محارب هستم


من یک محارب هستم

از کار خود سرمستم

 با خون خود نویسم

من آزادی پرستم

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


من هم یک محارب هستم و حاضرم جان در راه ایران دهم.


آهای ترسو ها، آهای وطن فروش ها کجایید ؟! کو آن همه کبکبه و دبدبه ؟ کو آن لشگر کربلایتان و سربازان مهدیتان ؟!

بینید چطور فرزندان کورش بیدارند و جلویتان ایستاده اند ؟

مرگ بر شما خائنین لجن صفتتان باد !

Jahanshah Javid

Great Red Wine

by Jahanshah Javid on

The best I've seen so far:

Zendeh Bashi



by ramintork on

"Do you realize that practically all of your ideas rely on foreign government intervention in Iran?"

No they don't, they depend on the Iranians outside Iran proudly standing in their community and fighting for Human rights issues and engaging others in a similar way as anti-apartheid and solidarnosc campaigns did, and telling IRI if you think you can do what you like you have it coming as we are united. Iranians are not sheep to be flocked around be it on the inside or outside.

Our mission is nonviolent so that automatically excludes military organizations.

Why White house and UN?

IRI still cares about its image, hard to believe but they still do so by standing strong Iranians would at least make an effort not to end up as poker chips in the game IRI and west are playing. Which is why this campaign is being run and which is hopefully why you are present in these blog pages!




by ramintork on

The majid idea worked because it had a visually interesting and even a comical impact which is why it worked and why we all did it.

If we carry on preaching to the converted we are not going to reach a big group. I still think people should do these things but for saving these prisoners from death we have to do a lot more, hence coming up with more assertive ideas which are far from perfect but could be developed in our brainstorming.



like to see solidarity w/ other names like mofsed-ol-fel-arz

by MM on

The idea of this blog is great, just like the hejab campaign for Majid.  How about solidarity with other regime names like mofsed-ol-fel-arz? Where we picture ourselves coming out of the ground with rotting faces, like a true mofsed-ol-fel-arz. 


Ramin Tork: Take note

by Researcher on

Do you realize that practically all of your ideas rely on foreign government intervention in Iran?

There are at least 4 million (some say 10 million) Iranians living abroad. They are not "under the yoke" of the Iranian government - they have almost complete freedom. Why can't you get them to do something on their own? Why not start a new government, like Mujahedeen-e-Khalgh? If you and I know how to run that country better, and we have millions of people outside of Iran, then taking Iran should be a matter of 24 hours. Ask yourself why this is not the case. Why do we need the White House or even the UN? Please give me an answer that is not laughable.


Ideas 2,3

by ramintork on

I've put this link on ABCNT's wall, and send an email to spicy Jihad, I can't promise if they would respond.

Guys, I need your feedback on these ideas. I'm going out but please debate what you want and we will try to oranize it in IIC.

We realize that there are people who are hesitant to join a group or even facebook which is why the letters idea has "Concerned Citizens" rather than IIC, but if you want to join our group and contribute here is the link:


Idea1 draft of letter to be advertised in News papers

by ramintork on

"Concerned Iranian citizens requesting your support to save our condemned freedom fighters"

 To: International Communities
Demand to the International Communities to take Urgent action in order to
help liberate the Iranian citizens who were recently imprisoned in Iran.
We the concerned Iranian people, demand the support of all political, humanitarian, and judicial bodies across the globe to help us with the release of the detained protesters and the opposition activists who are facing imminent execution.

In recent days Iranian judicial, security and religious officials have warned that those who participated in anti-government demonstrations will be put on trial as "moharebs" or enemies of God.
Please contact your political representatives, and Humanitarian organizations to demand the release of these people who have been exercising their right to protest.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Ramin, for your tireless effort.

You have a lot of great ideas!!!

Please keep us posted, so we can participate, and make a difference!

Thank you!!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Another 10 ideas JJ

by ramintork on

JJ Jaan,

( These can be done in parallel, I will put these ideas in the ICC wall, but want to see which ones appeal to you all)

Idea 1

We will draft a letter of appeal from "Concerned Iranian citizens requesting your support to save our condemned freedom fighters"

We will find out how much it would cost to put a one page ad in major News papers such as LA Times, UK Guardian News Paper etc. 

You will setup a paypal account for this

Contact some Human rights dignatories who are our IC friends

Get them to sign below the letter and have it published

Idea 2

A coordinated graffiti/poster campaign

We will approach grafitti artists such as ABCNT, but also other well known secret graffiti Artists, they will come up with some designs  and then they graffiti it in a coordinated way in various capital but in a way that does not break the law, or put people off

Idea 3

We send an appeal to animation Artists such as SpicyJihad and request them to come up with some eye catching flash videos relating to this issue with an appeal for viewers to write to their political representative and appeal on their behalf to the Iranian Government and use email to spread it

Idea 4

We draft a letter of appeal and in each country send it to Student Unions and organize a coordinated March in every Capital

Idea 5

We run a campaign were we hold a fake hanging rope ( please don't put it on your necks or the police will stop you) and arrange to meet along chosen bridges in every Capital and tell the local media that this will take place

Idea 5

Write your individual letter and go to the White House, or in my case No 10 Downing Street and ask to have it delivered to the President, or Prime Minister at a certain time on a certain day

Idea 6

Hold hanging ropes and go and demonstrate in front of the Iranian Embassy

Idea 7

Write a standard letter, put it in an evelope and draw a hanging rope on the envelope and put it through the Iranian Embassy letter box or if they block this drop it in the front of the Embassy, let them get 100,000 letters!

Idea 8

Coordinated tweet! Write a standard tweet and at a certain time release all tweets to every site and every connection and ask them to do the same

Idea 9

Get permission and light floating Lanterns in a lake or somewhere one for every prisoner.

Idea 10

Meet at a certain time, in a certain place and hold a candle ( we can coordinate this


Darius Kadivar

Just added mine ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

In Solidarity !



Plea to Amnesty International for release of 500 prisoners - ACT

by ramintork on

The IIC facebook group now contains the details of Amnesty International addresses for anyone who would like to write or fax them.

"Plea to Amnesty International for release of 500 prisoners"

This was contributed by MM.

Please write to Amnesty International and demand the release of the 500 Ashura prisoners. You can use the address below after the persian text.

To Amnesty International

"Release 500 ashura prisoners"

Please help liberate 500 Iranian citizens who were recently imprisoned in Iran and they are detained in Eshrat Aabd prison and are being tortured there. Two have already lost their lives.

هم اکنون بیش از ۵۰۰ دستگیر شده روز عاشورا در وضعیت نامناسبی در پادگان عشرت آباد قرار دارند

اطلاع رسانی کنید. ای میل دریافتی :تو را به خدا کوتاهی نکنید هم اکنون در پادگان عشرت آباد بیش از پانصد دستگیر شده در روز عاشورا در وضعیت بسیار نامناسب و دردآوری که تن هر انسانی را میلرزاند در بازداشتگاه این پادگان به سر میبرند . وضعیت نگهداری این دستگیر شدگان به حدی وحشتناک است که دو تن از اجساد این دستگیرشدگان که در این بازداشتگاه جان باختند که یکی از آنها دختر جوانی بود نیمه های شب گذشته از این پادگان به مکانی نامعلوم برده شد . توضیحات بیشتری نمیتوانم بدهم و فقط به خاطر حفظ جان این بازداشت شدگان و نه چیز دیگری این خبر را به آنهایی که کاری از دستشان برای حفظ جان این بازداشت شدگان بر می آید میدهم . و خواهش میکنم که هر کاری که از دستشان بر می آید برای پایان بخشیدن به این وضعیت وحشتناک دربازداشتگاه متروکه پادگان عشرت آباد که اکنون صدها نفر در آنجا بازداشت هستند انجام دهند . لطفا کوتاهی نکنید . خواهش میکنم . التماس میکنم . اوضاع در این پادگان برای دستگیر شدگان بسیار نامناسب است . متاسفانه نمیتوانم بیش از این توضیح دهم . تو را


thumbs up


thumbs up



by yolanda on

 Thank you sooo much!!! This blog has made my day! I hope this campaign is even bigger than the hijab campaign!



Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"