Cowboys & Indians

Photo essay: 1960's magazine clippings

by Darius Kadivar
Italian and Spanish magazine clippings of Mohammad Reza Shah and Farah Pahlavi having fun with family, late 1960's. See Farah and son (or daughter) disguised behind cardboard Indian painting.

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There is a monkey on your back

by Sanam (not verified) on

Darling you seem to be the biggest reactionary of all!

"Javid Shah"


Bitter old man

by Sanam (not verified) on

John Carpenter...You have lost it! And you sound very bitter!

Javid Shah,


Farah Diba (Pahlavi) the Egyptian Arab

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Farah, the Shah's wife hold's an Egyptian passport. Egypt is a member of the Arab League.

Iran and Turkey are not a member of the Arab League.

President Hosni Mobarak of Egypt and Iranian President Ahmadinejad are friends.

What does Farah Pahlavi, the Egyptian passport holder and Egyptian Citizen think about that?

Reza Pahlavi has a US green card... he may also be carrying an Egyptian passport.

His sister, Layla Pahlavi carried a EU passport.

Now it is done.

The Pahlavis are not Iranians.

Let us now, for once and for all talk about Iranians.

Egypt, by the way is the land of the Largest Islamic University...
It's name is Al-Azhar University.
The majority of Egyptians are Sunni Muslims.

The Sunni Muslims of Egypt love Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

I have visited Egypt and spoken with the Egyptians. Even Farah Pahlavi's fellow Egyptians love the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The game is over.

Pahlavis have lost... big time.


To Xerxes

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

Yes, ofcourse, you are right, IRI is maturing u, the following article is on the alarming increasing rate of Crack addicts amongst the elementry school students in Iran, ohhhhhhhh yes, IRI is maturing up.


فردا: مصرف مواد مخدر در بین دانش آموزان برخی مناطق تهران رو به افزایش است.
به گزارش «فردا» یکی از نهاد های اجتماعی اخیرا در گزارشی، خبر از رشد مصرف ماده مخدر "کراک" در بین دانش آموزان مقطع ابتدایی داده است.
این در حالی است که طبق آخرين آمار اعلام شده ، در بين معتادان کشور دانش آموزان نيز مشاهده مي شوند و از آن مهم تر اينکه بسياري از دانش آموزان با مواد مخدر صنعتي و جديد همچون « شيشه » و « کراک » کاملاً آشنا هستند.
گفتنی است کراک ، نوعي هروئين است که تا حد امکان اشباع شده يعني يک گرم کراک از ۱۰ تا ۱۰۰ گرم هرويين به دست آمده است اما اعتياد آن نسبت به هروئين بسيار شديدتر و ترک ان بسيار مشکل تر است .
براساس تحقيقات به عمل آمده الگوي اعتياد در کشور به سرعت در حال تغيير است و مصرف مواد جديد همچون کراک رو به رشد است به طوري که مصرف اين مواد هم اکنون به ۱۵ درصد در بازار مصرف کشور رسيده اين در حالي است که سهم هروئين با ۴۰ سال سابقه ۲۱ درصد است و اين زنگ خطري آزار دهنده است .
کراک برخلاف هروئين ، ترياک و حشيش و ... بو ندارد و مصرف آن بسيار آسان است . آنچنانکه يک يا دو دقيقه پس از مصرف آن در يک محيط در بسته و کوچک نيز ، کسي متوجه نخواهد شد .
همچنين اغلب معتادن از سطح تحصيلات پاييني برخوردار بوده و زيرديپلم و ديپلم هستند که اهميت نقش آموزش و پرورش در پيشگيري از اعتياد بسيار حائز اهميت است .
این مسئله لزوم توجه بیشتر اولیای مدارس و خانواده ها را ایجاب می نماید.




Shah wasn't bad

by XerXes (not verified) on

شاه بد نبود فقط از كار غرب سر در آورده بود
كسانی كه ما را به گوه كشيده و ميكشند غربيان و آمريكايها

دشمن اصلی را بايد خوب بشناسيم كه دوباره كلاه سرمان نره


stop this CRAP

by markus (not verified) on

whoever you are, keep your shit to yourself. Stop dealing with dead subject.


Yes Javid SHah!!

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on


 Dear SHAH, as god as it is my witness, I will not be in peace until you rest in Iran soil.




From a recent article...

by Anonymous XY (not verified) on

Iran's economy (GDP?) in 1979 was comparable to S. Korea, slightly ahead of Turkey, and slightly behind Taiwan.

Now after 29 years of IRI, all those three countries are far ahead of iran, with S. Korea and Taiwan turned into industrial powerhouses whose products we see on industrial and electronics shelves of most western, asian, and african countries.

Moreover, none of the gulf states were anywhere as prosperous as Iran in 1979. Now 29 years later iranians dream of being able to move to any of those countries to participate in prosperity and comparative freedom offered by those states to their residents.

Case Closed!


kerkes jan,,,

by maziar58 (not verified) on

toubeye goorg marg ast, va in mollahaye bisharafe ke az gorg badtar hastand ;they need to be shipped to najaf where sodomy is or ought to be divine....
persia have alot more to offer than eezlam F>THEM.....


bia baba...

by ORDINARY37 (not verified) on

arya joon take it easy don't cry....
everything will be all right.


Anonymousk and others, let me clarify

by XerXes (not verified) on

No one is really supporting IRI, but many are looking at the options on the table. I am labeled as IRI agent because I prefer them to almost all the oppositions out there and/or any foreign based replacements. I think that majority of us just don't want another revolution or war or any thing that pours blood. We just want Iran to be normal, and some of us, including myself think that it is possible to reach that with this regime.
IRI is modifiable to me. They are not the crazy dictators that you might think, although they are not a secular democracy either. So we are stuck at this juncture.
I think IR is maturing up and has shown hope for growth. We have had 3 presidents that were very different than each other. Can you say that IR has stopped fully and will not change? I can't. Maybe that's what seperates some of us from one another.
Mullahs have no role in the future of Iran, we will push them out by the gradual reforms, which are taking place yearly. In this process, we have lost many great people and my own family has suffered. But what can we do?
I don't look at myself as an IRI agent, I look at myself as a realist who doesn't see any other options and hates any foreign interventions. I see IR as an internal issue that us Iranians need to resolve, hopefully without blood.
I am sure if hit my head against the rock and realize that IR is not reformable, I will be one of the first ones who jump in front of the IR tanks, but I still have hope.


To: Darius KADIVAR. I agree with Aryanpour

by Khar Savar (not verified) on

There are two kinds of people in this world.

a) Those who know what the Pahlavi regime's contribution to Iran and the Iranians are,

b) Those who don't including the editor of this site.

Trying to inform the group (b) is like, "YASEEN DAR'E GOOSH'E KHAR KHOONDAN!"


To: Darius KADIVAR

by Aryanpour (not verified) on

What is your point? Once in a while you send some pictures of this family that is long gone. Are you nostalgic? Do you miss them? What exactly are you looking for? Do you want to see people's reaction? Do you care what they are saying to one another? What is your real agenda? Who tells you to do this? Do you get paid for this? Do you like Iranian people? What is your ancestry root? Which country did they migrate from to Iran?
Is it possible for you to tell us who you really are? Iranian are emotional and reactionary people in general, so you do this just to boil their blood and ultimately make them sad. I always doubted your true nationality.


The Pahlavi Family were the gold of Iran. They will always be!

by Shalom Goldman (not verified) on

The Pahlavi Family were the gold of Middle East. The Shah of Iran was a good friend of Israel and vice versa. It is too bad that a group of terrorists have taken over that beautiful country, Iran. I am sure the true people of Iran will rise to the occasion and once more make the whole neighborhood proud and prosperous!?

May Lord Moses help the people of Iran in their quest for freedom and final destruction of the Islamo-fascist mullahs!

PS I wonder if Q is busy taking pictures to show off his substandard freelance photography!?


by Anonymousd (not verified) on
حضرت آيت الله هاشمی شاهرودی
رياست محترم قوه قضائيه

با سلام،
نمی دانم آيا مخاطب قرار دادن شما برای اين نوشته درست است يا نه اما در آن خانه برای اين سخن کسی جز شما را نمی يابم که شايد هنوز وقتی که سر بر بالين می نهيد اگر آگاه بر ظلمی رفته بر فرزندان اين سرزمين باشيد، بتوانيد آسوده بخوابيد.

شما را در آن خانه می يابم تا اين سخن را با شما بگويم که شايد آن "عدالت" را که عدالت ورزان به قربانگاه برده اند امان دهيد.

وقتی که اين نوشته را می نوشتم به ياد "امان" دادن ما در آن داستان که گرفتار بوديم و "امان" مان داديد بودم.اگر ذره ای در وجدان شما شک داشتم هرگز اين سياهه را بر سياهه های ديگر نمی افزودم.

روزگار درد ناکی است اين روزها وقتی هر روز خبری و فاجعه ای را از آن ديار می خوانيم و می شنويم. روزگاری که به راحتی برای جان انسان ها تصميم می گيرند و جان انسان فی النفسه انسان شده تاوان عقده های فروخورده عده ای که "انسانيت" را به شرم واداشته اند.

"مرگ" و" اعدام" شده پاسخ هر حرکتی که اندکی با ساز حاکمان متفاوت است."زندان" و "محروميت" شده نقل و نبات آن خانه که شما "ويرانه اش" تحويل گرفتيد و نمی دانم چه تحويلش خواهيد داد.

و چقدر احساس شرم می کنم اين روزها وقتی که هر روز خبر ناديده گرفته شدن حقی ، از آن ديار سيلاب وار سرازير می شود و عده ای يا به آن صندلی های شيرين قدرت چسبيده اند و يا برای بالا رفتن از اين صندلی های "نحس"، سر و دست می شکنند.

يادم هست در آن روزها که " امان" مان داده بوديد هر چه می نوشتيم و هر کار که می کرديم ،عده ای برای دفترتان "نمابر" می کردند و در کنارش می نوشتند "ببينيد اين ها دارند جو سازی می کنند!" . اما امروز آرزو می کنم که يکی از همان ها اين نوشته را نيز برای تان "نمابر" کند تا بخوانيد و کمی بيانديشيد که می دانم خواهيد انديشيد.

نمی دانم در اين روزها آيا می خوانيد اخباری را که حاکی از کردار زير مجموعه تان با فرزندان اين سرزمين است. لابد کسانی برای تان در بولتن ها بريده هايی را می فرستند و در کنارشان هم می نويسند " جوسازی" است! حتما از هر کسی هم پيگير می شويد می گويند "بررسی کرديم حقيقت نداشت". اما آيا يک لحظه و فقط يک لحظه به اين انديشيده ايد که اگر تنها چند درصد از اين اخبار "ظالمانه" حقيقت باشد در پيشگاه جدتان چگونه سربلند خواهيد کرد.

آيا شما هم ابتدا انسان ها را گناهکار و مجرم و برانداز و فاسد و خائن و... می شمريد مگر اينکه خلافش ثابت شود؟ آيا شما هم هر انتقادی را "اقدام عليه امنيت ملی" می دانيد و هر اعتراضی را "محاربه" با خدا؟ مگر شما نبوديد که در حضور ما گفتيد" حتی پرسش کردن از گناه هان گذشته، خود گناه کبيره است"؟مگر شما نبوديد که فرمان " احترام به حقوق شهروندی" را صادر کرديد؟ مگر شما نبوديد که فرياد برآورديد که " برخی بازداشتگاه ها در ايران روی ابوغريب و گوانتانامو را سفيد کرده است"؟ مگر شما نبوديد که می خواستيد "عدالت" پيشه کنيد؟

نامه دردمندانه آن زندانی در بند که راهی جز دوختن لب های خود برای احقاق حق اش نيافته را خوانده ايد؟ ( خوانده ايد که هنوز به شما اميدوار است هر چند اين اميد خود را "سرابی لذت بخش" و " توهم" می داند؟ نامه درد آور آن معلم "کرد" هموطن را چه؟ هم او که همين ديروز حکم "اعدامش" را صادر کردند. خوانده ايد بر او چه گذشته است؟ ( نامه مادر منصوراسانلو را چه ؟ ( راستی مرگ آن جوان دانشجوی "کرد" در زندان آن دورترها را چه؟ آن زهرای پزشک در همدان را چه؟

کمی آن سو تر در بلوچستان ما و شما، صدور حکم "اعدام" شده است به مانند نقل و نبات. در آذربايجان ما و شما، هر روز بازداشتی و حکمی و زندانی. در خوزستان ما و شما نيز همين گونه.

حضرت آيت الله!

اين ها که چيزی نيست، هر روز ده ها و ده ها مورد از اين نوع را می بينيم و می بينند؟ آيا شما هم می بينيد؟ اگر تنها ذره ای از اين دريای اجحاف، حقيقت باشد – که معتقدم بيشترشان حقيقت است – آيا به آن روز (روز قيامت) که هم ما هستيم و هم شما ، بی هيچ برتری و پست و مقامی فکر کرده ايد که شرمنده خدای خود نباشيد. امثال ما اگر ظلمی هم بکنيم شايد ذره ای باشد در اين دنيای ظالم اما شما که در آن جايگاه "علی وار" حاکم ايد اگر ظلمی کنيد – يا به عمد يا با سکوت خود- دريايی ظلم کرده ايد.
اين تکه از نامه آن معلم کرد که "اعدامی" اش دانسته اند را خوانده ايد:
"پرونده ام بعد از ماهها بلاتکليفی خردادماه ۸۶ به دادگاه انقلاب شعبه ۳۰ فرستاده شد. بازجوها تهديد می کردند که نهايت ‏سعی آنها گرفتن حکم اعدام يا زندانی درازمدت می باشد. و در صورت اثبات بی گناهيم در دادگاه و آزادی در بيرون از ‏زندان تلافی !؟ می کنند." (سه شنبه ۶ آذر ۱۳۸۶)

من حقير سراپا تقصير باور می کنم که اين ادعا در آن "داد" گستر شدنی است، چه "داد" ستانی نيست تا "داد" بستاند.

لحظه ای درنگ کنيد. بگوييد تا اسامی متهمان اين چند سال را در همه نقاط ايران زمين برای تان بياورند. بگوييد در کنارشان سن هر کدام را بنويسند. می دانم که چنين درخواستی چندان غير ممکن نيست که دستور انجامش را بدهيد. اسامی رديف شده و سن و سال شان را نگاه کنيد. آيا اين نام ها اکثر قريب به اتفاق شان سنی کمتر از ۳۰ سال يا کمی بالاتر دارند؟

به پشت سر خود بنگريد. اين ها همه آموختگان مکتب نظامی هستند که برايشان ساخته ايد. اگر معتقديد همه "مجرم"، "مفسد"، "خائن" و "فعال عليه نظام" هستند، آيا يک جای کار لنگ نمی زند؟ ريشه ها را بيابيد. آه مظلوم به هيچ کس رحم نخواهد کرد .....

روزبه ميرابراهيمی
روزنامه نگار / متولد سال ۱۳۵۷
۶ اسفند ماه ۱۳۸۶


Marg bar shah va shah

by Arya (not verified) on

Marg bar shah va shah parasts! Marg bar all miserable mordeh khor reactionaries!


Those who support the IRI

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Those who support the IRI are either retarded, well-connected economically and socially , have blood on their hands, or just plain stupid Jihadists...

The shah was a saint compared to the mullafia and their criminal regime. They killed in one day more people than the Shah did in his entire reign.

They have also plundered and raped the national resources without improving lives, infrastructures or the economy of the country. The GDP and Income Per capita were both were higher during the Shah's regime. NOt that he was perfect, that he was not but he turned an IRan into a modern country in less than 14 years.

Keep in min that Iran looked pretty much like Afghanistan, perhaps even worse, before the Pahlavis took over.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

All you need to do is go to the ape house at the local zoo and you get endless pictures of his family!!

He might not be there himself, but the DNA is an exact match!

(Poor monkeys)



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

I am sure a similar photo set can be created with Ahmadinejad, Haj khanoom and the bambinos. What a disturbing thought.

Kaveh Nouraee

Idiot Carpenter

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The monarchy that you said was wrong for 3000 years is the same monarchy that spared your misrable daddy Moussavi's life. That's why Mohammad Reza Shah is in paradise while your Indian master makes Satan himself look like a Boy Scout and a Good Samaritan rolled into one.

Thank God that your master is dead. One day we will all return home and shit on his grave. You get to lick the contributions. You can promoted to park the cars after completing your 90 day probationary period of employment. Afterwards, we will dig up all of the soil that he has contaminated, along with the eshaal kabab you didn't finish (naughty boy, you shouldn't have had so much candy before your meal, you ruined your appetite) and dump it on the Saudis, and the Palestinians.

Farah Diba may be a loser to you, but she can buy you and set you free.

Farah is not an Arab citizen. She carries an Egyptian passport as your masters refuse to issue one to her. Her Monegasque passport is for the same reason.

Oh, and while you call Egypt an Arab country, remember that it was Arabicized by force just like your masters are doing to Iran right now. But go ahead, call an Egyptian an Arab. Just make sure you are standing on a soft surface so that you lower your risk for injury when you get decked.

Now get back to work. Pizzas don't deliver themselves, you know.


Re: Alborzi

by jamshid on

The pahlavis did and gave to that country more than you and your entire abo ajdaad had done. The parasite is you who eats both from tubreh and from akhoor.


> passport

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

hey Johnny, F.Diba holds an egyption passport because of Saddat's wife. And for your info she also carries another passport from Monaco, and her children as well. They travel with the Monegasque passport because as you can imagine (or maybe you can't , blinded by your own frustration) an Egyptian passport isn't that easy to cross borders with.

Oh I forgot, she maybe carring an Arab country passport, but she (and her sons as well) refuse to obtain U.S citizenship. You are a U.S citizen, and if I follow you logic, you shouldn't be one considering what America did to Iran fi



by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its just amazing, you look at these pictures
and they look like any normal (even my own) family
on vacation. Except these guys (and kids) were raised
to live life in a parasitic condition. They were thought to think of themselves and live their faithful servants and the Iranian people to suffer.


tabnak inja neest

by maziar58 (not verified) on

aghaye yahya najar III(meaning jad andar jad najjar)
please go and put your nails in tabnak not for iranian.thanks
please have some respect for real things in life for that you know and witnessed.not some fairy craps told to you by your emam!


DonyA poor-e Olagh-e! JC is

by Fatollah (not verified) on

DonyA poor-e Olagh-e! JC is one of the Olaghs ...


John Carpenter III has poor rational

by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

what are you talking about????? of course you have no real insight instead your rack up some conspiricy theory rude insult shit...get a life.


Mordeh Shoor dastgahe paadehshahi

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

The Monarchy was wrong for Iran for over 3000 years.

Thank God Khomayni ended that parasitic type of government.

Farah Diba was a poor orphan girl who became Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's 3rd wife.

She was born poor and became a refugee/asylum seeker later in life. She is one big loser.

Farah Diba has stated on radio and TV that she carries an Egyptian passport.

Farah Diba is an Arab citizen. Egypt is an Arab Country.

Egyptian President Hosni Mobarak loves Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

What does Farah, a Egyptian Citizen think about the Ahmadinejad-Mubarak relationship?


Javid Shah....

by Aqua- (not verified) on

Pride of Iran, Envy of even Europeans....

What a loss for Iran.............. :-(

Just compare the pictures of our glorious past & miserable present!!!!!

Pictures can tell thousands wordS.........

In the name of Ahora Mazda,

May Iran be free of Islamic republic & fanatic people once & for all..........

Javid IRAN...............