Iranian Internet gathering in San Francisco

by talieshah

Read Sepideh Saremi's blog posts on the Iraniann Internet gathering in San Francisco Saturday, September 22, 2007.
* Part 1, the bloggers
* Part 2,

Photos by Talieh Shahrokhi



اقای جاوید قبلآ

Tab (not verified)

اقای جاوید قبلآ پاسدارو عکاس مطبوعات وابسته به رژیم اسلامی بوده.
کاشک ایشان میگفتند در ان زمان از چه کسانی و به چه منضوری
عکس و یا گذارش تهیه کرده است ؟
حالا چند نفر از همکاران سایت ایشان, جلو و پشت پرده, با نهادهای
رژیم اسلامی مرطبت هستندند؟
چند سید زاده, اخوند زاده و پاسدار زاده در این تیم هستند؟
چرا اقای جاوید که مدعی روزنامه نگاری است یکبار مانند هر
روزنامه نگاری از گذشته و اهداف خود مطلبی منتشر نمیکند؟


Less is More!

by unimaginative reader (not verified) on

please exercise some editorial discretion in publishing a photo report of an event instead of doing a mere photo dump of every nook and cranny. no one has time to sift through 100+ pictures.

an event like this would nicely be 'described' by some 20-30 key photos maximum. aim for quality and expediency (of the reader/viewer) rather than quantity or for mere archival purposes.

thanks for all the effort you put in to chronicle iranian-american events in your area and hope to see more select quality photos in the future.


which one is sepideh?

by facebook (not verified) on

face photo?



by Majid on

Baaz chand taa tasvir didi ehsaasaatet varam kard?

Even if all of them are single,toro sanana?


Impressively handsome

by AmirT on

Impressively handsome Iranians with intellectual interests :)


which one of those girls are single

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist

hi, I told you guy's I am single and looking for friendly kind wife?


thanks for what you are all

by ali (not verified) on

thanks for what you are all doing for our community, but please guys a little exercise won't hurt, no offence but almost all of you are overweight try to get out a bit walk, get in shape, we need you for years to come.


Proof that too much computer is not good for your physique!

by EDS (not verified) on

So many chubby men!

Bloggers do tend to be living most of their lives through the key board. Typing is not enough exercise!


you are not democrats

by zigourat on

I'm sorry but most of these bloggers are iranian treators. They are part of these new tendancy to make iran and his government more dangerous than the truth. For me Bush and Ahmadinejad are two side of one coin but why no one in States said why you did'nt allowed to ahmadinejad to go in Ground Zero first of all Iran is not linked to what happened in 9/11 and secondly there was some iranian inside twin towers and among the death. You think you are democrat but you don't accept critics (look how you have treated hossein derakhshan).


Wow, who is that beautiful

by xivaaro (not verified) on

Wow, who is that beautiful lady with a black dress an gorgeous hair??



nice news

by Anonymous,, (not verified) on

I like these photos, it is so nice to see you are getting together and discuss/share ideas. :):) cool.