Mojahedin Commercial: 1-800-MEK-MEK

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Of course they are not shy. They just wanted to sugarcoat MEK in the mainstream media to achieve what you see now: delisting. But you are right, MEK is self sufficient when it comes to treason.



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Soosan KHanoom,

Israeli government may be a lot of things, but being shy is not one of them. So if they had any information regarding Iran's nuclear program in 2002, they would have come out and announce it to the world or bomb it, whtever the case may be. They didn't need to "channel" it through MEK. MEK has prooven time and again how big of traitor is to Iran. "exposing" Iran's nuclear program is one of the so many treasonous acts they have committed against Iran and Iranians. They didn't need Israelis help!


تشکر رسمی- حسن داعى الاسلام والمجاهد


Soosan Khanoom

"Attention Freedom Loving American, Israeli, Saudis Spy Masters

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LOL .... loved it .. nice job! 


"MEK's attempts to rehabilitate its image started in 2002, when it says it gave the U.S. and its allies the first information about Iran's nuclear development program.

However, New Yorker magazine journalist Seymour Hersh says that the then-head of the United Nations' nuclear watch-dog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, told him that the information about Iran's nuclear program came from the Israeli government and was only channelled through MEK. Much of the evidence of MEK's continued involvement in violence is circumstantial at best, but one persistent story is that the group's operatives are working for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad inside Iran.

Clinton's decision, in part a response to the court's finding, also comes after a multimillion-dollar campaign on behalf of MEK that has seen a long list of former senior officials and current members of Congress paid lavish fees to make speeches or appearances at MEK functions promoting an end to its terrorist status.

Among those who have been paid to speak on behalf of the MEK's cause are former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, former U.S. attorney-general Michael Mukasey, former White House chief of staff Andrew Card, and former U.S. home-land security chief Tom Ridge.

Among those from the U.S. military who have put in appearances are former chair-man of the Joint Chiefs Peter Pace, former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Wesley Clark, and President Barack Obama's former national security adviser James Jones."

Iranian terrorist group now freedom fighters, in U.S. eyes


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maryam joon

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mek mek mmmmmmmmmak



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Finally something fun yet true about MEK.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



زاغ و بوره!



Green eyes don't look that great on Iranians.



The commercial had no humor in it, More Sickening than Satire,

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that it was factually accurate and that the EU, USA and UK, France, Germany, Israel use this organization is just not making me relax or laugh.  Its too painful to see an IRI in Power and the response of so-called Freedom Loving Democracies act this way towards Iranians, not unlike the Wests actions towards Nigeria, dividing the local population, in order to suppress the people, harm them and prevent them from making requests as a unified society, filthy beliefs like the benefits of hypocrissy increase suffering.