European Parliament visit to Iran cancelled

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BRUSSELS: Iran has cancelled a European Parliament delegation visit to Tehran after the group asked to meet two Iranian activists awarded a top EU rights prize, a parliament spokeswoman said on Saturday. The decision came after senior officials at the parliament, which on Friday awarded its Sakharov prize for human rights and freedom of thought to human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and filmmaker Jafar Panahi, said they wanted the delegation to meet the two activists >>>



Tie his hand behandlas his back before shooting the clip

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His hand movements are really not coordinated with what he says so it all becomes difficult to understand.


گرگ در لباس میش


فقط همین به تو و امثال تو:شماها از آن دجالان ،خامنه‌ای و احمدی نژاد بدترین.

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This for that

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By cancelling their visit

EU should Order the closing of all RR consulates and embassies on its territory.



شال سبز سیدی را پاره کن


 شال سبز سیدی را پاره کن

راه علم و راه منطق چاره کن


شال سبز سیدی چون جمکران

چاله‌ای باشد از این جادوگران


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