Sadaf Sabetian: Prisoner of the day

Bahai begins serving 2-year term

Right to Education: Sadaf Sabetian, a Bahai citizen sentenced to two years in prison, was arrested in Tehran on 27 May. She was transferred to Evin Prison to begin serving her prison term.

Sabetian, a resident of Sari, was arrested at the airport when she intended to take a short trip abroad on holiday. Sabetian had never been served judicial orders pertaining to a travel ban.

Sabetian was initially arrested in Sari in May 2011 and transferred to Tehran along with two others in relation to Bahai Online University, and was put on trial in January this year. In February, she was sentenced to two years in prison at Branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Salavati. Sabetian had been temporarily released on bail.


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Prisoner We are with You

by jmyt17 on

Islamic Republic of Iran, IRI that has used it is dirty religion for last 34 years of suppression, murders, stoning, torture, inequality, persecution, and prosecution of Iranian people. 

Hope we can help you as soon as we can.

Ali Najafi

Thank you, Ghormeh Sabzi

by Ali Najafi on

Dear Ghormeh Sabzi --

Thank you for posting, on a frequent basis, the profiles of these heroic human beings, unjustly imprisoned by a government that fears their voice, minds, and courage.

I try to visit the site couple times a week, just to read the story of the Prisoner of the Day. I want to thank you for your service. By sharing their story, you are giving these noble individuals a voice from their prison cells.

These examples of heroism, integrity, dignity and perseverance have been so inspiring to me. When I contemplate my own actions and character, I am inspired and encouraged, by their example, to do better.

I reflect on Sadaf's yearning for an education and I see her noble image and my heart is touched.

I recall the saying, "Does thou reckon thyself only a puny form, When within thee the universe is folded?" 

Thank you....

 -- Ali

Mort Gilani

Bravo to Her

by Mort Gilani on

Unlike Islamic bastards she has charm inside and outside.


حکومت اوباش همین است


مگر قرار بود که فاشیست اسلام و اوباش طرفدارش چیز بهتری تولید کند؟


First Amen...

by Raoul1955 on

She has been taken prisoner by muslims in Iran, and not by muslims in Israel...

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Our honorable Bahai fellow citizen deserve better than this..........far better.............the criminal occupation of the sacred city of Haifa by Zionists has to stop at once..............The day of self-governance and absolute freedom for the Bahais is not far off..............



by Azarbanoo on

Who has been causing so much sufferage of IRANIANS.

Iranians all must consider to convert to Bahai faith in FREE IRAN since it is a Persian religion based on humanity and service to human beings.  It is compatible with our culture of GOOD Thought, GOOD Words and GOOD Deeds.  ISLAM has no compatibality with our culture. It is Arbaic with completely different mindset of violence, Lie and thievery.


I feel your pain and share it Raoul1955

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Innocent, beautiful girl Sadaf being mistreated and she is sadly just a drop in the ocean of millions of girls who are harmed by for no reason, while the west maintains supporting religous extremism in govt to meet its own disgraceful goals.  The thing is liberal groups are just tool used to create support for policies, the wishes for democracy, human rights and womens rights are all used to achieve somethng else all together.  You may not be aware for persoal reasons in practice Republicans are also fully in support of this policy too and share the weight for getting the filthy job done.



by Raoul1955 on

On all those [Iranian] liberals, lefties, professors, writers, poets, artists, and the so-called 'intellect-chew-alls' who helped overthrow a US-backed secular regime for an islamic regime led by an Iranian ayatollah.

It is even a bigger shame that in the 21st Century many professors, poets, writers, liberals and lefties in Europe and the Americas still support islamic groups, and stand next to them condemning the US whenever they get a chance to do so.


Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

The only way to end 34 years of Islamist Rapist barbarity is regime change.

While verbal support of the victims of the Islamist Rapists is a must, it is not enough.  Islamist Rapists, their lobbies and gofers are pushing hard to keep the reactions at the verbal level.

Airtight sanctions plus air/naval cargo inspection is a must, so is logistical help to the beleaguered Iranians who want to get rid of the nuke acquiring, warmongering, unreformable Islamist Rapists bent on “managing the world.”