Pari Joon: Persian Cooking

Kuku Sabzi and Shami

Filmmaker Sorayya Aminian writes: A lovely day cooking a traditional Persian dish with my grandmother. As the first snowfall of the year fell, we kept ourselves warm with Kuku Sabzi:

I took time to learn how to cook "Shami," a delicious and traditional Persian main dish, appetizer, or "omelette substitute." The outcome not only looked and smelled tasty, it made my taste buds do the samba:


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Mohammad Ala

Persian food is delicious.

by Mohammad Ala on

Iranian Moms were and are great at cooking.  When food is cooked with love and smile, it will taste much better.  Healthy eating is necessary when one ages (e,g,, less frying and less salt).  Men have learned to cook and some of them cook as good as Persian Moms.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Pari khanoom

shokre khoda chi fayede

seer nashodim be ghayedeh.

thanks to all Iranian zahmatkesh moms.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

کاش هم میهنانِ عزیزِ ایرانی بیشتر به سبزیخواری روی آورند و در خوردنِ گوشت زیاده روی نکنند.

با سپاس از این ویدئو‌های زیبا... هم خوش ساخت و هم موسیقی‌ متنِ عالی.



Gorbeye moozi

by Sean-K on

haha that was very funny.


thank u

by rtayebi1 on

thank u thank u   just lovely

Do Not Shoot Me

The older generation of Iranian women are Goddess!

by Do Not Shoot Me on

The younger ones are up to no good when it comes to the cooking. They suck at it !!   


پری خانوم گشنه


پری خانوم گشنه مون شد


Iranian moms are the best!

by Faramarz on

KooKoo Sabzi from Ghormeh Sabzi!

Every Iranian deserves an Iranian mom!


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