Persian Culture Celebrated in India

Organized by Parsi Research Group



Vow! Such a beautiful Celebration

by Azarbanoo on

The only way to Revive Persian Culture which has decayed for 1400 years is to discard ISLAM & Its barbaricv Traditions and Go back to old Persian culture of noblity.


Getting tired of Persepolis decoration everywhere

by choghok on

There are many nice ateshkadehs and other historicl sites in Iran, why always copy Pesepolis? It gets really boing to see the same decoration over and over again. and if you are hell bent nationalist it is not vey original Persian either, you an find pretty muh sam decoration in Babylonian and Assyrian buildings.

That said it is very nice move by Parsi ommunity in India, may they always be sucessful and happy.


How amazing

by Latina on

It does a heart good to see that there are people that are trying to preserve the rich Persian History.

How beautiful all the hard work they made. 

I agree with Yolanda. What was created should be put into a museum to create a Persian section within it. I certainly would want to see it. 

When I see something like this it gives me hope....hope in the Human Spirit.



Thank you for sharing this video with us.



by yolanda on

The most beautiful Persian replicas I have ever seen. The scaled structures have exquisite craftsmanship. I hope they will never tear down the structures, they can move the set to an indoor museum and make it a permanent exhibit for the present and future generations.

This is a gem! The video presentation is nicely done with great music, "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis!

Thank you for posting!

Mohammad Ala

بسیار خوب.

Mohammad Ala

خوشحالم تاریخ و میراث ما حفظ شوند.  با سپاس



by jmyt17 on

Thanks for posting, real nice one. Good to keep our culture alive, before these dirty Akhoond and IRI destroy every pace of this great culture in this planet.



More information please

by Souri on

When did the festival started and how long it will/has last?

Does anoybody know more about that?

Thank you.


Not a bad idea to help

by Abarmard on

If you can help visit their page:


Immortal Guard

Very nicely done!

by Immortal Guard on

Very nicely done! I Really enjoyed it!